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Movers & Shakers 24h change 7d change
TenX (PAY) 28.24 % 4.7 %
Mithril (MITH) 15.8 % 7.2 %
Ontology (ONT) 11.11 % -2.72 %
VeChain (VET) 10.72 % 3.23 %
Nimiq Exch... (NET) -15.79 % -24.09 %
GXShares (GXS) -11.32 % -21.49 %
Hshare (HSR) -11.25 % -99.9 %
Dropil (DROP) -6.91 % 11.78 %
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Sentiment Analysis

Crypto Fear & Greed Index Over Time

Here is a simple plot of the Fear & Greed Index over time, where a value of 0 means "Extreme Fear" while a value of 100 represents "Extreme Greed".

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Analysis: This week's overall sentiment was even more positive than last week's (~ 47 % expectations fullfilled). The most expectated short term scenario is now an uptrend (25 %). The three month expectations are also more positive with over 30% uptrend predictions. The results of this week's poll are clearly showing a greedy trend. Smart money shouldn't jump in right now*.

Last week's analysis: The current results are showing that the disappointment went from high to medium (37 % expectations fulfilled). Still, most of the voters are seeing a current downtrend (25 %) for the crypto market, but that's 16 % less that last week. In three month, our readers are going to expect a positive momentum (~40 %), with around 13 % expection a top formation. HODLers and Buyers are currently on an equal level (both around 25 %).

The week before last weeks's analysis: The results from last week are showing a significant disappointment in market expectations voted for "Not at all" (80 %). Most of the voters are seeing a current downtrend (41 %) for the crypto market, nearly one third are thinking this is a bottom formation (27 %). In three month, our readers are going to expect an uptrend (35 %), or a long bear market with a bottom formation (33%). More than half of the voters are going to HODL (58 %).

Trends Analysis

Weekly Change of Important Search Volumes on Google Trends

Read more about Trends Analysis and the importance of different search queries and their varying meanings.


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