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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
Kentucky Tall Fescue icon Kentucky Tall Fescue
Lemon Grass - 500 Seeds icon Lemon Grass - 500 Seeds

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of grass seed alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 5 hand picked grass seed.
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Our first pick: The from Pennington

Our second pick: The from Todd's Seeds

Our third pick: The from HOME-OUTDOOR
Kentucky Tall Fescue image

Kentucky Tall Fescue

Our fourth pick: The Kentucky Tall Fescue from
Lemon Grass - 500 Seeds image

Lemon Grass - 500 Seeds

Our fifth pick: The Lemon Grass - 500 Seeds from Nuts n' Cones

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12 Best Grass Seed Alternatives

Grotrax Grotrax | Big Roll image
Top Pick

Grotrax | Big Roll | Year-Round Green Grass Seed Mix...

  • Simply Roll Water And Watch It Grow Cheaper Easier And Lighter Than Traditi...
  • Year-round Green Mixture Includes Tall Fine And Chewing Fescue Grasses Togeth...
  • Bio Fabric Prevents Seeds From Washing Away And Perfect for Sun Shade and ...
Pennington Pennington Annual Ryegrass to Overseed Warm Season Grasses image

Pennington Annual Ryegrass to Overseed Warm Season G...

  • Pennington Annual Ryegrass 10lb Establishes quickly and grows temporary grass
  • Used to overseed warm season grasses like Bermudagrass and Zoysia in winter ...
  • This product is made in United States
PowerGrow Systems Certified Organic Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds image

Certified Organic Non-GMO Wheatgrass Seeds - 5 Pound...

  • 5 Pounds Wheatgrass Seeds - 5 LB
  • Certified usda Organic and non-gmo
  • Excellent germination rates
Eretz Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Seed image

Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Grass Seed by Eretz - Willam...

  • Extremely durable and hardy grass seed drought tolerant
  • Excellent forage grass for all kinds of pastures and wildlife Also great fo...
  • Great for applications that will get foot traffic or other abuses such as: ...
Mountain View Seed Mountain View Seeds Natures Own Sun & Shade Mix Seed image

Mountain View Seeds Natures Own Sun & Shade Mix ...

  • 40 Top Performing Creeping Red Fescue (WaterGard QS Coated)
  • 40 Top Performing Perennial Ryegrass
  • 20 Low Maintenance Kentucky Bluegrass (WaterGard QS Coated)
Pennington Pennington Smart Seed image

Pennington Smart Seed Dense Shade Grass Seed Mix - 7 LB

  • This bag covers up to 1,750 sq ft
  • Uses up to 30 less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • Grass establishes quickly
Scotts Scotts EZ Seed image

Scotts EZ Seed 17540 Sun Shade 10 LB

  • Grows anywhere Guaranteed (Subject to proper care)
  • New and improved formula reduces seed wash-away
  • For sunny densely shaded or high traffic areas
Jonathan Green Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Seed image

Jonathan Green 10820 Fast Grow Grass Seed Mix, 3 Pounds

  • Contains annual ryegrass
  • Fast grow grass seed mix
  • Provides a hardy turf quickly in sun and shade
Pennington Pennington 100526671 Smart Sun and Shade Seed image

Pennington 100526671 Smart Sun and Shade Grass Seed,...

  • Uses up to 30 less water versus ordinary grass seed
  • Grass establishes quickly
  • Contains grass seed varieties that thrive in both sun and shade
Jonathan Green Jonathan Green 40322 Black Beauty Ultra Seed image

Jonathan Green 40322 Black Beauty Ultra Grass Seed, ...

  • 7 pound bag
  • 2,800 Square foot coverage
  • Black beauty grass plants have an invisible waxy coating as you'd find on ...
Pennington Pennington 100516055 Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Seed image

Pennington 100516055 Kentucky 31 Tall Fescue Grass S...

  • Grows well in full sun to medium-shaded areas
  • Durable low-maintenance grass seed
  • Produces a lighter green drought-resistant lawn
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 09:53:43 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Grass Seed Buying Guide

Grass Seed Buying Guide

If you would like to make your lawn look more vibrant and beautiful than you once thought possible, you are likely searching for grass seeds that will help you in your quest. Although getting the right seeds can work wonders when it comes to reaching your goal, you will notice that different types of seeds are available. Rushing into the buying process without taking your needs into consideration is a mistake that will cause a lot of problems over the long run.
Those who want to get the most from their effort know that they must carefully review the options and take the climate into account before moving forward. If you don't know where to start, the following tips will ensure that you stay on the right path, allowing you to make your decision without fear.


The type of grass seed that you want will depend on the environment in which you live. Some grasses will thrive in warm and hot climates but will fade in cooler areas, and failing to take your average temperature into consideration will cause more problems than it's worth. Buffalo, centipede and zoysia seeds are a smart choice for those who live in states that experience hot and sunny summers. If you live somewhere that stays cool for most of the year and that does not see much sunlight, getting red fescues seeds is the path that won't let you down. Even though some people avoid this step because they don't see the point, choosing the proper grass seeds for your climate will save you a lot of trouble.

Wear and Tear

As you consider what options seem to make the most sense, ask yourself how much wear and tear your yard will experience over the years. If your grass doesn't see much activity, then you won't need to put much thought into this concept. But if you have children who will play in the yard or want to set up a swimming pool, you will need something that can withstand the abuse. People who are in a similar situation opt for Kentucky bluegrass, and you can do the same. This type of grass is durable and can resist almost anything that it will encounter, and you won't need to worry about lawn damage.


If you have trouble keeping your lawn healthy, take a look at the amount of shade that your yard receives on an average day. In most cases, your grass will need at least six hours of direct sunlight to maintain its vibrant appearance. If your location or objects near your property prevent your grass from getting an adequate supply of light, your lawn can turn from green to brown before you know what happened. Luckily, those who have this problem can get ryegrass seeds. With this option, your lawn will only need four hours of sunlight to stay at its best. When you make the switch, you will be amazed by the difference, and your only regret will be that you did not take action any sooner.


Planting grass seeds on flat ground is one thing, but doing so on hills and slopes takes the challenge to a new level. Inability to get the grass to grow fast enough can cause the hill to erode, and you must do everything you can to prevent that from happening. Getting past this roadblock will be a simple task when you pick up some perennial ryegrass seeds. Because these seeds will contrast with the rest of your yard, you will want to buy a mixture. Getting just enough perennial ryegrass to stop erosion from taking place will allow the natural color of your preferred seeds to shine, and those who have lots of hills nearby are thrilled when they discover what this option can do for them.

Required Maintenance

Before you finalize your decision and order a batch of grass seeds, consider how much time you will have to care for and maintain your lawn. If you won't be able to dedicate a lot of time to mowing or watering your grass, find a seed that requires less maintenance than standard types. When you opt for fescues seeds, you will get a captivating lawn that won't need a lot of attention to stay in good health. This path is ideal for those who live in dry climates and are unable to water their lawns on a regular basis, but fescues seeds also make sense for anyone who owns a large property and is unable to keep up with the demands.

Final Thoughts

When you want the best for your lawn, doing enough research to pick the right type of seed is what will allow you to reach your desired outcome. Keeping these tips in mind will go a long way to remove the stress from the buying process so that you can focus on growing a lawn of which any homeowner would be proud. No matter how tempting, don't overlook any of these steps if you want your grass to stand out in a positive way. After you take your yard type and climate into consideration, you can place your order with confidence, and you will know that you are doing the right thing.
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