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When inviting Realistic Jr. to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Realistic Jr. BOT today at 4:20 PM

.avatar [mention or id] - Get the user's avatar.
.stats - Check the bot's stats.
.bug <bug> - Provide a bug report so we can fix it.
.help [command] - Get a list of all commands or get specific info on a command.
.serverinfo - Show info for a server.
.suggest <suggestion> - Provide something to be added to the bot. You will recieve credit.
.test - Check if the bot's online.
.whois [mention or id] - Show info for a user.


.dog - Recieve a random dog picture.
.howdumb [mention or id or text] - See how dumb someone/something is.
.meme - Recieve a random meme.
.redditsearch <subreddit> - Search any subreddit for an image. Excludes NSFW results.
.urban <query> - Have urban dictionary define a word.


.daily - Get your daily credits.
.setup - Set up a Realistic Jr. bank.


.ban <mention or id> <length> [reason] - Ban a user from the guild.
.kick <mention or id> [reason] - Kick a user from the guild.
.nick <Mention or ID> <Nickname> - Set a user's nickname.
.slowmode <time> - Set a channel's slowmode. Max is 6 hours. It's highly recommended you utilize s, m & h indicators. .slowmode 2 would result in the bot trying to set the slowmode as 2ms.
.unban <id> [reason] - Unban a user from the guild.


.eval <code> - Run a code snippet from a Discord message.

Bot Status

Realistic Jr.'s current status is offline
Last checked (2023-02-26 16:35:22 UTC)

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