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/fishy cast casts out a rod and hope for some fish!
/fishy inventory shows your current inventory for fishy
/fishy rarefish shows off your collection of rarefish
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As soon as you invite Tatsu to your channel, it will send the following message:
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Tatsu BOT today at 4:20 PM

e Emoji Thanks for adding Tatsu!
You're ready to begin making your server an interesting place!
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e Emoji What is Tatsu?

Tatsu is a Discord chatbot focused on fostering interaction between members of your Discord communities!

We hope to achieve this by providing awesome games & tools that make full use of Discord as a social & communications platform!

e Emoji Key Features

Tatsugotchi - A virtual pets game fully playable on your own Discord server. Collect, level up & take care of a pet and earn rewards while you're at it!

Housing - Customize your own house with furniture & ornaments!

Trading - Trade furniture, currency & pets with your friends & communities alike.

Global Economy - Currency & items that carry across to any server that uses Tatsu. Earn currency by being active in servers!

Server Economy - Create your own server-based ecosystem of currency, items and a reward store. Sell accolades, roles & custom items to loyal members of your community!

Reward Roles - Automatically reward active members of your community with roles when they reach a certain activity score level.

Automation - Customizable server notifications, selfroles, reaction roles and autoroles.

jp_cherry Emoji Official Links

twblank Emoji Tatsu Website
twblank Emoji Tatsu Twitter
twblank Emoji Community Wiki
twblank Emoji Support Us

points Emoji Get Tatsu for your server:
twblank Emoji Invite Tatsu

discord_shining Emoji Join our Discord community for live support:
twblank Emoji https://discord.gg/tatsu

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