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The Best Business Card Scanner

Updated March 19, 2019

To help you find the perfect business card scanner, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable business card scanners. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

Our Picks

Runner-ups: 10 Best Business Card Scanner Alternatives

DYMO DYMO Canon CardScan Personal v8 Scanner image
Lowest Price

DYMO Canon CardScan Personal v8 Scanner

  • Use drag-and-drop feature to consolidate important business info from...
  • Creates digital address book from scanned business cards
  • Categorize contacts search sort print labels map addresses
Fujitsu Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i MOBILE SCANNER PC/MAC image
Top Rated


  • Create a searchable pdf file with the touch of a button with usb ...
  • Scan paper as small as an inch up to 34 inches (863mm) long
  • Scan to an editable Word and Excel file; create searchable keywords...
Card Scanning Solutions CSSN Portable Scanner image

CSSN Portable Scanner

  • Fully integrated into Microsoft Outlook - Works with Microsoft Outlo...
  • Auto-detect function; Extracts both data and image
  • No external power needed
Penpower&HD4L Penpower&HD4L Pro Scanner image

Penpower&HD4L Pro Scanner

  • Ultimate portability with small and sleek usb business card scanner ...
  • Quickly and efficiently find your contacts Manage business cards eff...
  • Support the latest PC and mac OS
PenPower PenPower Pro Scanner image

PenPower Pro Scanner

  • Scan and recognize business cards then save contact information into...
  • Recognize business cards in 25 different languages: English French G...
  • Sync and backup your contacts in Gmail contacts Never lose any dat...
Ambir Ambir Technology PS667 Simplex A6 ID Scanner image

Ambir Technology PS667 Simplex A6 ID Scanner

  • Scan Modes 48-bit internal color outputs 24-bit true color 8-bit ...
  • Scan Speed 3 seconds per single-sided card in grayscale mode at ...
  • Scan Area maximum 4.13 x 10 (105mm x 254mm)
Ambir Ambir DS690GT-AS DS690GT-As High-Speed Vertical Scanner image

Ambir DS690GT-AS DS690GT-As High-Speed Vertical Scanner

  • Ultra-compact footprint - the scan 690gt takes up far less space t...
  • Front facing eject mode - cards and documents are scanned and ejec...
  • Broad compatibility - includes ambirscan for athenahealth software fo...
DYMO DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Scanner image
Most Expensive

DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Scanner

  • Scan data from business cards directly into your pc Mac or Palm o...
  • Executive scanner is super accurate and can scan color cards
  • Reads cards in 7 languages from 14 different countries Verifies and...
Fujitsu Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner image

Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Document Scanner

  • Streamline your expense management workflow with the ScanSnap iX500 ...
  • Scan consolidate and organize your documents into easily searchable ...
  • Export data for tax preparation and accounting purposes into Excel ...
Ambir Ambir DP667 Scanner image

Ambir DP667 Scanner

  • A perfect fit anywhere
  • Professional-grade quality
  • Your workflow upgraded
* Last update of prices was on 2019-03-19 10:21:31 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

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Buying Guide for Business Card Scanners

IRIS Business Card Reader II (Macintosh Edition)

IRIS Business Card Reader is an affordable scanner for Macintosh OS 9x. or OS X. It converts business cards into a database. Users have the ability to send contacts directly to a management software. It is able to recognize the city, state, first and last name, and phone numbers on cards. This card reader focuses primarily on business card data. This is a 2-star rated product by customers. The price is $49.95 plus $5.77 shipping.
Xerox XCard-Scan Card Scanner 200 Business Card
Xerox Card scanner is a popular brand name. This scanner allows you to scan business cards, receipts, ID cards, checks and color photos. It is palm-sized and advanced software is added for more convenience. For example, they have a one touch and auto launch which sends data to a designated area once scanned. It offers a USB port and DVD-ROM Drive. This product is rated 2.5-Star by customers. It is priced at $65.00 plus $4.99 shipping.

Avision IS25 Portable Scanner
Avision is a portable scanner for documents, receipts, photos, business cards and plastic ID cards. The biggest document that can be scanned is college-ruled size paper. It comes with a TWAIN driver for auto color detections, auto crop, deskew and image-enhancing features. This product works by Li-ion battery. This is a great traveling tool and has a USB port. One feature that stands out is the cleaning tools they offer with this product. This is a 4-star rated product and costs $79.99 with free shipping.
NeatReceipts Mobile Scanner and Digital Filing System- PC

Neat Receipts Mobile Scanner is slim and lightweight. It has a USB port and can scan whatever information you request. You can create different documents such as tax or expense reports, Quicken reports, or sync contacts with Outlook. A free 30-day trial of NeatCloud for backup files is included when a customer purchase this product. Premium support and accidental damage are included as well. This product is good for those on-the-go or needs a portable machine while out of town. NeatDesk provides advanced software to help an entrepreneur become more organized. This is a 3-star rated product. The price is $82.90 with free shipping.
Brother DS-620 Mobile Color Page Scanner

Brother DS-620 Scanner is USB powered. Users do not need a plug for this device. It is a lightweight scanner that captures receipts, business cards, invoices, photographs and more. It scans up to 1200 x 1200 dpi resolution. It doesn't need much space to store. It allows you to scan to local and shared destinations such as emails. This product is 4-star rated and cost $91.16 including free shipping.
Visioneer RoadWarrior 4D Duplex Color Scanner
The Visioneer RoadWarrior helps organize documents. It has continuous feeds to scan multipage PDFs. This scanner can scan, organize and share documents. One touch feature is included which allow your documents to scan by touching one button. OmniPage is offered to help organize different documents. PaperPort helps transform paper documents into searchable documents. This product is rated 4-stars by customers and priced at $110 with free shipping.
PenPower WorldCard Pro Business Card Scanner (Win/Mac)
PenPower scanner allows users to digitize their business cards quickly. They have options to scan and save contact information. This scanner can recognize up to 24 different languages. Users can import and export from their address book to their iPhone/iPod, and excel documents. PenPower software allows a user to edit information. This is a small compact device with a 3-star rating by buyers. The price of the PenPower is $134.95 without warranty. 3-Year Protection is an additional $9.46. It is considered Amazon's #1 best-seller.
DYMO 1760685 CardScan Personal Card Scanner

DYMO Personal Card Scanner connect into a PC, mac or palm/windows device. Information is automatically uploaded to Outlook. This scanner is small enough to fit in a person's hand. It can read 7 different languages from 14 different countries. One feature that stands out is the ability to drag and drop address information from emails and web pages. Users have rated this product a 3.5-star. The price of this product is $140.95 plus $5.14 shipping.

Fujitsu iX500 ScanSnap Document (PA03656-B305)

Fujitsu is a convenient scanner. It has a one button searchable PDF creation. It provides fast color, grayscale, and monochrome scan speeds up to 25 double-sided pages per minute. Users can scan wirelessly via Mac, PC, iOS, Android. If they have a computer they can connect via USB to Mac or PC. This is a more advanced scanner that will guide you through the steps. It is recognized for its quick menu and flexible import options. It is a 4.5-star rated product. The price is $180 plus $9.49 shipping.
Ambir Image Scan Pro 820ix
Ambir is one of the most high-tech scanners on this list. It is small in size. It has a high-speed automatic feeder that scans task in addition to reading business, identification and insurance cards. It has the capability to scan double-sided documents at the same time. This product allows you to scan 20-30 pages per minute. It is not rated by any customers yet. The price is $357 with free shipping.
Business Card Scanners can be used for many reasons. One reason is students may need to upload class notes from an index card or work assignments. Another reason is so business professionals can upload business cards after attending networking events. Everyday people may decide to purchase a business card scanner for family photos and other important documents. There is no right or wrong reason for purchasing a scanner. However, it is best to choose the right scanner based on your needs and wants.
Technology has advanced tremendously in the 21st century. Paper business cards are a thing of the past. Most Americans have received a business card before and stashed them away somewhere. Most of the time they forget where they put the cards. Entrepreneurs have a better way to organize their contacts using a business card scanner. They don't have to worry about the ink fading off, etc. A business card scanner would add convenience in a person's life.

Top Rated Business Card Scanners

If you're looking into finding the best rated business card scanner, you should probable check out the Fujitsu SCANSNAP S1100i MOBILE SCANNER PC/MAC. We looked at various sources of reviews and found this one to have the best mix between review count and average rating stars.

DYMO Canon CardScan Personal v8 Scanner

Lowest Price

Often, going for the best price is a simple but good option. With a price of $127.99 (last checked on March 19, 2019), we do not list any other business card scanner cheaper than the DYMO Canon CardScan Personal v8 Scanner. Just remember that it's not always the best option to go for the cheapest one.

The Business Card Scanner with the Most Reviews

With at least 1808 reviews and counting, the might be another option to consider. This large amount of reviews signalizes that many people are using it, with most of them beeing satisfied.

DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Scanner

High Class

It's quite rare that the saying "You get what you pay for" turns out incorrect. If you have the money on the sideline, feel free to choose the most expensive item from our list: The DYMO CardScan v9 Executive Scanner currently sells for $719.99.

Most Clicked Business Card Scanner

If you trust us and our users, feel free to check out the . Our statistics say that it is the most favorite Business Card Scanner from the list above.


If you're still undecided, I would recommend that you go with the masses and choose the top selling business card scanner: The for currently $244.99 on Amazon (last checked on March 19, 2019).

That's it for now, please remember that this list is updated on a regular basis.

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