Recommended Discord Bots to Add

Do you want to simplify your operations on the Discord servers using some of the finest Discord bots out there? Are you searching for Discord-based services that will keep users engaged and improve their overall experience?
We'll go through the best Discord bots currently available and how these bots will be of great help to you in managing and growing your Discord audience in this article.

Written by grex on 09/06/2021.

The Best Discord Bots For Your Server

This is a small collection of Discord bots you should add to your server to make the Discord experience more enjoyable. For some of them, we also provide helpful commands and direct invite links in our Discord bot list.


MEE6 is a Discord-based bot that automates operations such as delivering greetings. You may also write customized instructions to ban people that publish advertisements, spam, or links.
But the ability to give responsibilities to people and deliver messages in the upstream direction or direct messages is its finest functionality. Users may compete for the highest spot on the scoreboard or earn personalized rating cards to showcase their commitment. You may also block people permanently or temporarily depending on the conditions you define. Any member who receives three different infractions, for instance, maybe locked out for about thirty minutes.

Dank Memer

If you've always fancied creating a pleasant Discord environment, you may want to consider including this offering in your catalog. This Discord bot allows users to introduce a meme into a discussion while discussing. Also, Dank Memer makes it simple to make your customized memes.
Customers can steal or gamble money from other members with the platform's monetary system. You can then use this money to acquire products from their store or to participate in an internet gaming exercise. Your server will be more enjoyable when you use this bot. You should give it a shot to see whether it works with your channel.

Discord, notwithstanding its image as a gaming platform, may also be used by companies., for example, is a Discord bot that is beneficial to individuals who'd like to provide greater customer support. Also, you can tag certain servers and channels with this bot. One of the finest benefits of using this bot is that it helps your workers arrange tickets and dismiss them as soon as the issues they raised have been resolved.
Other members can view the commands and messages that you created prior. It is truly one very important inclusion that will dramatically improve the efficiency of your customer support team.


ProBot works in the same way as other moderating programs, but it concentrates on customizing greeting texts. It lets you define the mood for anybody who accesses your Discord server.
Also, it offers additional capabilities, such as banning obnoxious people or preventing them from submitting anything that infringes on your policies. You may also utilize commands to help you, moderate members. Users can be muted, repetitive posts can be deleted, and members could be warned if they use inappropriate terms. Because the penalties are customized, you have total power over whatever occurs when your rules are broken.


Search no farther than this bot if you are looking to play music on Discord servers. Octave is a Discord bot that leverages your vocal channels to play music from YouTube or Soundcloud. Aside from making a playlist with Octave, but you can choose to display the words of musical content to your viewers.
Octave says that the instructions are simple to put to use and that there is no latency. Consider including this type of bot on your Discord server if you love playing music.

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