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Help Command Preview

This message is shown by Mudae when the help command is sent to a channel:
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Mudae BOT today at 4:20 PM

DM sent! Nagato Emoji
Looking for a specific command? Try $search (400 different commands to search)

Mudae will send you the following private message when the help command is triggered:
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Mudae BOT today at 4:20 PM
Pikachu Emoji Pokéslot

Earn Pokémon at the Rocket casino.

$pokemon: Launch the slot machine.
$pokedex: Your Pokémon. Options: rare, sumrare, id, abc, full, shiny, leg, beast, gen#, double, emoji ($pde), <page>, <@User/user ID>
$shinyhunt: Hunt a shiny.

$release: Release Pokémon for new tries.
Use $release without arguments to see your stock.
$autorelease: Release all doubles from rarity 1, 2, 3 for new tries.
$pokelike: Like Pokémon ($pokelikelist) and immunize them for the autorelease command ($togglepokelike to not immunize them).
$pokeprofile: Choose the Pokémon to display on your $profile

$sortpkm: Sort your Pokémon.
$sortpkm: double/abc/rare/id/shiny
$pokerank: Global top 100. $pokerank leg (or shiny or beast) for the legendaries/shinies/beasts.
$pokeserv: Top server.
$pokemode: Animation and ping options.

🎮 Multiplayer games

$blacktea: Turn-based word game inspired by bombparty.
$greentea: Find any word, quickly.
$redtea: Find the longest word.
$yellowtea: Find the largest number of words.
$mixtea: A mix of all the previous teas. :)
$quiz: A multi quiz with a global ranking
$jankenpon @User: Rock-paper-scissors by affinity.
$pokeduel @User: Starts a pokéduel (useless random game).

anime Emoji Anime

$quote: Random quote from anime.
$quotimage: Random quote followed by a random image. Then, imagine the story...
$mudanime: Random phrases inspired by known animes.
$loli: Try it?
$rdmperso: Random character from
$rdmpokemon: Random Pokémon.
$searchpkm: Search for a Pokémon.

📜 Words

Use $noun, $adverb, $adject, $vrb in your sentences to add a random word.
$phrase: Random sentence.
$poem: Random poem.
$say <text to repeat> (or $saymudae)
$invert <text to invert>

Part of the words database comes from

⌚ Countdowns

$cdn <number>
$kirby <number> // $kirchoco <number> //$tea <number>
$chocoshark <number> // $bear <number> // $eater <number>

$beam <emoji or text>: Blow up what you hate.

Customized countdowns:
$customcd <number> <content> <content to repeat> <content> <optional end>
$cdspe1 <number> <content to repeat> <content> <optional end>
$cdspe2 <number> <content> <content to repeat> <optional end>

Example: $customcd 10 🌳 🌰 🐿️

🎱 Predictions

$fate @User: Describes the trend between you and the mentioned.
$42ball <text>: Answers to your yes or no questions.

🌟 Random events

$alea <number>: Random number.
$rdmcountry: Random country.
$invent: Invented word.

⛏️ Utility

$lang: Change language (en, fr, pt-br, es or de).
$channelhelp: Display this help on the channel.
$join: Link to join Mudae on her server and get more infos.
$invite: Link to invite Mudae on another server.
$wiki: Wiki search.
$def <word>: Definition search.
$prefix: Change the prefix that invokes Mudae.
$vote: Help Mudae to entertain mankind and get a free rolls reset.
$patreon: Help Mudae to improve its features.
$myid: Get your user/server Discord full ID.
$date: My only weakness, the time that passes.

📑 Embeds

$star @User / $lol / $lmfao / $omg / $pervert / $takaché / $takawai / $nanachi / $secret
$avatar <user> / $embedtxt <text>

© Muda Muda Muda
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