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I brought a lot of original multiplayer games to entertain humanity. My teas shall be your pets, my words may contain all your wishes and my waifus... will be yours.
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When inviting Mudae to a new server, it will send you this private message:
Mudae avatar
Mudae BOT today at 4:20 PM
Haruhi Emoji Waifuroulette

Collect waifu and husbando. Be the first to take their heart!

$waifu: Random waifu. React with πŸ’– before 30s.
$husbando: Random husbando. React with πŸ’– before 30s.
$marry: Random waifu or husbando. React with πŸ’– before 30s.

The commands above include two types of characters: game and animanga. Add the letter g to just roll game characters ($wg) or a for animanga

The following help only summarizes the main commands: type any command to get MORE SUBCOMMANDS and HELP (for most of them)
You can also search a command with $search



$mymarry: Inventory of your conquests.
See the category FLAGS LIST below to know how to filter your harem and other lists!

$marryexchange: Exchange characters with the mentioned player.
$give: Gift the mentioned player (limited)
$firstmarry: Change your favorite character.
$sortmarry: Sort your characters.
$divorce: Divorce a character.
$profile: Display your server profile.

Add a $ to separate different characters.
Most of the commands have aliases. Example: $mm for $mymarry


$infomarry: Search for a character. Example: $im Rem
$infomarrya: Search for a series.
$left: Number of characters left for your server.
$fn: Find notes in your harem from the $note command.
$fnall: Find notes in all harems of the server.
$top: Top 1000 characters. Or $top #<rank>
$topserv: Server character ranking.


$note: Add a message next to a character in your harem.
$changeimg: Change the main image of a character.
$addimg: (moderator) Add a custom image for an existing character.
$randomimg: Randomize images during your rolls.
$rollsleft: Change where the '2 rolls left' message is displayed.
$alist: See availables aliases for a character.
$alias: Swap the main name for an available alias.
$alias2: Change the secondary alias to whatever text you want.
$noteimg: Add a message for an image.
$addcustom: (moderator) Add a custom character for your server.


$like: Add a character to your likelist.
$likelist: Your list of favorite characters.
$renameclaim: Change your claim message. Also $renamedivorce
$renameharem: Change the title of your harem.
$renamelikelist: Change the title of your likelist.
$profilebadge: Choose the badges displayed on your profile.
$profilearrange: Arrange or hide your profile categories.
$badge: Your list of badges.
$claimreact: (moderator) Customize the rolls emojis.
$kakerareact: (admin) Customize the kakera rolls emojis.


$marryup: Time left before your next claim.
$rollsup: Rolls left before the next reset.
$timersup: Timers merged in one message (mu, ru, du, ku, rtu, dku, bku).
$tuarrange: Customize the informations displayed with $timersup


$wish: Add a character to your $wishlist so you can be mentioned.
$disable: Disable a series from YOUR rolls.
$antidisable: Prevent the deactivation of the series from your rolls.
$wishseries: (player premium) Be mentioned for each character of the series.
$selfreset: List of personal full reset commands.


$bonus: Your list of unlocked bonuses.
$overview: Your list of player settings.
$togglewestern: Disable/enable western series from your animanga rolls.
$toggleirl: Disable/enable series with IRL people for your rolls.
$setfooter: Display name/series under the image during your rolls.
$imglink: Display image links during your rolls.
$hideinfodisable: Hide the emoji indicating a character is disabled (for $im/$mmi)
$personalrare: Change the spawn rarity of owned characters.
$tip: Display a tip.
$rolls: Vote for Mudae and get a rolls reset ($vote to check).
$daily: Obtain a rolls reset every 20 hours.
$haremcopy : (player premium II) Copy your harem on another server, under conditions.
$kakeracopy : (player premium II) Copy your kakera/kakeraloots/badges on another server, under conditions.
$limroul: (mode 2) Disable the less popular characters.


Add letters to some commands if you want to display different details. Those are combinable.
Example: $mmwr only displays your waifus (flag w) and how they are ranked (flag r)


List of flags:
w (waifu), h (husbando), wh (both genders), w= (waifu without both genders), h= (husbando without both genders)
g (game), g- (animanga), gg- (both), g= (game only), g-= (animanga only)
a (series list), a+ (series names), b (series bundles), p (character search if you type some text), s (DM)

r (claim ranks), r- (claim ranks not sorted), l (like ranks), l- (like ranks not sorted),
k (kakera value), k= (kakera sorted), k- (kakera base value)
y (keys only), y= (keys sorted), y+ (with full harem), y- (without keys)
c (embedcolored), c+ (with full harem), c- (without embedcolor)


t (type of rolls), m (main names), d (img/alias details), v (hide details such as notes), n (not noted), n+ (noted only)
u (unclaimed), o (owner names), o= (owned only), o- (not owned by you), o+ (owned by you)
x (disabled), x+ (with full harem), x- (not disabled)
i (images), i- (hide images if DM)

Available arguments (type a space after the command and don't type the < >):
<series name>, <page>, <@User, User ID or User tag>, $mm serv <server ID>, $mm abc

Example: $mmwr Re:Zero

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Last checked (2021-12-04 02:40:03 UTC)

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