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Command Description
/247 Toggles 24/7 mode
/8d Toggles 8D mode
/announce Toggles whether Groovy will announce when songs start playing
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Lia<3 avatar
Favourite Music Bot
written by Lia<3 (2023-05-18 12:06:15 UTC)

WAS my favourite music bot out of all the available ones. Devastated when i found out that it had to be taken down :(

Was good but...
written by xxPROPHANTONFORCESGAMER123xx (2022-11-22 20:08:54 UTC)

This WAS one of the best bots ever. Keyword WAS. Google sued people, wanting more and stuffs, being greedy, so now this bot is deactivated. R.I.P. Groovy.

BadPiggy221 avatar
Bot Shut Down
written by BadPiggy221 (2022-05-16 17:36:37 UTC)

This bot had shut down and no longer works. As lots of servers use this bot this impacts lots of music.

AhmetMel avatar
written by AhmetMel (2022-03-14 19:49:34 UTC)


Pencilboy601 avatar
best bot ever
written by Pencilboy601 (2022-02-15 14:19:35 UTC)

hey cool music bot! but its removed… i really liked it…

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