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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
eCostConnection Elite icon eCostConnection Elite
GGS Swivi 2 icon GGS Swivi 2
Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder icon Kamerar QV-1 LCD View ...

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of lcd viewfinder alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 6 hand picked lcd viewfinders.
If you have any questions regarding an item, please refer to our comments section for this article.

Our first pick: The from Goliton
eCostConnection Elite image

eCostConnection Elite

Our second pick: The eCostConnection Elite from eCostConnection

Our third pick: The from Elvid
GGS Swivi 2 image

GGS Swivi 2

Our fourth pick: The GGS Swivi 2 from
Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder image

Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder

Our fifth pick: The Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder from Kamerar
Zacuto Z-Finder Pro image

Zacuto Z-Finder Pro

Our sixth pick: The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro from Zacuto

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11 Best LCD Viewfinder Alternatives

Hoodman Hoodman H30MB HoodLoupe Outdoor Viewfinder image
Top Pick

Hoodman H30MB HoodLoupe Outdoor LCD Viewfinder for 3...

  • -d63 Diopter
  • Space Save Design
  • Glass Optics
TARION TARION View Finder TR-V2 Viewfinder image

TARION View Finder TR-V2 Viewfinder for 3.0" 3.2" Sc...

  • 150 to -250 degree diopter adjustment
  • Use rotary knob on both sides to adjust up and down more convenient and b...
  • Rotatable and removable comfortable eye-cup Less distortion/Anti-fogging coating
Mcoplus Mcoplus MK-VF2 Universal Viewfinder image

Mcoplus MK-VF2 Universal LCD Viewfinder Extender for...

  • A universal lcd enlarged lens hood used for slr camera with 3''-3.2 lcd sc...
  • Three times zoom,easy to view image clearly
  • More stable,convenient and accurate dynamic shooting(videos) as well as availa...
Neewer Neewer Foldable 3-Inch Viewfinder image

Neewer Foldable 3-Inch LCD Viewfinder 3X Magnificati...

  • Two framing mode: 3.0x hoodeye magnification and 1:1 standard views
  • The advantage of lcd screen buckling connection Easy to install & remove...
  • Support lcd: 3 with ratio 4:3 Compatible for lcd with ratio 3:2
MATIn Matin 2x View Finder Extender Magnification for up to 3.2

Matin 2x LCD View Finder Extender Magnification for ...

  • Genuine Matin Brand New
  • Fits up to 3.2 inch lcd Screens Optimum for Professional use
  • 2X Magnification Construction : 2 Groups 2 Elements
Kamerar Kamerar MagView 16:9 16/9 3.2

Kamerar MagView 16:9 16/9 3.2" LCD Screen Viewfinder...

  • The MagView lcd View Finder is one of our most affordable lcd ViewFinders ...
  • The MagView View Finder will magnify your lcd screen image by 2.5x so that...
  • The MagView View Finder will also offer a true view of your image when wo...
ASHANKS ASHANKS QV-1 Viewfinder image

ASHANKS QV-1 LCD Viewfinder for Canon 5D Mark III II...

  • The new qv-1 uses an innovative magnetic quick release that inserts to a M...
  • Clear and sharp images Focus with Ease: the qv-1 lcd view Finder will magn...
  • Easy shooting outdoors: prevent annoying glare on your screen so that you c...
Photography & Cinema NEW Photography & Cinema PNC VF-4 Universal View Finder FOR DV Camera LED Light SLR B image

NEW Photography & Cinema PNC VF-4 LCD Universal ...

  • 1) vf-4 has been designed to be more compatible with lcd Screens up to 3.2
  • 2) Repositioned side brackets to allow better access to buttons and dials o...
  • 3) Angled Sunhood design for better access to touch screen LCDs
Movo Movo Photo VF40 Universal 3X Video Viewfinder image

Movo Photo VF40 Universal 3X LCD Video Viewfinder wi...

  • Universal Adjustable Design Fits Most 3.0 & 3.2 lcd Screens
  • 3.0x Magnification
  • Adjustable Diopter
Elvid Elvid OptiView 250 3.2

Elvid OptiView 250 3.2" LCD Viewfinder

  • Fits Most 3.0 & 3.2 lcd Screens Compatible with 3:2 & 4:3 Aspect ...
  • Blocks Light from Hitting Screen Soft Eyecup Can be Used with Either Eye ...
  • Quick-Release Plate with 1/4"-20 Screw Interchangeable Rail Mounting System ...
Sevenoak Sevenoak SK-VF Pro2 3.0X Magnification Screen Video Camera Viewfinder image

Sevenoak SK-VF Pro2 3.0X Magnification LCD Screen Vi...

  • Universal Adjustable Design Fits Most 3.0 & 3.2 lcd Screens
  • 3X Magnification without Contortion on Subject Adjustable Diopter and Flip-Up ...
  • Used for sunshading view catching and magnifying during outdoor shooting with...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-17 09:25:08 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

LCD Viewfinder Buying Guide

There are some really good quality LCD Viewfinders on the market. LCD viewfinders attach to your DSLR video enabled camera and blocks light from hitting screens providing better viewing and focusing when shooting in high sunlight conditions. It allows you to view your subject with greater clarity and accuracy by magnifying the image within the viewfinder. Some of the drawbacks of utilizing LCD viewfinders is that it drains your camera's batter quicker and adds extra bulkiness. Check out the specs on some of the products below.
Goliton Camera LCD Viewfinder
The Goliton Camera LCD Viewfinder has 2.8x magnification, a dust proof optical lens which is easy to install, and best of all - you can get one for under $10!!! This product is great for amateur photographers who aren't looking to spend allot of money on an LCD viewfinder.

ECostConnection Elite
The eCostConnection Elite Series offers 3.4x Magnification suitable for 3 In. LCD Screen DSLR cameras. The cool thing about this viewfinder is that it is adjustable, and is compatible with Canon, Nikon, Pentax, and Sony DSLR cameras. It also comes with a carrying case, two mounting plates, and a free cleaning cloth. This viewfinder will cost you about $24, but the value you get in greater magnification and adjustability makes it well worth it while still remaining affordable.
Elvid OptiView 50
The Elvid OptiView 50 magnifies displays by 300% and is compatible with most 3.0" & 3.2" LCD screens. The viewfinder provides sharp images, and the rear half is removable. It has a soft rubber eye piece that is flexible enough to accommodate for photographers with eye glasses. The Elvid OptiView will cost you around $50 and comes with a one year warranty. This is a pretty good buy but for $50 I would love for it come with at least a two year warranty.
SK-VF Pro 1
The SK-VF Pro 1 has 3x focusable magnification and designed for fast and functional use. It connects to the camera by a magnetic quick release that inserts to a compatible baseplate. This viewfinder also offers an adjustable diopter that enlarges the LCD image by a factor of 3.0. If you no longer need the viewfinder it can be quickly flipped up in order to gain access to the LCD screen. It has an anti-fog protective cover, an eyecup preventing light leakage, and it comes with a microfiber cleaning cloth. The SK-VF Pro 1 is compatible with most DSLR cameras with 3"/3.2" LCD screen size, which is definitely a plus. This viewfinder very durable and will cost you about $85. The only drawback is that the unit is a bit bulky.
GGS Swivi 2
The GGS Swivi 2 offers magnification and standard viewing modes that allows you to take great photos. You can switch between modes by flipping up the eye piece, and it is somewhat easy to install via it's mounting plate. This viewfinder provides a quality image and is swivel LCD screen friendly. The Swivi 2 is a little higher on the price scale and will cost you around $110.
Varavon Multifinder LCD Viewfinder
The Varavon Multifinder LCD Viewfinder is one of the high-end viewfinders. It offers the most stable viewing system of all the products we've profiled so far. It combines the use of an aluminum alloy mounting plate and a comfortable eye cup that can also double as an eye shade. This viewfinder features an adjustable loupe with a focus dial, and a front surface mirror that minimizes ghosting. The Varavon Multifinder is ideal for low angle shooting. This product is for more professional usage and will set you back around $210.
Kamerar QV-1 LCD View Finder
The Kamerar QV-1 offers clear and sharp images, and 2.5X magnification. It provides glare protection allowing you to see true color saturation,contrast and proper exposure. It cfeatures a metal quick release base plate which keeps it firmly attached to the bottom of the camera. It has an adjustable ring moves the primary lens back and forth for improved focused. This product is lightweight and comfortable, the only drawback is that removing the eye-piece can get a little complicated. The QV-1 is a quality product and is priced around $70. I would recommend this viewfinder for experienced photographers and those who are looking for a comfortable yet sturdy quality product with a reasonable price.
Zacuto Z-Finder Pro
The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro offers 3X magnification power, anti fog lens coating, and is compatible with most 3 inch LCD screens. This product has a sturdy eye cup that prevent excess light leakage and the unit is compact and easy to mount. It also comes with a lens cap and Z Finder dust cover. Of all the products we've reviewed so far this is my favorite. The Zacuto Z-Finder Pro offers a great mix of pro quality features. With this product you get ease of use, quality image, stability, and compatibility with loads of cameras at a reasonable price of $170.
Hoodman CH32
The Hoodman CH32 isolates your camera's LCD screen from excess ambient light. This product collapses to 1/2 size which makes storing it very easy and convenient, and in my book that's a really cool feature. It fits up to 3.2" LCD screens, and has glare free viewing. It comes with a protective carrying case and an easy to adjust dial for improved focus. I really love the Hoodman CH32 because of it's collapsibility and the German glass optics which deliver a quality image. Portability, convenience, and and great optics are a killer combination in my book. At $100 the price is well worth it.
Some clear advantages to utilizing a LCD viewfinder is you can get the exposure and other settings exactly where you want them before you take the image. It provides shade and accurate viewing of your subject in environments where there is an abundance of sunlight. The main drawbacks for LCD viewfinders are that they drain your camera battery life and most tend to be a little bulky. Overall, I think the positives out weigh the negatives and a LCD viewfinder is a great tool for photographers who shoot in natural light settings. When searching for the ideal product for you make sure the features that are most important to you guide your decision making. For me it would be portability and image quality, but for you it may be stability and ease of use. We covered a range of products at different price points but these are just a few of the LCD viewfinders on the market. There are lots of other products with great features out there. If you do your homework I'm confident you'll find the perfect LCD viewfinder for you.
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