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Google Chrome was first introduced in 2008. Since that time it has become one of the most popular web browsers thanks to effective security features, a large library of extensions, and ease of use... read more.
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18 Best Alternatives to Google Chrome

Mozilla Firefox icon

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is an open-source web browser that offers increased browsing speed and enhanced security. Its simple but elegant design is user-friendly.
Opera icon


Opera is one of the most popular browsers alongside Firefox, Chrome and Internet Explorer. It is also the fastest browser when compared to Internet Explorer.
Vivaldi Browser icon

Vivaldi Browser

When picking between the world’s two most popular web browsers, you seem to be faced with a choice of stability and ease of use with Google Chrome or infinite customizability with Mozilla Firefox.
Brave icon


Brave software is a browser that enables you to browse without receiving ads that violate your privacy and waste your time and money. Ads have become a significant problem in recent times as greedy marketers are tracking people’s online activities and inserting cookies and sites in their browsers.
Tor Browser icon

Tor Browser

The Tor browser is a web application which permits users to browse standard websites in addition to websites with the . onion domain. These websites are not accessible from standard browsers.
Safari icon


Safari is Apple's ubiquitous web-browser, available across all Apple platforms. If you've used an i-Device in the past decade, you're probably at least a bit familiar with Safari.
Opera Mini icon

Opera Mini

Opera mobile browsers are among the world’s most popular web browsers. Download for free to browse faster and save data on your phone or tablet.
Midori icon


Midori is a web browser that was born on December 16, 2007 under the leadership of Christian Dywan with the purpose of being an alternative, light, fast, free and open source browser.
Waterfox icon


Waterfox is a version of Firefox that has been optimized for 64-bit operating systems. To achieve this, the original source code for the Firefox browser is compiled to run as a 64-bit program, but the software goes a bit further by removing many of the extraneous functions that were seen as mere hinderances to the original Firefox software.
Yandex.Browser icon


Iagree to participate inimproving Yandex services by sending browser usage statistics to the developers. Privacy Policy.
UC Browser icon

UC Browser

Developed in China, UC Browser is a mobile internet browser designed to offer many of the best features you'll find in a desktop internet browser shrunk down to accommodate the needs of your phone.
Slimjet icon


Fed up with all the obtrusive ads and privacy intrusion? Enjoy a clean and ad-free web at blazing speed with the fastest web browser ever.
Puffin icon


Puffin is a web browser for mobile apps that is both amazingly fast and exceptionally secure. After you've tried Puffin for just a little while, any other mobile web browser will feel like it's moving at a snail's pace.
CM Browser icon

CM Browser

Cheetah Mobile, the world’s leading mobile tools provider, is dedicated to providing a faster, safer and easier mobile experience for its global users.
Vivaldi icon


Your browser matters. Vivaldi is a new browser with unrivaled customization and control. Fast, secure and flexible – this is a browser made for you.
Firefox web browser icon

Firefox web browser

Mozilla is the not-for-profit behind the lightning fast Firefox browser. We put people over profit to give everyone more power online.

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Google Chrome Icon More About Google Chrome

Google Chrome was first introduced in 2008. Since that time it has become one of the most popular web browsers thanks to effective security features, a large library of extensions, and ease of use. The browser is free to download and use, and versions are available for multiple platforms. These include Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS. The browser now also functions as part of the Chrome OS.

Pros of Google Chrome

Easy to use
Vast library of useful extensions
Built-in security features

Cons of Google Chrome

Google can share browsing data
Not as fast as some browsers

Google Chrome Icon Features of Google Chrome

World's most popular web browser
Syncs across all devices
Use on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS
Browse in private
Easily save bookmarks with a single click

Google Chrome Reviews

by grex about Google Chrome on March 23, 2018:
It is hard to believe that Google Chrome has become the most widely used web browser since it was introduced in 2008. About 66% of computer users around the world prefer Chrome, and the browser also enjoys a 56% market share when one combines all platforms. This means that Chrome is used more often than any other web browser. In almost every part of the world with the exception of some areas in Africa, Chrome dominates the market.

One reason that the browser has become so popular is that it is very easy to use. Its layout is clean and organized, making it easy for individuals to find the features they need. It is possible to create bookmarks from the toolbar by using only a single click, and favorite sites can be pinned to the toolbar with ease. The address bar of Chrome serves a dual purpose. It can be used to enter a web address and navigate to a website or it can be used to search Google for a word or phrase.

Downloading Chrome also creates a Google account. This makes it possible to set up accounts in Gmail, YouTube, and more. The browser integrates with all of Google's services. Best of all, the use of Chrome syncs across all devices because it is linked to a user's Google account. Bookmarks and other saved items will transfer when the browser is used on PCs, phones, or tablets.

Security has always been a priority for the developers of Google Chrome. The company provides multiple updates each month to resolve any security issues that may arise. The browser can integrate with the most popular anti-virus programs through browser extensions. It also offers warnings when visiting sites that have presented known security issues. Users can also opt for private browsing. During these sessions, no browsing data is retained by Chrome.

The problems that users indicate include speed. Chrome doesn't seem to be as fast as other web browsers. The other issue is that Google has been known to supply browsing histories to third-party entities. Most troubling of these are government agencies. Users should take the appropriate measures to make sure their browsing data is not made available to prying eyes.
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