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A bot for secure item storage and distribution!

Default Prefix: .
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.altskicker -
... -
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As soon as you invite GEN to your channel, it will send the following message:
GeП avatar
GeП BOT today at 4:20 PM

Thank you for adding me! ✅
I am an Item Bot, you can add items to me, and I will give them to your users.
- My prefix here is .
- You can see a list of commands by typing .help
- You can change my prefix with .settings prefix
- We now offer you a free trial of premium, use .trial to activate it.
- If you need help, feel free to join our support server using .support

My owners do not control my stock!

PS: By using this bot, you agree to not use this bot for any illegal actions!

When inviting GEN to a new server, it will send you this private message:
GeП avatar
GeП BOT today at 4:20 PM

If you look after a description, run the command without arguments or with the help argument!
Or use .help description

.altskicker - [altkicker]
.avatar - [av]
.ban - [tempban, unban]
.clear - [delete, cl, nuke]
.cooldown - [itemcooldown]
.deltime - [customdeltime, custommessagetime]
.discrimchecker - [discriminator]
.genmessage - [custommessage]
.get - [claim, item, gen]
.gresolve - [serverinfo]
.guildfix - [fix]
.help - [commands, aliases]
.itemadd - [itemremove, restock, unstock]
.itemreport - [itemoverview, itemstock]
.lockdown - [lock, unlock]
.mute - [unmute]
.puncheck - [punishmentcheck, mutecheck, amimuted]
.say - [saytts, sayembed, sayembedded]
.serverstats - [membercounter]
.uresolve - [userinfo, user]
.vote - [poll]
.warn - [unwarn]

GeП, ready for your command!

Bot Status

GEN's current status is online
Last checked (2022-02-02 08:50:03 UTC)

Usage Statistics


zany__janey avatar
This bot got terminated
written by zany__janey (2023-11-11 12:52:51 UTC)

If anybody asked yes this bot got terminated since the bot whas violating tos and it got terminated so if you still want to have a storage bot than im creating also a discord bot like gen here's the dc

ᏝᎥ ⚘Wisdom Yash avatar
I cant add anyone tell me?
written by ᏝᎥ ⚘Wisdom Yash (2023-04-24 15:23:51 UTC)

please help ewqe eewqeqeewqeqwewqewqewqewewqewewqe eqwe

!     Σʍρтʏ avatar
I cant add it
written by ! Σʍρтʏ (2023-01-31 11:29:57 UTC)

I cant add gen bot to my server the invite doesnt work also the link of support server doesnt work

Marha-Dan avatar
Serveur Supprot
written by Marha-Dan (2022-11-20 19:48:26 UTC)

Someone can add me on discord and give me the supports serveur please Id: Marha-Dan#3755

2T avatar
Please come back
written by 2T (2022-11-11 18:43:14 UTC)

please come back this bot and very good I don't know how to create bot and I really need it!

DarthMayTriX avatar
gen bot
written by DarthMayTriX (2022-10-14 18:49:05 UTC)

best bot ever!!!! bring it back pleassssssssssssssssssssssssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

R.c5x avatar
I don’t know how to add but it seems good
written by R.c5x (2022-04-25 09:14:27 UTC)

How do I add to stock pls help but it’s actually it’s a very very nice bot but I’m really stuck on how to add idk the file thing pls help me ❤️❤️

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