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Godus is a free-to-play game available from Google Play, the App Store, and Steam. The game is the creation of game developer Peter Molyneux. The game essentially promotes itself as an opportunity for individuals to "play God" as they rule over a world of their own creation.
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11 Best Alternatives to Godus

Civilization (series) icon

Civilization (series)

Founded in 1996, Firaxis Games is a world-renowned game development studio with an unwavering mission to “build games that stand the test of time”. The name Firaxis, a fusion of “fiery” and “axis,” communicates the company’s dynamic development process that results in the creation of groundbreaking titles with unparalleled gameplay delivered to gamers around the world.
Age of Mythology icon

Age of Mythology

The game that transports players to a time when heroes did battle with monsters of legend and the gods intervened in the affairs of mortals. Use mythological creatures like Minotaurs and Cyclopes to bolster your armies’ strength.
Dungeon Keeper 2 icon

Dungeon Keeper 2

Dungeon Keeper 2, the sequel to Dungeon Keeper (yeah, surprise, I know), has a great deal to recommend it for. Just to go through it: Gameplay - Dungeon Keeper 2 took the gameplay from the first part, polished it up, and then let it run wild.
Spore icon


Player Made Creations. Download the free Creature Creator to start making your own unique creations. See More · Spore. rabbi airs. Kangster.
From Dust icon

From Dust

Welcome to From Dust, the latest original concept by Eric Chahi. Discover a modern god game where nature is the star!
Black and White (series) icon

Black and White (series)

Return to Main Page.
Stonehearth icon


I'm thinking of experimenting with making models for stonehearth. What are my options for the voxel model software? what would you recommend?
Thrive icon


The official website for the creators of Thrive, the open-source evolution game. Download, find game information and keep up to date with development.
Eufloria icon


"It’s truly in a league of its own" - Boing Boing".
Besiege icon


Besiege is a physics based building game set in medieval times.

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Pros of Godus

Free-to-download and play
The mechanics of the game are easy to master
The entire world can be edited to the player's liking

Cons of Godus

Many bugs that have yet to be addressed by developers
Takes a long time to load on many devices
Doesn't offer much beyond god simulation

Godus Icon Features of Godus

Create your own world and rule it as a god
Design unique terrain
Purchase extras for more god powers
Interact with the people you have created in god-like fashion

Godus Reviews

by grex about Godus on March 16, 2018:
Peter Molyneux understands a thing or two about games that let players assume the role of a god. He pretty much defined the genre with games like Black and White and Populus. Molyneux is back with Godus, a game that lets players become the god of their own world. With great power comes great responsibility. Players have to make decisions that ultimately affect the world they have created, and they must deal with the consequences of those decisions. This proves that it isn't so easy to be a god after all.

Godus blends simulation and god-mode game play. The player is tasked with creating a world, populating it with people, and then overseeing their development as a species. Players actually play as God and control the action of the game as an unseen force. The powers attributed to the player are virtually unlimited. Players can create unique terrains and also direct the lives of NPC characters. Some NPC characters cannot be directly controlled, but they can be guided in certain directions.

The graphics of the game are somewhat flat. But the game engine is smooth. Some players have complained that the game will freeze on occasion, but the developers have released updates which have addressed issues. There are, however, some bugs to contend with. First and foremost among these is that the game can take a very long time to boot up. Once it starts running, though, things are fine.

There are in-app purchases to contend with, something that is common enough today with mobile games. It is also possible to do virtually nothing in the game and allow the simulation to take over. This can become a little boring after a period of time.
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