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Discord Bot Upvote Webhook

Whenever a user votes on your bot we will send a POST request to a URL you can specify on the edit page for each bot.
Getting started
On the bottom of the edit page of a discord bot are two fields to configure a POST request upon upvotes on the respective bot. The two fields are the URL to which we will send the POST request and an optional field to define a secret. Please keep in mind that there might be additional data fields being included in the future. You can test the webhook on the bot edit page where you set the target url and the secret.
In the optional secret field, you can specify a string that only you know and that we send with every request. This allows you to verify that the requests you receive actually come from our servers and not from someone else. The secret will be displayed only to the user who entered it, and will remain empty otherwise. The secret is sent as a field in the json data as well as in the authorization header.
Request Body
  • secret, [string]: Secret defined by you to make sure it is a legitimate upvote. Can be up to 190 characters.
  • action, [string]: The action type that triggered the request, will always be 'upvote' for bot upvotes and 'test' for the webhook test function on the edit page.
  • user, [string]: The Discord UserID, typically a 18 digit number at the moment.
  • user, [string]: The Discord BotID, typically a 18 digit number at the moment.
The request will be of content-type: 'application/json' and contain data similar to the following example data:
  "secret": "s3cr1t",
  "action": "upvote",
  "user": "340591890000000000",
  "bot": "767149420000000000"
Webhooks sent from alternative.me must be acknowledged with a response status code of 'Successful responses' (200-299). If any other status code is received, we consider it a failed request and queue it to try again.
The response to our send POST request has to be acknowledged within 3 seconds. If it takes longer, we consider it a timeout and queue it to try again.
Whenever a request fails for any reason we will retry for 3 times, after 1 minute, 5 minutes, 15 minutes and 1 hour.