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The Best Canning Jars

Updated September 20, 2019

To help you find the perfect canning jar, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable canning jars. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

Our Picks

Runner-ups: 10 Best Canning Jar Alternatives

VERONES VERONES Mason Jars image

VERONES Mason Jars

  • Set Includes: Case of 15 Mason Jars and Silver Lids.This Glass jar...
  • High Quality:Thick 12oz verones glass jars with food-safe corrosion ...
  • Food Fun:Fill these jars with jam jelly honey or molasses one day ...
Jarden Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars image

Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars

  • Canning Jar Ball 4-Oz quilt jelly Ideal for preserving jams jelli...
  • Custom time tested ceiling compound help ensure a quality seal with...
  • Refrigerate up to 3 weeks freeze up to 1 year fresh preserve and ...
SEWANTA Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars image

Ball Wide Mouth Mason Jars

  • 12 pack canning jars - 16 ounce jars perfect for canning pickling ...
  • Durable glass construction - Made in America soda-lime glass usda a...
  • Airtight seal - Hermetic Screw-in Suretight Time-tested sealing compo...
Cross Homes Cross Homes Hexagon Jars image

Cross Homes Hexagon Jars

  • Premium strong high quality hexagon jars with gold lids: Case of 1...
  • Food safe & vinegar-proof: bpa Free 100 food safe grade glass ...
  • Multipurpose & ball wide mouth: Use for baby food jam or jelly...
Weck 6 Mini Tulip Jelly Jar image

6 Mini Tulip Jelly Jar

  • As seen on your favorite food networks and magazines
  • Wide mouth for easy filling
  • Beautifully displays your preserved and stored foods and home goods
Mason Ball Jars Ball Glass Mason Jar image
Lowest Price

Ball Glass Mason Jar

  • Jar with Lid and Band Regular Mouth 12 Jars
Ball Ball Mason Jar-32 oz. Clear Glass Wide Mouth image

Ball Mason Jar-32 oz. Clear Glass Wide Mouth

  • Made in America by the Ball Mason Jar Company
  • Great for candles lotions jams and jellies preserves herbs etc
  • Lid and airtight band included
Le Parfait Le Parfait Super Terrine image

Le Parfait Super Terrine

  • Preserving whats best - This package contains one Le Parfait glass ...
  • Preserve store serve dcor - Utilize these brand new versatile Le P...
  • Welcome TO perfection - Le Parfaits superior function design and be...
Ball Ball Mason 32 oz Wide Mouth Jars image

Ball Mason 32 oz Wide Mouth Jars

  • Made in America by the Ball Mason Jar Company
  • Great for candles lotions jams and jellies preserves herbs etc
  • Lid and airtight band included
VERONES VERONES Mason Jars image

VERONES Mason Jars

  • SET INCLUDES:Case of 24 Mason Jars and Silver Lids Free 30 Chalkbo...
  • HIGH QUALITY:Thick 8oz verones glass jars comes with food-safe corro...
  • FOOD FUN:Fill these jars with jam jelly honey or molasses one day ...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-09-20 08:21:27 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

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Buying Guide for Canning Jars

You may use canning jars in a number of sizes because they will help you can all the products that you like. There are quite a few people who are searching for canning jars that may be sized for a small batch of items, and you must have a set of jars that will be fit large batches. You may purchase wall your jars at the same time, and you will find it much simpler to purchase all the jars you need.

The Lids

The lids are the most-important part of the process, and you must purchase them often to ensure they will seal every jar. Jars must be closed in the hermetic process with a lid that is perfectly-clean. The lids will take out all air, and there are many people who are canning without proper lids. Proper lids will keep bacteria out of the jar, and they must close so tight that they cannot be opened.

Buying A Large Pack

You must purchase a large pack of jars that will be much easier to use because they are will help cover all the things you wish to can. Canning is a massive process that you may undertake in the house, and you may purchase more than enough jars to can multiple items at the same time. You will have a much higher output when you are using multiple jars, and you will have enough spares to ensure you may can as many items as you need. You will notice how simple it is to get your canning done when you have a large set, and you must purchase in-advance of the canning season.

How Thick Should The Glass Be?

The glass on your jars must be quite thick if you wish to keep them in fine condition for the future. Your jars cannot function all that well if you have not bought something with thick glass, and you will notice that any jar with thin walls will fail you because it will crack under the extreme heat that is needed to close the seal. You should not allow the jar to be so thin that you can only use it once when you may recycle them many times over.

The Verdict

You may choose any of the six jars above, and you must ensure you have take a look at each of them to learn how they compare to the standards that you have set for yourself. You are spending your money on a few jars that will help with canning, and you must check on the number of things you may do with your jars. More jars will help you can more items, and you will avoid the problems that come along with improper jars.
Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Jar

Top Rated Canning Jars

If you're looking into finding the best rated canning jar, you should probable check out the Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Jar. We looked at various sources of reviews and found this one to have the best mix between review count and average rating stars.

Ball Glass Mason Jar

Lowest Price

Often, going for the best price is a simple but good option. With a price of $13.92 (last checked on September 20, 2019), we do not list any other canning jar cheaper than the Ball Glass Mason Jar. Just remember that it's not always the best option to go for the cheapest one.

The Canning Jar with the Most Reviews

With at least 486 reviews and counting, the Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Jar might be another option to consider. This large amount of reviews signalizes that many people are using it, with most of them beeing satisfied.

Le Parfait Super Jar

High Class

It's quite rare that the saying "You get what you pay for" turns out incorrect. If you have the money on the sideline, feel free to choose the most expensive item from our list: The Le Parfait Super Jar currently sells for $40.90.

Most Clicked Canning Jar

If you trust us and our users, feel free to check out the Bormioli Rocco Fido Glass Jar. Our statistics say that it is the most favorite Canning Jar from the list above.

Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars


If you're still undecided, I would recommend that you go with the masses and choose the top selling canning jar: The Ball 4-Ounce Quilted Crystal Jelly Jars for currently View on Amazon (last checked on September 20, 2019).

That's it for now, please remember that this list is updated on a regular basis.

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International Recalls Canning Jar Lifters Due to Laceration Hazard...The jar lifter is designed for lifting canning jars out of boiling water....of product: Canning Jar Lifter...

An improved home canning closure system is provided for a home canning jar featuring a plastic ring and a metal lid combination which is adapted to allow excess pressure to escape while preventing the escape of the contents from the container …

… 6 is a home canning jar, such as those made by MASON, BALL or KERR. Sometimes, other types of conventional jars are also used for home canning … In accordance with the present invention, the jar funnel 100 screws snugly to the threads of the canning jar 170 …

Conditions have been optimized for colonization of fastidiously anaerobic microorganisms on solidified plating medium incubated in modified canning jars. Two species of methanogenic Archaea, the mesophilic, hydrogen utilizer Methanococcus maripaludis and …

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