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Photo: AmazonBasics Plastic 3 Hole Punch Folders with 2 Pockets, Multicolor Pack of 12

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Best image of 3 hole punches
Photo: AmazonBasics Plastic 3 Hole Punch Folders with 2 Pockets, Multicolor Pack of 12

Our Picks

Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch image
50% EASIER PUNCHING - Patented advanced dies allow for 50% easier, jam-free p...
CARL MFG. USA, Inc. CARL, Medium-Duty Paper Punch image
Carl 40-sheet capacity HC-340 heavy-duty three-hole punch. Three precision-gr...
Our Choice
Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch image
50% EASIER PUNCHING - Patented advanced dies allow for 50% easier, jam-free p...
Low Price
CARL MFG. USA, Inc. CARL, Medium-Duty Paper Punch image
Carl 40-sheet capacity HC-340 heavy-duty three-hole punch. Three precision-gr...

8 3 Hole Punch Alternatives

POWERED EFFICIENCY: Light, compact electric punch provides quick, precise punching. Aut...

JAM RESISTANT: Automatic jam reverse switch ensures trouble free punching and fewer dis...

PUSH BUTTON START: Simple push button start makes hole punching effortless. Efficient e...

Easy-to-use design automatically punches up to 30 sheets of paper

Adjustable construction quickly switches between 2 and 3 hole punches

Paper guide helps you properly align papers for consistent punches

Sold as 1 Each

Easy-to-use electric three-hole punch delivers perfectly placed hole punches every time...

Includes slide-out chip tray. WARNING: This product contains lead, a chemical known to ...

EZ Squeeze technology requires 50% less force during use

All-metal design for superior, 40-sheet punch performance

Handle locks down for compact storage

Low force design makes it 40% easier

Advanced cutting dies punch through up to 12 sheets of paper

Easy to use empty waste collection compartment

LEVER HANDLE – Durable metal punch is designed with a wide, comfortable lever handle th...

ADJUSTABLE PUNCHING SYSTEM – Patented punch head system comes with 3 punch heads, but c...

20-SHEET CAPACITY – Punch neatly pierces as many as 20 sheets of paper, creating precis...

40-sheet capacity

Padded handle

Steel construction with plastic chip tray

SMARTTOUCH – Durable, 3-hole punch with strong, metal construction and an edge guide fo...

COMFORT HANDLE – Wide, soft grip handle adds comfort and makes it easier to punch. It c...

20-SHEET CAPACITY – Sturdy punch pierces up to 20 sheets of paper, creating precise 9/3...

Buying Guide


If you're putting together binders and booklets for presentations or classroom work, a quality 3-hole punch can be invaluable. Three-hole punch paper is available, but it's more expensive than regular paper and doesn't help you when you need to insert colored paper or custom tabs.
Three hole punches work by forcing a sharpened steel die through paper, shattering the bond. While the steel die punches seldom fail, the brackets that hold the paper and serve as a sleeve for the punches are generally not so durable and can fracture over time. If you for a 20 page tool to punch 30 pages at a time, you'll put a lot of stress on these brackets. Don't buy too small a unit that you have to replace in a short amount of time!

Choosing The Most Appropriate Unit For Your Needs

Investing in a 3-hole punch requires consideration of several factors. For example,
1) Manual or Electronic? Electronic 3-hole punches are quite reliable and generally durable, but require access to power and a permanent spot on your desk or counter.
2) Portable or permanent? If you'll be using this tool often, a larger, heavier unit is likely in order. Do you have the space? If you plan to keep it in a drawer or under a counter, is the tool lightweight enough to make it easy to move?

Manual Hole Punches

PaperPro inPRESS 20

This manual hole punch uses the entire handle as your method of moving the steel dies, so it will reduce the amount of force you need to use. The base is rubberized so it won't slide around and the capture container for paper waste is easy to access and empty.
The PaperPro inPRESS 20 is less than 2 pounds, has a locking feature for storage that results in a very low profile and can be easily tucked away. It will easily punch 20 pages at a time, making it a very efficient tool.

CARL 63040

The CARL 63040 3 hole punch is built to handle 40 pages per punch. It also has very durable springs that reduce the risk of jamming. If you're putting together binders for client presentations, the last thing you need is to find your presentation materials stuck in your punch!

The handle of the CARL 63040 is broad and can take the pressure. The wide base is non-skid and won't require you to chase it across the desk. You can easily store this tool thanks to the locking feature on the handle, and the waste tray removes quickly for easy clean up.

Swingline Desktop Hole Punch

For lighter duty punching, the Swingline Desktop Hole Punch can easily handle ten sheets at a time, is easy to clean up and requires little storage space. Many scrapbooking fans enjoy this hole punch for their projects.

The Swingline Desktop Hole Punch is built to be used as a gripping tool or on the desktop. The base is non-skid if you need to add a little pressure, but the handle is soft grip for easy handheld use. It's less than 2 pounds and will take up very little space on your desk or craft table.

Officemate Heavy Duty Adjustable 2-3 Hole Punch

This countertop unit has no need of springs to reduce the risk of jamming because the handle can be easily retracted once you've finished punching the holes. The base is rubberized so it won't slide around, and the chip tray is easy to access.

The Officemate Heavy Duty Adjustable 2-3 Hole Punch weighs in at five pounds and will probably need a square foot of countertop space. It's also important to note that the handle on this unit is on the right, so if you're left-handed, you may find it awkward.

Manual Hole Punch Winner!

For light duty, the Swingline is very serviceable. If you need more punching power, invest in the CARL 63040 for years of fuss-free paper punching.

Electric Hole Punches

Swingline 3 Hole Punch

The electric Swingline 3 Hole Punch is an excellent light duty option and will switch from corded to battery use with ease. It requires only 6 AA batteries, and is light enough to fit easily into a tote bag. If you've got a scrapbook project or presentation binder to put together on the run, this unit travels light! Also, the location of the hole punches is adjustable, so you can put together custom projects with ease.

The chip tray is easy to access and clean out. This unit has a reverse button on the back for clearing jams. As with any hole punch, it's critical not to overload this tool.

Bostitch Electric 3-Hole Punch

The Bostitch is a medium duty three hole punch with great staying power. It can be used with corded power or battery, and will handle up to 12 sheets of 20 pound paper. The paper guide is adjustable, but the punches are fixed.

This unit is unlikely to jam unless you overload it, but once it jams it can be hard to clear. As with any tool, if used for its intended purpose, it will generally last through many uses. It's very compact and will travel easily if needed.

Business Source 3-Hole Punch

This desktop hole punch doesn't offer battery power but has plenty of flexibility. It switches easily from three hole to two hole punching and the paper guide can be adjusted for custom configurations.

The Business Source hole punch will handle up to 30 pages at a time. The paper guide also acts as a support to keep the paper elevated while you punch, so no flopping or fussing around with stacks of paper. Additionally, you can use this guide to square up the pages before you punch.

Staples Electric 3-Hole Punch

The Staples 3-Hole Punch is a basic tool that offers designers and artists a big plus: It's beautiful on the desktop. This is not a utilitarian hole punch, but an elegant and crisp white tool with sleek lines and plenty of grace.

There is a lead warning in reference to this product, but not much additional data as to risk to the user. If your creative juices get flowing when surrounded by visually striking objects, this hole punch may be a great addition to your workspace.

Electric Hole Punch Winner!

For flexibility and durability, the Business Source unit should fulfill many needs and last for years. If you need custom hole punching for craft work but don't require tremendous volume, check out the Swingline electric.

Top Rated 3 Hole Punches

If you're looking into finding the best rated 3 hole punch, you should probable check out the Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch. We looked at various sources of reviews and found this one to have the best mix between review count and average rating stars.

Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch

The Lowest Price We Could Find

Often, going for the best price is a simple but good option. With a price of $11.99 (last checked this morning), we do not list any other 3 hole punch cheaper than the Comix 2-Pocket-Folder Letter Size Punch. Just remember that it's not always the best option to go for the cheapest one.

Comix 2-Pocket-Folder Letter Size Punch

The 3 Hole Punch With the Most Reviews

With at least 997 reviews and counting, the ACCO Brands Swingline Punch might be another option to consider. This large amount of reviews signalizes that many people are using it, with most of them beeing satisfied.

ACCO Brands Swingline Punch

High Quality 3 Hole Punches

It's quite rare that the saying "You get what you pay for" turns out incorrect. If you have the money on the sideline, feel free to choose the most expensive item from our list: The Staples 808021 Punch currently sells for $112.99.

Staples 808021 Punch

The 3 Hole Punch With the Most Clicks

If you trust us and our users, feel free to check out the Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch. Our statistics say that it is the most favorite 3 Hole Punch from the list above.

Our Bestseller

If you're still undecided, I would recommend that you go with the masses and choose the top selling 3 hole punch: The Bostitch inPRESS 20 Reduced Effort Punch is the hottest bestseller in this category right now.

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