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Hubstaff allows business owners and managers to gain more control over their employees' performance.
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Pros & Cons of Hubstaff Talent


  • Up close and personal tracking of employee activities
  • Productivity software integrates intuitively with payroll information
  • Lightweight and easy to download


  • Requires all employees to make use of the app on their computer or other device
  • Ill-suited for offices that don't rely on online bookkeeping
  • Can discourage face to face oversight of workers

Features of Hubstaff Talent

  • Online invoicing
  • Project budgeting
  • Employee monitoring
  • Payroll software

Hubstaff Talent Reviews

  • posted on 2018-04-30 09:50:42:
    "Hubstaff is a time tracking solution that puts powerful management tools in the hands of employers. Whether you're looking to improve the efficiency of your employees or keep tabs on the development of various project streams, the Hubstaff software provides you with a diverse variety of tools and metrics. Hubstaff is available as both computer software and an app compatible with both Apple and Android devices. Its lightweight size and intuitive interface make tracking your company's productivity a breeze, and it's a great solution for office managers who rely on freelancers and remote workers to get the job done.

    The core of the Hubstaff experience is the timesheet software, which lets you put the focus on your individual employees rather than relying on impersonal and ambiguous time cards. You can set up manual or automatic time logging for employees on an individual basis, and the tracking database allows you to focus in on the data provided by specific employees or sort your output by splitting different employees into specific teams. You can use daily, weekly, or calendar views to keep an eye on how your business is operating over time. The timesheet software coordinates directly with your payroll, so your employees will always get paid accurately and on time. If a particularly project is running over budget or behind schedule, you'll know, and you can adjust the parameters of your payment on the fly to make sure everything is staying on track.

    The online schedule tracking software does away with the need for manual scheduling and tracking. You can set standard schedules for all of your employees, track their attendance, and adjust weekly or daily schedules on the fly. Managers receive alerts when their employees don't meet their scheduling requirements, and scheduling metrics allow you to tell if you're understaffed in certain positions and provide them with the means to better allocate their resources as necessary.

    Hubstaff understands that employee productivity is as important as employee attendance, and it provides the tools to make sure everyone is working to their full potential. With the desktop monitoring feature, you can acquire screenshots of employees' work stations and keep track of activity percentages. A usage log of internet traffic and app usage will let you know if your employees are goofing off or diverting from the tasks at hand. An additional work notes option lets employees keep you up to date on their progress and alert you of any potential complications you need to look out for. You can even set protocol that automatically logs your employees off the time clock if they go off task. You won't need to spend inordinate amounts of time watching over the activities of your workers. Hubstaff automatically creates reports so you can regularly check in on the big picture view of your office's productivity."

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Hubstaff Talent - Freelancing without the fees

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