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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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Beside our list of grain mill alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 9 hand picked grain mills.
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Over the years, industrialization has caused many citizens of developed countries to forget how staple foods such as breads are actually made. This has become easy to do since consumers can just pick up a pre-sliced, bread loaf of virtually any variety at their local grocery store; the bread’s long shelf life just adds to its convenience-food persona. However, some people are embracing a trend to eliminate as many packaged foods and beverages from their daily diets as possible. They are choosing to make many of the breads, pastries and grain-based brews that they love from scratch at home. While this trend may cost these people more time and effort, the benefits of developing these food-processing, heritage skills are worth it in the long term. The grain mill is a key kitchen appliance for these endeavors, and here are some of the top models on the market today.

Our first pick: The from WONDERMILL

Our second pick: The from WONDERMILL

Our third pick: The from Victorio Kitchen Products

Our fourth pick: The from Country Living Hand Grain Mill

Our fifth pick: The from Chefcaptain

Our sixth pick: The from Royal Lee Organics by Standard Process

Our seventh pick: The from KoMo Mills

Our eighth pick: The from Nutrimill

Our ninth pick: The from KitchenAid

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8 Best Grain Mill Alternatives

Kegco Kegco KM11GM-3R Mill image
Top Pick

Kegco KM11GM-3R Grain Mill with 11 lb. Hopper and 3 ...

  • Barley crusher and grain grinder with 11 lb Capacity grain hopper
  • Heavy-duty three-roller mill with adjustable secondary gap-spacing
  • Integral drive shaft and axles
WONDERMILL Powerful Electric Mill image

Powerful Electric Grain Mill Wheat Grinder for Home ...

  • Faster than its competitors IN its price range - This food mill is powered...
  • Healthier choice - This electric flour mill with stainless steel milling hea...
  • Made tough and heavy duty - Built to mill large quantities of flour in mi...
Ferroday Ferroday Malt Crusher Stainless 2 Roller Malt Mill image

Ferroday Malt Crusher Stainless 2 Roller Malt Mill H...

  • Food Grade Material:All of small screws & 2 rollers is made of good gr...
  • Unique Design: Sturdy 1mm Hoppers can holds up 7.7 lbs malt at one time,ea...
  • Detail Attention: Please remove the protective blue coating before using the ...
Country Living Hand Grain Mill Country Living Hand Mill image

Country Living Hand Grain Mill

  • Made of solid cast aircraft aluminum - Made entirely in the usa
  • Fda Approved Food Grade Powder Coating
  • Double Sealed Industrial Grade Ball Bearings
Nutrimill NutriMill image

NutriMill Harvest Stone Grain Mill, 450 Watt - Black

  • 450 Watt heavy duty motor with auto-shutoff thermal protection to ensure the...
  • Near diamond hard Corundum Grainmaster milling stones Quality made in Germany...
  • Quickly mill all non-oily grains and legumes Grind as fine as pastry flour ...
Mockmill Mockmill 200 Stone Mill image

Mockmill 200 Stone Grain Mill by Wolfgang Mock

  • Fast fine flour mill makes healthy whole grain flours and gluten-free flours...
  • Mills 200g (7oz) of flour per minute with push-button ease; Foolproof finene...
  • 6 year warranty provided by Wolfgang Mock
Northern Brewer Hullwrecker 2-Roller Mill image

Hullwrecker 2-Roller Grain Mill with Metal Base for ...

  • Perfectly milled grains ease of use and superior dependability Look no furth...
  • Fully adjustable roller gap from 0.025 all the way to 0.1 allowing you to ...
  • Includes a custom-designed all metal base that fits perfectly on any standar...
WONDERMILL Wondermill 110V Electric Mill image

Wondermill 110V Electric Grain Mill with Flour Canis...

  • Powerful and fast-grinding LG motor - This grain miller works faster than m...
  • Easy-to-use small grains and beans attachment - WonderMill flour mill grinder...
  • Quickly grind large dry beans - Garbanzo beans and chickpeas are troublesome...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 10:10:16 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Grain Mill Buying Guide

Making grain-based foods and beverages from scratch gives one maximum control over the ingredients that one consumes. This means that a baker can create one-of-a-kind items that are often much tastier and healthier for them, their family and friends. This grain mill buying guide highlights the benefits of various mills for healthy lifestyle enthusiasts, savvy survivalists and bread-making connoisseurs.

Healthy Living Enthusiasts

Most healthy-lifestyle enthusiasts desire grain mills that are easy to use and clean. This convenience makes it simple for them to incorporate bread making into their dietary routines. The grain mills that they choose are usually marketed for their abilities to retain the nutritional value of whole grains even after fine milling. Mills that can also process dried beans and legumes into flour for nutritional diversity are preferred.
The WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder grinds grains and dried beans into flour efficiently with its 1250-watt motor. The design of the mill enables grains to be processed into the finest flours without excess heat that can damage the nutritive properties of the grains. This electric mill has an all-in-one design that is easy to clean and use. The manufacturer is so sure of the mill’s overall quality that it offers a limited lifetime warranty on the mill.
The NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain Mill produces up to 20 cups of flour per milling session. It has an automated texture control feature that makes it easy for bread makers to change flour consistency to meet the needs of different baking projects. The NutriMill’s processing chamber is self-cleaning, and it is designed to retain the grain’s nutritional content by keeping the milling parts cool. The NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain Mill also comes with a limited lifetime warranty.
The KitchenAid KGM All Metal Grain Mill Attachment works with KitchenAid stand mixers to produce high-quality flours from grains and beans. It is ideal for those who only want to make a couple of loaves of bread per week using their existing KitchenAid stand mixer. Actual users praise the attachment’s heavy-duty steel construction, but they note its limitation of not being able to produce fine, pastry flour without multiple re-milling. Also, the motorized grain grinder must be monitored while in operation to make sure that it doesn’t become detached from the stand due to vibration.
Ease of Use: WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder ($219.95)
Easy Cleaning: NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain Mill ($219.00)
Best Warranty: WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder ($219.95) and NutriMill Classic High-Speed Grain Mill ($219.00)
Most Economical: KitchenAid KGM All Metal Grain Mill Attachment ($109.00)
Top Dollar Option: WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder ($219.95)
Best Value: WonderMill Electric Grain Grinder ($219.95)

Smart Survivalists

As the political and socioeconomic climates of many societies turn from bad to worse, some people decide to prepare emergency food supplies for themselves and their families. Whole grains are often on the top of their list since they have a naturally lengthy shelf life in their unprocessed state. Prudent survivalists need durable grain mills that will work even without access to electricity. Ideal grain mills for survivalists feature portable designs that can be fastened to a variety of surfaces.
The WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill is a heavy-duty, manual grain mill that is able to grind grain into fine pastry flour with one pass. Its design allows users to easily control flour texture, and it comes with table clamps for added stability and ease of use. The manufacturers of this mill also limited the moving parts of the appliance to avoid loss or damage of critical components. The manual WonderMill Flour Mill can also process oily seeds, nuts and legumes into nut butters. It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.

The Victorio Hand Operated Grain Mill processes grains of all sizes into flours of multiple consistencies. It has a durable construction that ensures even milling. Its top benefit is its compact size; the appliance can fit easily into a kitchen drawer for storage. The Victorio Hand Operated Grain Mill comes with fasteners that can clamp on to surfaces of up to 2 inches in width.
The Cast Iron Corn Grinder processes hard grains like corn and wheat into coarse flour. It can also be used to process nuts. It is easy to clean, but it is not recommended for those who want to produce fine pastry flour.

Ease of Use: Victorio Hand Operated Grain Mill ($51.50) and WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill ($219.95)
Easy Cleaning: Cast Iron Corn Grinder ($28.99)
Best Warranty: WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill ($219.95)
Most Economical: Cast Iron Corn Grinder ($28.99)
Top Dollar Option: WonderMill Junior Deluxe Flour Mill ($219.95)
Best Value: Victorio Hand Operated Grain Mill ($51.50)

Bread-Making Connoisseurs

Grain mills that avid bakers find suitable are usually capable of processing grains to a variety of textures that include coarse grades for hearty breads or the finest consistency for pastries. They usually desire a commercial-grade appliance that is both durable and stylish. With them, the art of bread making is usually a family affair, and they look for quality grain mills that they can pass down to the next generation of bakers as a sort of heirloom piece.
The Country Living Grain Mill is a manual grain mill that is constructed of industrial-strength materials. Although bread bakers can purchase a motor attachment for the Country Living Grain Mill, the basic mill has the makings of a culinary heirloom that is meant to be used to make flour the old-fashioned way. It’s texture settings are precise, and the mill can process grains to produce the coarsest bread flour or the finest cake flour. It is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a lifetime warranty.
The Lee Household Flour Mill Grain Mill uses a stone-grind design to mill a variety of grains into various textures of flours. This mill is motorized and produces fine flour that doesn’t require sifting. The 8-cup capacity mill can be quickly disassembled for cleaning. The Lee Household Flour Mill is quiet during operation, and it is compact and attractive enough to sit on most kitchen countertops. It is made in the U.S.A. and comes with a 15-year warranty.
The Komo Classic Grain Mill is of German design and construction. It features an attractive beechwood exterior and a motorized stone-grind mechanism internally. It mills about 9 ounces of grain per minute. This appliance can easily grind all types of grains to flours of various textures. It can also process dry beans, legumes and spices. However, it cannot grind sprouted grains or other fibrous foods. It comes with a 12-year warranty.
Ease of Use: Lee Household Flour Mill Grain Mill ($799.00) and Komo Classic Grain Mill ($499.99)
Easy Cleaning: Country Living Grain Mill ($468.95) and Lee Household Flour Mill Grain Mill ($799.00)
Best Warranty: Country Living Grain Mill ($468.95)
Most Economical: Country Living Grain Mill ($468.95)
Top Dollar Option: Lee Household Flour Mill Grain Mill ($799.00)
Best Value: Country Living Grain Mill ($468.95)
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