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Groovy has ended its service. Learn more here: https://groovy.bot

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A global text-based currency game right in your Discord server! Steal from your friends, take care of virtual pets, gamble all your money...

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Make A Professional Discord Server! For more info: https://probot.io Invite: https://probot.io/invite

Recent Articles

YouTube, a Google subsidiary, is coming down hard on Discord music bots. The proprietors of the famous Groovy Bot, which allows Discord users to play songs from YouTube videos ... read more
In a very detailed and emotional letter Danny, the creator of the discord.py library, addresses his developer community and informs them that he will not continue Discord.py ... read more
Do you want to simplify your operations on the Discord servers using some of the finest Discord bots out there? Are you searching for Discord-based services that will keep users engaged... read more
Discord has repeatedly demonstrated over years that it is an online messenger tool of choice for anybody wanting to communicate, video conference, or broadcast with pals on the internet... read more

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