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Updated February 20, 2020

To help you find the perfect floor pump, we continuously put forth the effort to update and expand our list of recommendable floor pumps. Our team collects, edits and publishes new information, in order to present it to you in an accurate, significant and neatly arranged way.

Our Picks

Runner-ups: 5 Best Floor Pump Alternatives

Topeak Topeak Joe Blow Dualie Pump image

Topeak Joe Blow Dualie Pump

  • Dual gauges are designed to inflate low pressure fat tires accurate...
  • Oversized barrel is 1.5 times larger than standard floor pump
  • Twin head with air release button to fine Tune pressure
Topeak Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Pump image
Top Rated

Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Pump

  • New 3 mid-mount gauge
  • New hammer style TwinHead DX with extra long 360 pivot hose works ...
  • Max pressure: 160 psi/11 bar
Bell Bell AIR Glide 550 High Pressure Pump image
Lowest Price Most Reviewed

Bell AIR Glide 550 High Pressure Pump

  • Thin barrel design easily inflates all tires including higher psi R...
  • Dual Schrader/Presta head
  • Side-mount gauge
Topeak Topeak Joe Blow Booster Pump image
Most Expensive

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Pump

  • Aluminum barrel and steel base
  • Max pressure 160Psi/11 bar
  • Smarthead dx3 with air release button
LEZYNE LEZYNE Classic Drive Bicycle Pump image

LEZYNE Classic Drive Bicycle Pump

  • 220 psi High Pressure
  • Schrader
  • Durable Machined Aluminum
* Last update of prices was on 2020-02-20 08:28:02 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

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Buying Guide for Floor Pumps

Whether you're a mountain biker or just a casual cruiser, this floor pump made by Topeak is a solid choice. It features sturdy construction including a painted steel barrel, a steel base for extra stability, an oversized handle for all sizes of hands to use comfortably and an extra long hose equipped with a 360 degree pivot. This model fits both Schrader and Presta valves without an adapter and comes with ball and bladder needles for meeting all your sporting equipment needs. The built in gauge is easy to read for the appropriate fill every time. If you're looking for a good multipurpose pump at a reasonable price, this floor pump is a good fit.

Mini Floor Bike Pump
This floor pump sold by Pro Bike Tool, provides fast inflation combined with easy use. The valve connection is two-sided for compatibility with both Schrader and Presta valve stems. It includes ball and bladder needles as well as a satisfaction guarantee. This versatile mini pump can be used as either a floor pump or mounted on the bike to go where you go. It's capable of both high volume and high pressure and suitable for all styles of bike: Mountain, Touring, Road, Fat Tire and Hybrid. With its affordable cost and versatility, this floor pump is a decent choice for all bicyclists.

BV Bike Floor Pump
Capable of fitting both Presta and Schrader valve stems without the use of an adapter, this floor pump made by BV is a solid choice for the cycling enthusiast. The thumb-lock ensures easy switching between valve styles with no leaks. The extra large base on this model provides additional stability and more room to stand on it. It comes with a large pressure gauge that is easy to read and ensures just the right fill. A 360 degree pivot built into the 36.5 inch hose makes filling your tires easy. If you aren't satisfied with the pump, the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee and a full 1 year replacement policy. This floor pump is an excellent choice for the bicyclist who wants a risk free buying experience.

Arltb 7-in-1 Bike Pump Floor Pump with Gauge
Sold by Artlb, this floor pump offers the versatility to inflate an impressive 7 types of objects with the included attachments: both Schrader and Presta tires, water toys, sports and yoga balls, and inflatable mattresses. The Schrader to Presta inflation requires no adaptor and the pump comes with a gas needle for other uses. It also comes with a pressure gauge that the company reports as extremely accurate. A comfortably wide handle and stable base round out this model to make it a sensible choice for your inflating needs. This floor pump comes with a 1-year warranty, making it a relatively risk-free option.

Lezyne Alloy Floor Drive Pump
When it comes to heavy duty construction, this floor pump manufactured by Lezyne is a serious contender. The aluminum construction with anodized finish ensures a high pressure output and a lasting design. This model switches effortlessly and without leak from Presta to Schrader valve stems. The pressure gauge is an impressive 3.5 inches in size, making it easy to read and very convenient. The specially designed air bleed system allows for easy adjustments on tire pressure and the perfect inflation every time. This model comes with a full 1 year factory warranty as well. If you're serious about your tire pressure and willing to spend a little more to get it, this floor pump is the best high end choice.

INBIKE Foot Pump with Gauge
If you aren't too keen on bending over for a handle style pump, this floor pump offers a unique foot operated style. Made by INBIKE, this foot pump with gauge is perfect for all members of the family, even children and older folks. Because of its pedal style use, those with trouble bending will be able to fill tires with ease. It inflates both Presta and Schrader valve stems without the need of an adapter and comes with a needle for sports equipment and other household needs. The built in gauge is easy to read and accurate. Due to the ease of use and accuracy, this floor pump is the best choice for those who have trouble with traditional handle style pumps.

Performance Bike Floor Pump
For bicyclists looking for a good pump at a decent price, this model made by Vibrelli is an impressive choice. It comes with a glue-less puncture kit for any mishap you might encounter on your adventures and ensures you will never be left stranded in the wilds with a flat tire. This model inflates up to 160 psi for all your bike tire needs and includes a needle adapter for balls and other sporting equipment. The pump inflates both Schrader and Presta without an adapter and contains an accurate and easy to read pressure gauge. With its affordability, ease of use, and included emergency patch kit, this is the best overall floor pump.

Topeak Joe Blow Pro Floor Pump
Also made by Topeak, this floor pump is attractive and heavy duty. The durable polished aluminum barrel and sturdy construction means this pump will last a long time. The pump fits both Presta and Schrader valve stems without the need of an adapter and will inflate up to 160 psi. Both amateur and professionals riders call this pump their own. No matter what your riding requirements may be, this floor pump is a top notch choice.

Schwinn 5 in 1 Floor Pump With Gauge
Schwinn is a name you already know and trust for bicycles and now you can use their model of floor pump as well. With the ability to inflate up to 140 psi, this pump should be adequate for most riding needs. It inflates both Presta and Schrader valve stems without the need of fussing with an adapter and has a sturdy base for standing on. The large pressure gauge is easy to read and with the included adapter you can fill many household items such as balls and bladders. This model is affordable and easy to use, making it a good choice when considering floor pumps.
Why You Should Consider A Floor Pump

Whether you're cruising city streets or taking your bike on rough mountain trails, keeping your tires maintained is a must for safety and ensuring the proper operation of your bike. Though there are a variety of frame-fit and mini pumps for you to take along on your adventure, a serious bicyclist should always have a floor pump at home for proper tire maintenance. Floor pumps are larger and get the job done much faster than the their smaller, more portable counterparts.
When looking at floor pumps, you should consider a few things. In the United States, Schrader or Presta valve stems are used on almost all bike tubes. Most floor pumps will work on both, but some models require an adapter to work on one or the other. The more costly the pump, the higher the likelihood that it will fit both valve types without an adapter. Some models of floor pump have built in gauges to monitor tire pressure, making it easy to fill your tires to the correct PSI. Other models are equipped to fill more than tires, giving you the versatility to fill sports equipment and other inflatable devices around your home. This guide will break down the features of several available floor pumps and help you choose the model that will best fit your needs and budget.
Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Pump

Top Rated Floor Pumps

If you're looking into finding the best rated floor pump, you should probable check out the Topeak Joe Blow Sport III High Pressure Pump. We looked at various sources of reviews and found this one to have the best mix between review count and average rating stars.

Bell AIR Glide 550 High Pressure Pump

Lowest Price

Often, going for the best price is a simple but good option. With a price of $21.06 (last checked on February 20, 2020), we do not list any other floor pump cheaper than the Bell AIR Glide 550 High Pressure Pump. Just remember that it's not always the best option to go for the cheapest one.

The Floor Pump with the Most Reviews

With at least 117 reviews and counting, the Bell AIR Glide 550 High Pressure Pump might be another option to consider. This large amount of reviews signalizes that many people are using it, with most of them beeing satisfied.

Topeak Joe Blow Booster Pump

High Class

It's quite rare that the saying "You get what you pay for" turns out incorrect. If you have the money on the sideline, feel free to choose the most expensive item from our list: The Topeak Joe Blow Booster Pump currently sells for $144.99.

Audew Bike Pump

Most Clicked Floor Pump

If you trust us and our users, feel free to check out the Audew Bike Pump. Our statistics say that it is the most favorite Floor Pump from the list above.


If you're still undecided, I would recommend that you go with the masses and choose the top selling floor pump: The Audew Bike Pump for currently View on Amazon (last checked on February 20, 2020).

That's it for now, please remember that this list is updated on a regular basis.

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