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Rythm has ended its service, but this isn't the end for us! We're working on something brand new. Don't kick us out yet!

For more information visit our site: https://rythm.fm/
Default Prefix: !
Command Description
/bassboost Enables / Disables bass boosting audio effect
/clear Clears the queue
/debug Shows helpful information for debugging issues
... -
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As soon as you invite Rythm to your channel, it will send the following message:
Rythm avatar
Rythm BOT today at 4:20 PM

rythm Emoji Thanks for adding Rythm

- Use !help (or /help) to view all of my commands
- You can change my prefix from ! by using !settings prefix
- If you need more help, please visit my support server at //rythm.fm/support></p><br /><p>By having Rythm in your server and using Rythm, you agree to the following Terms of Service: <a target=https://rythm.fm/terms


<:premium_badge Emoji" width="18" /> Rythm Premium
If you subscribe to premium you get:

- More Rythm bots (up to 11)
- Volume control
- Better audio quality
- Audio effects
- and more.

Try premium free for a week by clicking this link: https://rythm.fm/premium?coupon=7FREE

Bot Status

Rythm's current status is online
Last checked (2021-12-04 00:50:03 UTC)
The bot was online (2021-09-15 17:15:03 UTC).

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