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Updated February 19, 2020

To help you find the perfect mens underwear, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable mens underwear. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

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Buying Guide for Mens Underwear

Undergarments are often taken for granted because these basic pieces are worn under trousers and shirts and are usually not on public display. Even for the most fashion-conscious males, underwear is just something worn under street clothes to prevent discomfort from heavier garments, protect delicate skin from chafing and add a layer of warmth in cooler weather. While these functions are still basic considerations for choosing men’s underwear, structure, support and garment maintenance have become just as important in underwear buying decisions.

Why Comfort is Top Priority

Underwear is the general term for clothing that is intended to be worn under other pieces of clothing. This includes any item worn next to the skin, including undershirts for the torso and all underwear worn for the pelvic region. Men’s underwear has evolved from very basic styles in a wide range of designs and materials.
Today’s underwear designs for men focus on providing comfort more than anything else. Fabrics are chosen to serve as a barrier between delicate skin and outer garments that may be stiff, textured or heavy. Undergarment materials are typically breathable fabrics to vent the skin as the body cools down or heats up. Some materials are chosen for their ability to wick moisture from the skin, enhancing comfort under any condition. Structurally, men’s underwear should provide adequate support as needed, but should also be flexible to make sure that they do not impede range of motion. For hygienic reasons, underwear is typically constructed of absorbent material to soak up sweat and other bodily fluids so that the wearer stays comfortable and fresh.

How To Choose Comfortable Underwear

Men’s underwear today come in a wide assortment of styles, fabrics and colors. Fit is an important consideration in choosing the right item, but these are not garments that allow dressing room fittings. Figuring out what works for you may be a trial-and-error process, but it helps to understand garment sizing.

Undergarments For the Torso

Men’s undergarments for the upper torso arelayering garments. They are worn to complement dress shirts when the material of the outer garment needs a lining. Some of these undergarments are made with spandex or similar materials that provide support and body sculpting. Undergarments are also part of men’s wardrobes when the climate calls for layering.
Tank top - This is a sleeveless shirt with very deep armholes and a round or U-shape neckline.
Muscle shirt - This is a sleeveless version of the crewneck T-shirt. It may be worn as outerwear, but is often worn as a layering undershirt.
V-Neck Undershirt – This is the recommended undershirt for dress shirts or work shirts. The depth of the V-neck may vary to suit shirts that are worn without a tie.
Henley Shirt- This is a collarless, long-sleeved knit shirt with a row of buttons on the neckline. It is usually made of lightweight material and is worn as an inner layer in cold weather.

Sizing for Men’s Undergarments

Measure your body correctly to buy undergarments in the right size. Do not measure over clothing as this may result in inaccurate sizing.
For chest measurements, spread both arms outward parallel to the floor. Have someone take an upper body measurement by positioning the tape around the fullest part of the chest, under the armpits and over the fullest part of the shoulder blades.
To take waist measurements, the tape should be positioned in the area where pants normally sit, which is usually just below the belly button.

Neck (in inches)

Chest (in inches)

Sleeve (in inches)

Waist (in inches)


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Extra Large





Extra Extra Large








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Underwear Styles for the Lower Torso

Boxers or briefs are no longer the only options because men’s underwear are now designed to suit the diverse lifestyle of wearers.
Briefs – Classic briefs are distinguished by a wide waistband made of uncovered elastic. Briefs are designed for full coverage and adequate support for the genital area. Briefs can have either a fly or a contour pouch. Full-cut briefs sit at the waist and provide enough material to cover the buttocks and the upper thigh completely. Mid-rise briefs sit lower than the belly button about two inches from the waist. Low-rise briefs start three inches from the waist.
Boxers - Boxers are loose shorts, often with straight leg openings. Boxers cover the entire buttocks all the way down to mid-thigh. Boxers have a functional front fly. Short boxers are full rise and full cut with an inseam of three inches. These boxers extend about eight inches to reach just above mid-thigh. Long boxers can be as long as 16 inches. Tapered boxers have leg openings that fit snugly to the thighs and a cup panel instead of the front fly.
Boxer Briefs - A hybrid of boxers and briefs, these are snug-fitting underwear that hug the buttocks and the thighs to provide support while sculpting the lower trunk.
Bikinis - This fly-less briefs will sit four inches below the natural waistline. The seat provides full coverage, but the legs are cut higher. String bikinis expose the entire thigh area with waistbands less than an inch thick.
Long Johns- Full-length, form-fitting underwear that provide coverage all the way to the ankles. Aside from keeping the body warm, they also sculpt the lower torso to create a leaner look.

Choosing the Most Suitable Underwear Material

Men’s underwear have changed from standard-issue white cotton to more comfortable materials that could be all-natural, synthetic materials or a combination of both.
•Cotton - 100 percent cotton is the fabric of choice for traditional underwear. It is light, absorbent and easily maintained. Comfortable underwear should be made of quality, long fibered cotton such as Egyptian or pima cotton.
•Polyester - a synthetic material
•Silk - Silk is the finest natural fiber available.
•Microfiber - Microfiber is made of filaments that are finer than silk. This material is lightweight and lustrous to the touch, but may not allow moisture to evaporate. Microfiber is manmade and very soft.
•Spandex - This is a polyurethane-based, lightweight synthetic material. It is a preferred material for garments that need high elasticity and durability to provide support. It does not absorb moisture or oil.

Underwear Sizing

Sizing will vary broadly between brands. It is best to refer to the manufacturer’s information.Sizing charts are usually provided on the package or as part of the product information in online catalogues. Underwear sizes are typically based on waist measurements.
Some men will find that their measurements will fall between sizes. Those who like a looser fit should choose the next bigger size. For a snug fit, opt for the smaller size. Remember that repeated wearing and washing will alter the fit of the garment.
The inseam measurement is the distance from crotch to hem. Use a pair of well-fitting boxers to take the measurements from the seam of the crotch to the hem. Some underwear manufacturers may reference the inseam for sizing their undergarments although waist measurements are more commonly used.










Waist in inches









In the end, choosing the right underwear is a matter of personal preference as to the fit, material and style. Fortunately, the choices are wide ranging these days.
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That's it for now, please remember that this list is updated on a regular basis.

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