About Us

The Team

The team of alternative.me mainly consists of two persons:

Gregor Krambs

Gregor, creator of strawpoll.com and experienced web developer just had his 10-year-anniversary in Perl development.

Victor Tobies

Victor gained his experience in web developement while creating a really nice and statistics-heavy page called thundercheck.org, which is a nice addition to War Thunder users.

The Project

For their new project, they didn't really have a vision - but a need. In uncountable times, they searched for several software or product alternatives and it was always a long journey to find the most suitable replacement they needed. This was the moment when the idea of creating a self-written solution was born. Mostly open to public opinion but heavily moderated, we are going to try our best to provide a service for finding software, app and website alternatives.

The Result

We hope you like it so far. Clearly, it's not finished yet - but will it ever be? If you have any issue, feel free to mail us at support@alternative.me. Thanks and have fun!