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The Best Anti Vibration Gloves

Updated March 19, 2019

To help you find the perfect anti vibration glove, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable anti vibration gloves. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

Our Picks

Runner-ups: 10 Best Anti Vibration Glove Alternatives

Valeo Valeo V415 Reducing Work Gloves image

Valeo V415 Reducing Work Gloves

  • Perfect vibration reducing work gloves - Enjoy protection and comfor...
  • Full hand protection - These gloves offer superior hand protection ...
  • Vibration reducing - Keep comfortable working with these gloves as ...
Youngstown Glove Company Youngstown Glove image

Youngstown Glove

  • This is a heavy duty performance work glove designed to decrease p...
  • The glove features 5.0mm eva Foam on the palm and thumb to help ...
  • The 360 degreee wrist wrap helps to lock-in your wrist and hand e...
Impacto Impacto VI4741 Blade Slash Glove image

Impacto VI4741 Blade Slash Glove

  • The vibration reducing gloves absorb and dissipate vibration from pn...
  • Cost effective solution to vibration Protection while incorporating s...
  • Ideal for use with vibrating tools when working around sharp edges ...
Intra-FIT Intra-FIT Professional Glove image

Intra-FIT Professional Glove

  • Anti-vibration glove EN iso 10819:2013 certified EN 388 2112
  • Special Anti-vibration pad reinforcement on full palm extended to fi...
  • Top quality Japan imported PU palm for high abrasion resistance and...
Ergodyne Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Certified Lightweight Work Glove image

Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Certified Lightweight Work Glove

  • Unique chloroprene rubber palm pad combined with lightweight breathab...
  • Ansi s2.73/iso 10819/en388/en420 Certified
  • Unique chloroprene rubber palm pad


  • Synthetic palm with 5mm sbr inner padded patch on each fingers and...
  • Breathable knitting mesh back with 5mm Upgraded Thermo Plastic Rubbe...
  • Secure Wrist Closure: Adjustable wrist strap provides a secure fit ...
Seibertron Seibertron HIGH-VIS SDXG2 Dexterity Super Grip GEL Oil & Gas Impact Protection Safety Gloves image

Seibertron HIGH-VIS SDXG2 Dexterity Super Grip GEL O...

  • Choose the size by the left size chart image
  • Silicone padded palm Shock absorption palm with ultimate grip on we...
  • Cuff puller Get your glove in the proper position faster
Impacto Impacto VI473240 Reducing Glove image
Lowest Price Bestseller

Impacto VI473240 Reducing Glove

  • Padding Protects from impact and vibration
  • Cost effective solution for vibration Protection
  • Gives the user optimum dexterity with a lightweight feel
Vgo... Vgo High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove image

Vgo High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

  • Ideal for assemby power tools machinists,shipbuilding,construction and ...
  • Synthetic leather palm with textured pvc reinforcement provides excel...
  • Flexible thermal Plastic Rubber (tpr) knuckle guard and finger guard...
Superior Glove VIBGHFV/M Vibrastop Goatskin Leather Palm Half-Finger Vibration-Dampening Gloves image

VIBGHFV/M Vibrastop Goatskin Leather Palm Half-Finge...

  • Padded with a layer of vibration dampening polymer
  • Good for protection from repetitive impact and work with pneumatic ...
  • Vibration protection in palm
* Last update of prices was on 2019-03-19 08:00:03 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

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Buying Guide for Anti Vibration Gloves

Anti vibration gloves are designed to protect the nerves in your hands and arms from the damage caused by chatter or vibration inherent in certain power tools. If you handle tools such as jackhammers, impact wrenches, sanders or chainsaws, you're working with a machine that creates an inherent vibration. Since the tool is vibrating and generally acting on a solid surface such as wood or concrete, the chatter from the machine is telegraphed into the softest tissue around; namely, your hands.
If you work in an industry including construction, automotive, manufacturing or forestry, or if you spend a great deal of your personal time handling a tool that chatters or vibrates, investing in a pair of anti vibration gloves can save you the symptoms of damage in the future, including chronic pain, loss of sensation, and loss of dexterity.

Ergodyne ProFlex 9000 Anti-Vibration Glove

While these gloves are not designed to keep your hands warm, heat can build up between your skin and the tool due to the thickness of the padding and the vibration resistant chloroprene rubber found in the palms of these gloves. Luckily, the back of these gloves is a lightweight combination of cotton and nylon that will keep your hands cooler.

In addition, these gloves are available in a medium, so for men with smaller hands or women who use hand tools, these gloves will provide a snug, helpful fit. The rubber padding is also curved for a comfortable fit and flexibility.

DeWalt DPG250 Vibration Reducing Premium Padded Glove

For those who use metal grinders or work in industries that produce a great deal of debris, these vibration reducing gloves offer an extra measure of protection. They are built with a locking gusset to protect the user from shards or chips of material that might slide down inside the glove.
These gloves are washable, but be aware that there is leather incorporated into the padding on the palm of these gloves, so it will need to be protected from excess water exposure. These ToughTanned leather palms offer great dexterity and flexibility when handled correctly.

Impacto BG40840 Anti-Vibration Mechanic's Air Glove

These gloves are quite streamlined and offer great protection while providing the user with a slim profile, ideal for reaching into tight spaces. They offer protection across the palm and down each finger. Impacto gloves offer excellent protection not only for mechanics but also for motorcycle and motorbike riders.

The Impacto gloves have a lightweight mesh back and offer plenty of airflow. Each wrist is protected with a velcro overlay that can be tightened to protect the user from debris that can drop into the glove and cause burns or cuts.

John Deere JD00011 Anti-Vibration Hi-Dexterity Gloves, Camouflage

Anyone who's ever handled farm implements knows the inherent chatter that transfers through large engines into the steering wheel of sizable implements. These gloves offer protection against that chatter and have knuckle protection for the prevention of injury when handling tools inside engines.

Users of the John Deere anti vibration gloves also appreciate the flexibility and dexterity still available while protecting your hands from chatter. The wrists feature a velcro closure to protect against debris related injury. Finally, the hunters out there will really appreciate the camouflage motif!

Superior S10VIB Vibrastop Nylon Anti Vibration Full Finger String Knit Glove with Anti-Vibe Chloroprene Coated Palm

Those who work in hot climates or high temperature industries will appreciate the lightweight backing on the Superior S10VIB Vibrastop gloves. On the palm, your hands will be protected from heel to fingertip, but the back of these gloves are lightweight and breathable.

The wrists of these gloves are elasticized and knitted for a snug fit, but are not fitted with extra protection at the wrist. However, for low debris projects such as lawn mowing, these gloves are an excellent way to protect the nerves in your hands and arms.

Joyutoy 9000 Certified Lightweight Anti-Vibration Glove

These gloves offer premium padding on palm and down the length of the fingers. In addition, padding has been added to the back of the gloves at the base of each finger to protect against injury. For mechanics or anyone else who has to work their hands hard, these gloves have you covered.

The wrist trim on this glove is extremely lightweight. Users strongly recommend getting these gloves in the proper size. The lightweight material on the back of the glove and across the wrist will keep your hands cooler, but these gloves are thick with padding and may slide around or be a bit clumsy if you try to wear an oversized pair of gloves. For your safety and for maximum grip and dexterity, get a pair that really fits!

Seibertron High-Vis SDX2 Heavy Duty Safety Gloves

These gloves are built for extreme protection and for dexterity. Not only are the palm and fingers well-padded, but the back of each finger is built to flex with High-Vis Knuckle Protection. This protection is split to expand as you bend your fingers and still offer plenty of padding.
These gloves do not offer cold protection. If you struggle to keep your hands warm, consider ordering them 1 size large and layering a simple woven glove under your anti vibration gloves. If your hands are especially small, please note that these are some of the only gloves available in both small and medium sizes.

The Winner(s)!

As a safety product, it's important to note that your purchase must conform to your needs. For home users working with hand tools or the chatter off a lawn mower handle, the Ergodyne ProFlex are a great option. Those in the trades will want gloves with more durability, such as the DeWalt DPG250 anti vibration glove. Finally, motorcycle and snowmobile users will get great protection from the Impacto BG40840.
Cestus Series TrembleX-5 Neoprene Polychloroprene Glove

Top Rated Anti Vibration Gloves

If you're looking into finding the best rated anti vibration glove, you should probable check out the Cestus Series TrembleX-5 Neoprene Polychloroprene Glove. We looked at various sources of reviews and found this one to have the best mix between review count and average rating stars.

Impacto VI473240 Reducing Glove

Lowest Price

Often, going for the best price is a simple but good option. With a price of $14.85 (last checked on March 19, 2019), we do not list any other anti vibration glove cheaper than the Impacto VI473240 Reducing Glove. Just remember that it's not always the best option to go for the cheapest one.

Vgo 5Pairs High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove

The Anti Vibration Glove with the Most Reviews

With at least 154 reviews and counting, the Vgo 5Pairs High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove might be another option to consider. This large amount of reviews signalizes that many people are using it, with most of them beeing satisfied.

High Class

It's quite rare that the saying "You get what you pay for" turns out incorrect. If you have the money on the sideline, feel free to choose the most expensive item from our list: The Vgo 5Pairs High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove currently sells for $40.98.

Most Clicked Anti Vibration Glove

If you trust us and our users, feel free to check out the Vgo 5Pairs High Dexterity Heavy Duty Mechanic Glove. Our statistics say that it is the most favorite Anti Vibration Glove from the list above.


If you're still undecided, I would recommend that you go with the masses and choose the top selling anti vibration glove: The Impacto VI473240 Reducing Glove for currently $14.85 on Amazon (last checked on March 19, 2019).

That's it for now, please remember that this list is updated on a regular basis.

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