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To help you find the perfect dog bicycle leash, our team is putting in a lot of effort to gather information and to present it in a neatly arranged way.
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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment icon Bike Tow Leash Dog Bic...
Springer Dog Exerciser icon Springer Dog Exerciser
Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit icon Bike Balance Dog Jogge...
Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash icon Walky Dog Bicycle Exer...
Petego Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash icon Petego Cycleash Univer...

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of dog bicycle leash alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 7 hand picked dog bicycle leashes.
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Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment image

Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle ...

Our first pick: The Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment from 1-Running-Dog Bike Tow Leash
Springer Dog Exerciser image

Springer Dog Exerciser

Our second pick: The Springer Dog Exerciser from Springer
Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit image

Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit

Our third pick: The Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit from Bike Balance
Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash image

Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser...

Our fourth pick: The Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash from Walky Dog
Petego Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash image

Petego Cycleash Universal D...

Our fifth pick: The Petego Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash from Petego
Woof Cycle Bike Trotter image

Woof Cycle Bike Trotter

Our sixth pick: The Woof Cycle Bike Trotter from Woof Cycle
Sunlite Bicycle Dog Leash image

Sunlite Bicycle Dog Leash

Our seventh pick: The Sunlite Bicycle Dog Leash from Sunlite

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8 Best Dog Bicycle Leash Alternatives

T Tocas T Tocas Stainless Steel Dogs Leash image
Top Pick

T Tocas Stainless Steel Bicycle Dogs Leash - Walk &a...

  • High quality Carbon Stainless steel tube length 16-inch 41cm diameter 0.8-inc...
  • Nylon elastic leash total length adjustable from 29.5-inch to 47.2-inch( 75cm...
  • Unique hands free design attached to your bicycle perfectly lets you safely ...
BIKE AND DOG Bike Leash: Designed to take one or More Dogs with a Bicycle. Patented Product. image

Dog Bike Leash: Designed to take one or More Dogs wi...

  • Maximum Safety: Attaches on the axis of the rear wheel ensuring the smalles...
  • Easy assembly No need for tools Assembles in 10 seconds It is valid for a...
  • Maximum comfort: The strap folds completely when not in use and can be fix...
Leash Buddy Buddy Leash image

Leash Buddy Dog Bike Leash for Safe Hands Free Bicyc...

  • For High Energy Medium to Large Dogs We designed Leash Buddy specifically f...
  • Designed For Safely Any movement from your large dog is not transferred to ...
  • Simple Install The universal bracket mounts on any bike You just need 1.25 ...
Sunnyglade Sunnyglade Purple Hands Free Exerciser Exerciser Leash image

Sunnyglade Purple Hands Free Bicycle Dog Exerciser L...

  • Essential: Double clip leash with integrated handle to lead the dog to and ...
  • Adjustable fix-seat lock: Seat lock fits securely to any bike seat It is e...
  • Multiple uses: When riding a bicycle you can fix the seat lock on the bic...
PAWISE PAWISE Bike Leash image

PAWISE Dog Bike Leash Hands Free Dog Leash 550-lbs P...

  • For a secure distance between dog and bike; Easy installation/removal;
  • Expanding lead cushions impact if your dog pulls;
  • Security attachment with Velcro fastening : lead disconnects if there is a ...
Pet Dreamland Pet Dreamland Hands Free Leash image

Hands Free Dog Leash - For One/Two Medium to Large D...

  • Take your walks from pain TO pleasure This Adjustable Hands Free Leash for ...
  • Improve dog habits now The three strong and flexible bungee cords will deve...
  • Designed by humans with love for pets This training leash was built with t...
CO-Z CO-Z Hands Free Bike Leash image

CO-Z Hands Free Dog Bike Leash for Safe Hands Free B...

  • Ultra sturdy & durable: The heavy duty dog bike leash is made of harde...
  • Safety design: The 17.7 steel pole keeps your dog a safe distance away fro...
  • Multiple choices: With a bonus waist dog leash included you can go jogging ...
DOG CARE Care Soft Handle Leash image

Dog Care Soft Handle Dog Bicycle Leash for Dog Bike ...

  • High quality nylon leash and Stainless steel
  • Size: Metal Length: 17.9 inch diameter: 0.8inch; Leash length: 22inch and ca...
  • Easy to install and control,it takes you about five to ten minutes for fin...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 10:30:10 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Dog Bicycle Leash Buying Guide

Dog Bicycle Leashes Buying Guide

Gym buddies. They’re always flaking out on you. But what about your best friend? You know, the one with the wet nose and waggly tail? Your dog can be a better workout buddy than a human. You just need a few pointers to get started.

Know Your Dog

If your dog is a bit low-energy and chunky, he or she may not be able to run very far without a break. In fact, you may want to check with your veterinarian to see that your best friend is fit enough to handle a bike trip, especially if it is a senior dog.

You may want to consider a bike trailer for a pup or dog that tires easily or hasn’t had much experience. A bike trailer attaches to your bike and is usually covered with a mesh material so the dog can see out while it’s sitting comfortably inside. This allows you to exercise the dog only a portion of the ride.

Be The Boss

If your dog is the type who would rather chase a bike than run along side it, you are going to need to familiarize your dog with the bike. A good way to do this is to walk your dog with your bike so that the dog grows accustomed to having the bike nearby.
Make certain your dog obeys your commands. It’s important that you can stop the dog from chasing another cyclist or another animal. Always take treats with you so you can reward your pet for following orders. Verbal commands like “left,” “right,” or “slow” should be understood before you hit the road.

Keep Them In Mind

A harness is better suited for bike exercising than a traditional dog collar. Not only does it give the owner more control over the dog, it’s more comfortable for the dog.

Do not take your dog on rides during inclement weather. Hot and icy conditions are bad for dogs’ paws.
Take water for the dog. A collapsable pet dish and an extra bottle of water work perfectly for this situation.

Top-Rated Bicycle Dog Leashes

We have evaluated eight of the top bicycle dog leashes and have rated them according to price, consumer feedback and quality.

High-End Bicycle Dog Leashes

Bike Tow Leash Dog Bicycle Attachment
This dog leash by Bike Tow is top of the line due to its ability to effectively keep your dog in line. The leash is built to deter pulling and tangling and also communicate direction Its hard, thick construction and curved lead automatically trains the dog to run in heel position and keeps the dog at a safe distance from your bike as you travel. It is suitable for any size of dog and has received a high rating from the American Pet Association.

Customers said they were able to bike with their dogs with very little experience using this leash. Some said that, even though their dogs tend to pull on any leash, this attachment restricted them enough that they stopped. Consumers rated this product 4.5 out of 5 stars and say it is worth the cost.

Springer Dog Exerciser
The Springer leash is a bike attachment that is made of heavy-duty steel. The spring is said to absorb any unexpected force created by frightened or excited dogs. This contraption can be attached to either side of your bicycle.
Consumers gave it a 4.3 out of 5 stars. They appreciated that the spring allowed their dogs to speed up or slow down without it affecting their bike.

Mid-Priced Bicycle Dog Leashes

Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit
The Bike Balance Dog Jogger Kit is made of aircraft strength aluminum and fits almost any bike. The rear mount keeps your dog from getting in front of your wheels. It’s easy to install, and customers appreciated it’s sturdiness. Like the higher-priced Springer exerciser, this Bike Balance model also uses a spring to absorb the shock of any sudden movements made by the dog.
Customers give this product a 4.0 out of 5 stars and seemed happy with the construction of the leash since it is not made of plastic, like some lower-end dog leashes.

Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser Leash
The Walky Dog Bicycle Exerciser is one of the hottest-selling bicycle dog leashes online. It has received over 1,300 customer reviews and a customer rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars. Those who reviewed the product said they appreciate that it’s made for any size dog and installs easily. The attachment is made of high carbon stainless steel and has 550 pounds of pull strength. There is a shock-absorbing system that allows you to easily retain control of the bike in the event of an unplanned pull. Because of the price, construction and the rave reviews by thousands of customers, this product gets are Best All-Round Bicycle Dog Leash award.

Petego Cycleash Universal Dog Bike Leash
This Petego bike leash is made of ultra light alloy and can be used on either side of your bike. The manufacture assures consumers that the leash is a soft ride that will gently guide your dog to make accurate turns and follow your pace without discomfort. Customers give this universal dog leash a 4.3 out of 5 stars. They appreciated the ergonomic fit that allows one to adjust the attachment for dogs of any height.

Economical Bicycle Dog Leashes

Woof Cycle Bike Trotter
This economical bicycle dog leash has a respectable rating of 3.9 out of 5 stars. Customers appreciated the easy installation. Because this is a lower-end product, it is made of plastic, which some consumers did not recommend for larger dogs. This leash does have a handy storage feature that allows you to simply twist and store, although consumers say it was easy to dissemble, too.
Sunlite Bicycle Dog Leash
This basic bicycle dog leash is perfect for those on a budget with small to medium dogs. Like most bike leashes, this one attaches easily and prevents dogs from getting hurt on the bicycle wheel or frame. Customers gave this leash 3 out of 5 stars, but most of the positive reviews were those who are experienced with bicycling with a dog.
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