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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
Speedo Team Kickboard icon Speedo Team Kickboard
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard - Learn-to-Swim Pool Toy icon Melissa & Doug Sunny P...
TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA icon TYR Unisex Classic Kic...
FINIS Foam Kickboard icon FINIS Foam Kickboard
Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer icon Poolmaster 50509 Swim ...

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of kickboard alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 7 hand picked kickboards.
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Speedo Team Kickboard image

Speedo Team Kickboard

Our first pick: The Speedo Team Kickboard from Speedo
Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard - Learn-to-Swim Pool Toy image

Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch ...

Our second pick: The Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard - Learn-to-Swim Pool Toy fr...
TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA image

TYR Unisex Classic Kickboar...

Our third pick: The TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA from TYR
FINIS Foam Kickboard image

FINIS Foam Kickboard

Our fourth pick: The FINIS Foam Kickboard from FINIS
Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer image

Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board...

Our fifth pick: The Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer from Poolmaster
SwimWays Star Wars Kickboard image

SwimWays Star Wars Kickboard

Our sixth pick: The SwimWays Star Wars Kickboard from SwimWays

Our seventh pick: The from Ivation

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12 Best Kickboard Alternatives

Micro Kickboard Micro Kickboard image
Top Pick

Micro Kickboard Micro Mini Kick Scooter, Aqua, Ages 2-5

  • Highest rated scooter for 2-5 year olds
  • Children love the fun safe lean to steer design
  • Smooth quiet ride with non-marking wheels
Speedo Speedo Team Kickboard image

Speedo Team Kickboard, Blue, One Size

  • Made of lightweight textured eva foam
  • Side finger scallops promote proper hand position
  • Underside finger grooves for no-slip grip
VIAHART VIAHART Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard image

VIAHART Yellow Adult Swimming Kickboard

  • Practice your strokes with this viahart swimming kickboard
  • Made from phthalate and formaldehyde free eva foam
  • Lightweight yet durable Ideal for kicking drills and general training
Swim Research Swim Research Swim Training Kickboard image

Swim Research Swim Training Kickboard - Swimming Poo...

  • Pull buoys help develop upper body strength and provides proper alignment in...
  • Placed between the thighs to elevate the legs and neutralize natural kicking...
  • Soft comfortable closed cell eva foam
Disney Disney Princess Foam Kickboard image

Disney Princess Foam Kickboard, 17-inch x 10-inch

  • Disney Princess foam kickboard
  • Ages 4 and up
  • Measures 17 by 10 inches
FINIS FINIS Alignment Kickboard image

FINIS Alignment Kickboard

  • Hydrodynamic design promotes a streamlined body position from fingertips to toes
  • Can be submerged just below the waterline creating an ideal body position a...
  • Great for standard kicking one arm drills and side kicking in all four com...
TYR TYR Hydrofoil Swimming Kickboard image

TYR Hydrofoil Swimming Kickboard

  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested to give you the edge in all your activities
  • Used by both professional and recreational users
arena Arena Kickboard, Green image

arena Kickboard, Green, One Size

  • Designed for advanced training
American Lifetime American Lifetime Kickboard image

American Lifetime Kickboard - Lightweight Foam Swim ...

  • Perfect for beginners and experts - Use our swimming boards for workouts in...
  • Convenient and durable - Our boards are super-light extremely portable and e...
  • Fun for everyone - Whether you're a kid playing in a small pool or learni...
FINIS FINIS Foam Kickboard image

Foam Kickboard Sr

  • Immobilize arms to build leg muscles
  • Give full attention to your kick
  • Soft material does not chafe or irritate skin
TYR TYR Junior Kickboard image

TYR Junior Kickboard

  • Made using the highest quality materials
  • Tested to give you the edge in all your activities
  • Used by both professional and recreational users
Micro Kickboard Micro Kickboard image

Kickboard Original Scooter with Interchangeable Hand...

  • Interchangeable Handlebar - switch from Joystick to T-bar with ease
  • Folds-down for convenient transportation and storage of scooter itself
  • Patented Sandwich Deck - 220 pound weight limit
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 10:32:32 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Kickboard Buying Guide

Swimming is a highly enjoyable way to improve endurance, and the Speedo Team Kickboard gives swimmers the chance to show off with the most popular swimwear brand. Fitness experts recommend using a kickboard to strengthen the legs as a way to finish stronger than the competition. Swimmers can get a boost of energy by remembering that Speedo is the choice of Olympic champions. The lightweight EVA foam promotes useful exercise with finger scallops on each side that provide the best place for the hands. Finger grooves on the underside ensure a no-slip grip that keeps the board in front for a powerful exercise. The price is a little more than some, but the board is a classy tool that deserves it.
The real power in swimming comes from the strength of the legs, and the Melissa & Doug Sunny Patch Spark Shark Kickboard - Learn-to-Swim Pool Toy teaches children to use their extremities correctly. The shark character invites them to go for a swim while they acquire the necessary steps of learning an essential skill. The fabric on the kickboard does not lose its color from exposure to chlorine or the sun. The fabric cover makes holding onto the board a little bit easier for small hands, but it may start to slip with use. As an aid to children that provides something to hold onto while kicking, it is not a raft. The price is about half of that for the big name brands, but it is a learn to swim pool toy.

A sleek design and terrific color combinations mark the TYR Unisex Classic Kickboard USA as an excellent aid for swimmers of all levels. The repetition of exercising the legs with a kickboard increases their strength, the real source of power in swimming. It allows users to focus on swim training or aquatic activities with the ease of breathing at any time. With its closed cell EVA foam construction, the TYR Unisex model has a long life in the water, sun and chlorine. Extending the arms to grasp the kickboard helps users understand that swimming is a full body sport that does not rely on arm strength. It fits in most backpacks, and the cost is equivalent to the big name brands.
The brand name on the Kickboard for Girls Featuring Disney Princess's, Elsa and Anna From Frozen, Minnie and Daisy, and Sofia the First may encourage young girls to swim, justifying the price immediately. Perfect for four-year-olds, the kickboard gives them something to support themselves in the effort. The size of the kickboard suits a small frame. With Styrofoam construction, the board is not as durable as some others that use EVA foam and may break under extraordinary stress that is not characteristic of a small child’s activity in a swimming pool. The printed design is on a wrapper that covers the board and not on the foam itself. The price is in the average range even though the kickboard carries the Disney brand name.
Swim coaches may instruct students to “pull” a certain number of laps and to “push” some as well. The arms alone provide the pulling motion through the water, but using the FINIS Foam Kickboard requires swimmers’ legs to do the pushing. The immobilization of the arms that hold onto a kickboard allows swimmers to put full attention on developing powerful leg muscles. The FINIS board has a smooth surface that does not irritate or chafe the skin. At a length of a little more than 17 inches, it has the buoyancy to provide arm support for full-size adults. Kickboards are not floats but simple supports for the arms. The price for the FINIS is within the average range for similar sports equipment.
A design that provides two sets of handles for swimmers to hold onto in exercise sessions may give the Poolmaster 50509 Swim Board Trainer an advantage over the competition. For swimmers who want to have handles on the side as well as the bottom of a kickboard to facilitate optional body positioning, the Poolmaster provides it. Children who are as young as eight years of age can use the 16” x 11” board for exercising, and it offers sufficient buoyancy for adults as well. Highly durable polyethylene prevents breakage and ensures a long life under the sun and in chlorinated pools. The kickboard is in the average price range, making access to a good exercise aid an affordable investment that benefits adults of any age and young children as well.
A full-size kickboard of 17” provides buoyancy for children who are older than five years, and adults can use it as well. The theme of the SwimWays Star Wars Kickboard appeals to children, and it may encourage them to enjoy swimming. The sturdy, buoyant foam supports the arms and directs attention to using the large muscles in the legs. The high-intensity graphics give the kickboard visibility as an item of interest that children may compete for a chance to use. A good sport throughout a lifetime, swimming offers exercise for the whole body. The average price of the Star Wars board does not show any influence of its famous name.
Anyone who takes a full-body workout seriously deserves the best equipment, and the Ivation Adult Swim Training Kickboard – Lightweight Training Board Immobilizes Arms & Maximizes Leg Workout During Swimming qualifies as one of the best. Shorter than most of the competition, it places the burden of exercise on the large muscles in the legs without offering a free ride on the board. The intensity of a workout increases with each kick, and swimmers can feel the difference after a workout. The rhythmic breathing that depletes energy is not in play with this board that allows swimmers to avoid it. The sleek design has the appearance of excellent sports equipment, and it can go to a public or private pool with distinction. It has a little higher price than the competition, but the sturdy construction may allow it to last for many years of regular use.
A kickboard that is lightweight and suitable for a small child may satisfy some parents while others may find it flimsy. As a training tool for small children, the Swimtastic Kids Kickboard For Swimming – Comfortable Foam Training Board For Boys & Girls does not have the durability to stand up to the challenges that older children or adults may give it. The foam is soft and flexible instead of rigid, qualities that allow small children to enjoy using it. Hand grips at the top give them something for their little hands to hold onto as they learn to swim safely and confidently. The high-quality foam retains its buoyancy and resists absorbing water as it provides support for the tiny water bugs. The bright colors appeal to the little tots, and the soft texture of the foam feels good to their hands. A price that is higher than the competition may reflect the quality of the product and its appeal to first-time swimmers.
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