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Very great bot.
written by mr_green2842 (2024-03-22 02:20:47 UTC)

This bot is a very fun bot. I love the system it has. Highly recommended.

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Owo Bot Support Server Racism
written by aslizen (2023-04-21 08:24:53 UTC)

I am Turkish, millions of the bot's users are also Turkish. But in support server, only English is allowed to talk. We suggest them to open new language channels but they give excuse to us that it will be difficult to moderate, we say ok take more staff applications then because they are moderating 10m+ user bot with like 20 or less staff, (at the least that is the number actively chatting with users) they say it is hard to get more staff and that they arent looking for new staff members currently. 60% of the time in their help channel, non-staff members help others volunteerly, like i used to too, even in my dms. Anyway, yesterday another Turkish realised i am Turkish too and wrote his question in Turkish, i replied to him in English, then i went to a SPAM channel, where bot is actively used therefore very crowded, to help with 2-3 sentences in Turkish too. I got muted immediately by a mod called Cyber. In a spam channel, i could have wrote randomly asşdkdndb and would not get muted, but because it is Turkish they mute. I feel like they see English as superior language and any other language as even worse than a random spam. They are really racist, not only towards Turkishs but any other too. Instead of being appreciative to us for doing their job and making it really easy for them, they are so rude towards non-staff helpers too.

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