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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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Beside our list of artificial christmas tree alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 3 hand picked artificial christmas trees.
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Our first pick: The from Best Choice Products

Our second pick: The from Holiday Time

Our third pick: The from National Tree Company

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11 Best Artificial Christmas Tree Alternatives

Balsam Hill Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Tree image
Top Pick

Balsam Hill Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas...

  • Full shape 7 feet tall (including stand) and 53 inches wide Tree pictured ...
  • Features 100 pvc Classic Needles for fullness
  • Composed of 2,366 branch tips and 850 hand-strung clear led lights
Best Choice Products Best Choice 7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Tree image

Best Choice Products 7.5ft Premium Spruce Hinged Art...

  • Standing at 7.5-feet this hinged Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition ...
  • Easy-to-fluff branches are covered in 1346 tips to create the natural appear...
  • Sturdy foldable steel base provides stability to keep your tree standing tal...
National Tree Company National Tree image

National Tree 7 Foot Dunhill Fir Tree (DUH-70)

  • Measures 7 ft Tall 52 Diameter
  • Unlit
  • Easy assembly with 3 sections all metal construction (branches are attached ...
Goplus Superbuy Goplus Tree image

Goplus Christmas Tree Unlit Artificial Premium Hinge...

  • Eye-catching Design - Thick metal trunk and stand of this christmas tree ma...
  • Dense and Realistic pvc Needles - The blades of this christmas tree are ma...
  • Sturdy Iron Stand - Goplus christmas tree uses metal stand instead of cheap...
Oncor Oncor 6ft Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Tree image

Oncor 6ft Eco-Friendly Aspen Fir Christmas Tree

  • 37 Max Diameter
  • Metal Christmas Tree Stand
  • 3 Section Hinge Tree Construction
CHEERSON CHEERSON 7.5 ft Premium Tree image

CHEERSON 7.5 ft Premium Christmas Tree, Easy-Assembl...

  • Life-like Construction: Composed of over 1,000 branch tips this artificial Ch...
  • Perfect for Indoor: Made of pvc material and metal Stand this Christmas tre...
  • Easy to set up: Simply connect the branches and metal stand together and f...
Puleo International Puleo International 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Aspen Green Fir 500 UL Clear Lights Tree image

Puleo International 6.5-Foot Pre-Lit Aspen Green Fir...

  • Pre-lit artificial holiday tree: This Pre-Lit Aspen Fir Artificial Christmas ...
  • Quality branches and lights: Equipped with 500 UL-listed lights and 903 bran...
  • Simple assembly: Assembly is quick and easy - just take the tree out of t...
Tree Classics Classics Tree image

Tree Classics Balsam Spruce Artificial Christmas Tre...

  • Full shape 6 feet tall with the stand and 46 inches wide Tree pictured is...
  • Features 100 Classic pvc needles for fullness
  • Composed of 1,073 branch tips
National Tree Company National - Drop Ship National Tree image

National Tree 7.5 ft. Downswept Douglas Tree with Cl...

  • Measures 7.5 ft Tall 59 Diameter with 1867 branch tips
  • Pre-strung with 750 UL Listed clear lights featuring Bulb-Lock to keep bulbs...
  • Easy assembly with three sections all metal construction (branches are attach...
Best Choice Products Best Choice 6ft Premium Hinged Pine Tree image

Best Choice Products 6ft Premium Hinged Artificial C...

  • Attention: only purchase from Best Choice Products to ensure that you're buy...
  • 6ft hinged tree: Hinged branches just need to be fluffed out creating an e...
  • Easy-to-fluff branches: 1000 branch tips easily fluff to create the natural ...
Best Choice Products Best Choice 9ft Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Tree image

Best Choice Products 9ft Pre-Lit Spruce Hinged Artif...

  • Standing at 9-feet high this Christmas tree is an eye-catching addition to ...
  • Spruce-styled branches bring a lush full shape with 2028 branch tips providi...
  • 900 pre-strung clear lights with replaceable bulbs bring a festive glow to ...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 09:30:10 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Artificial Christmas Tree Buying Guide

For many people, the thought of a Christmas tree in general brings back childhood memories of an exciting holiday time. It starts with buying the perfect tree, putting it in just the right spot at home, and then the whole family gathers around, perhaps with cups of hot chocolate, to carefully arrange each decoration with childlike excitement. The snow falls outside, to create the kind of picture perfect memory one does not ever forget. Shopping for an artificial Christmas tree is just the start of what can be fun filled holiday joy for everyone.
Before jumping into a purchase, there are several things to specifically look at to come to a decision. For starters, there are both pre-lit and unlit trees. Pre-lit trees come with lights already attached to the branches in a way that can make setting up (and taking down) the Christmas tree a little easier. These lights can come in a number of colors, such as white, blue, red, or multicolored. Unlit trees do not come with lights. If considering a pre-lit tree, it is best to find out details involving the lights. For example, what happens if one bulb burns out? Will the rest of the strand still light, or not? What type of warranty, if any, comes with specifically the lights? If a strand no longer lights, what, if anything, will the company do? Needing to replace a whole strand of lights at home could make a difference between whether a family chooses to purchase a pre-lit tree or start with an unlit one. Also, it is recommended that a tree has at least one hundred lights per every foot of the tree. For example, a five foot tree should have at least five hundred lights on it.
Artificial trees generally have two different choices when it comes to setting them up. Some come with hooked branches while others have hinged branches. Hooked branches are when each branch piece is separate and must be attached to the central pole. This is usually done by following a color coded dot on each branch. Each color makes up a different "level" of the tree. Hinged branches are permanently attached to the pole and are just “fluffed” up once the tree is set up.
Another decision to make is in the color. There are white trees, as well as many different shades of green. There are also trees, usually smaller sized, available in other colors, such as pink, purple, and blue. While no one color is better than another, every family will have their own preference. Where the tree will be displayed as well as how it will be decorated could determine how it looks once it is all put together.
It is recommended that before buying a tree, the where and how of a specific tree display is noted. Is the tree going to be the “main” tree, where all the presents will be? Will it be displayed in a tall or high celling room? Will it merely be a secondary tree in a less frequently used room? All of these things will help to determine what size or type of tree is best. Keep in mind a tree topper as well. It is suggested that a two foot clearance be left between the top of the tree and the celling, to allow for space for whatever tree topper is chosen.
How the tree will be decorated can also affect the type of tree chosen. Some tree branches can withstand more weight while others will bend and cause ornaments to fall and possibly break if they are too heavy. One suggestion is to clear the area where the tree will go and then to tape along the walls, to visually see how tall and wide of an area is left to cover.
Most artificial trees come with their own bases. Check to make sure the base and stand are made with sturdy metal rather than cheap plastic that could crack and break.
One very important factor in choosing a Christmas tree that many do not think of is finding one that is fire retardant. Most trees generally are fire retardant, but it is still an incredibly important thing to verify, given that Christmas trees are plugged in and lit up throughout much of the holiday season.
All of these decisions come with a price tag, of course. Generally, trees that are pre-lit will cost a little more money. Trees with hooked branches are often cheaper than those with hinged. But, taking it step by step can help a family find what they want.
For many, setting up and decorating a Christmas tree is all about carrying on a tradition. Finding a tree that fits a family’s specific vision of tradition can be overwhelming. This is why it is often recommended to break it down into what is most important. Whether it is the size of the tree, how it will look in the spot designated for it, the color, or the number of light bulbs on it, take it to a step by step process to make it easier to allow everyone involved to enjoy the tradition rather than stress out over any little details.
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