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To help you find the perfect mini screwdriver set, our team is putting in a lot of effort to gather information and to present it in a neatly arranged way.
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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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13 Best Mini Screwdriver Set Alternatives

MulWark MulWark 6pc Magnetic Flathead and Phillips Micro Precision Head Small Set image
Top Pick

MulWark 6pc Magnetic Mini Flathead and Phillips Micr...

  • High quality pocket tool kit specifically designed for eyeglass repair watche...
  • High-strength heat treated chrome vanadium steel alloy shafts and Swivel end ...
  • Magnetic tips to help grip and hold screws especially the small ones
Klein Tools Screwdriver, 4-in-1 Precision Electronics with Industrial Strength Bits Klein Tools 32581 image

Screwdriver, 4-in-1 Precision Electronics Screwdrive...

  • Four different tips in one tool includes 0 and 00 Phillips plus 1/8-Inch a...
  • Rotating cap for optimum and precise control
  • Corrosion-resistant chrome plated barrel that includes two double-ended bits t...
EFFICERE Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Set image

Best Choice 9-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set | Phil...

  • High strength chrome vanadium steel shafts reduce wear-outs and stripping for...
  • Corrosion and rust resistant chrome plating finish provides durability and lo...
  • Precisely machined and magnetized tips for easy holding fasteners to start s...
VCOO Aliwonder 45 in 1 Set image

45 in 1 Mini Screwdriver Set, VCOO Torx Bit Tools Se...

  • 45 in 1 mutil function precision screwdriver set,easily interchangeable
  • Available for repairing laptops mobile devices and other precision items like...
  • Non-slip tough shaft ensures greater comfort and convenience
Vastar Vastar 62 in 1 with 56 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit image

Vastar 62 in 1 with 56 Bit Magnetic Driver Kit, Prec...

  • 56 bits well selected by Vastar to repair modern electronics that serve var...
  • The smart phone repair kit updated with 1x long plastic pry openers and 1x...
  • Easy portability- professional portable hardware tools with perfect weight &am...
Apex Tool Group GearWrench 80055 6 Piece Dual Material set image

GearWrench 80055 6 Piece Mini Dual Material Screwdri...

  • Innovative dual material handle for comfort and performance
  • Tri-Lobe ergonomic handle to obtain optimal balance of strength and comfort
  • Speed Zone for turning in lower torque applications
Kutir Kutir Precision SET OF 6 image

Precision Screwdriver SET OF 6 - Magnetic Flathead a...

  • 6 different sizes styles with zipper bag - Includes 0-Point and 1-Point P...
  • Rust proof blades - Hard Tempered Black Oxide Shafts Designed for Longevity ...
  • Color coated easy TO identify - Phillips & Flathead screwdrivers are coa...
Nanch Nanch Small Precision Set image

Nanch Small Precision Screwdriver Set with 22 Alloy ...

  • Ergonomic Design Handle:Anti-slip area with free spinning cap for precise tur...
  • High Hardness Performance Bits:Full metal driver with 22 bits made from allo...
  • Multi-use Screwdriver Set:small repair kit for small electronics,eyeglass,laptop...
Herco Herco HE826 Precision Set image

Herco HE826 Precision Screwdriver Set

  • 6 Mini Screwdrivers
  • 2 Phillips & 4 Metric ranging from 1.4 to 3.0 mm

Screwdriver Set Precision Screwdriver Kit JAKEMY 36 ...

  • Magnetic Precision Bits and Multi-functional : 43 in 1 repair kits includes ...
  • Reliable Material Ergonomic Flexible: Made of chrome-vanadium steel (hrc52) sr...
  • NO risk purchase with guaranteed: Buy with complete confidence as your purch...
Syntus Syntus 63 in 1 Precision Set image

Syntus 63 in 1 Precision Screwdriver Set with 57 Bit...

  • Update with a piece of triangle plectrum plastic opening tool and a bit fo...
  • 57 differrent bits elaborated by Syntus to repaire smartphones tablets and P...
  • A flexible shaft included is perfect for electronics where the shaft is har...
Tarvol Tarvol Precision Set image

Precision Screwdriver Set (SET OF 6 WITH CASE) Flath...

  • 6 different sizes styles - Includes 0-Point and 1-Point Phillips and Flath...
  • Rust proof blades - Hard Tempered Black Oxide Shafts Designed for Longevity ...
  • Convenient carrying case - Plastic Storage Case to Keep the Screw Drivers O...
EFFICERE Best Value 16-Piece Precision Set image

Best Value 16-Piece Precision Screwdriver Set | Phil...

  • High strength chrome vanadium steel shafts reduce wear-outs and stripping for...
  • Corrosion and rust resistant black oxide finish provides durability and longe...
  • Swivel end cap allows constant finger pressure while driving and non-slip kn...
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Mini Screwdriver Set Buying Guide

Screwdrivers are some of the more important things to have in a handyman or woman's collection of tools. They are used more often than others and come in handy more than once in a while. The screwdriver set that you have will help you with everyday chores. Here is a simple guide to some good choices and a general buying guide. They aren't expensive when you buy them individually. When you have to buy several though, the best begins to add up quickly. While there are sets of mini screwdrivers that have several screwdrivers in one box, the best seats are all in one. The old-school mini sets are listed below the all-in-one pens. The choice is yours. All of these sets work perfectly on the go, but the pens are a bit easier to carry along everyday.

High End Budget

The first choice is the 15 in 1 Multi Bit Silent Ratchet Screwdriver is a handle all-in-one mini screwdriver set. At $24.99 through, it is a little expensive.

- It's made in Canada.
- Has a single ratchet screwdriver adjustment.
- Forward, backward and 3 positions to reach anything.

- The Bostitch Office Stanley 4 in 1 pocket Screw driver Pack is as expensive as they get. At $8.99, that is not expensive. Designed like a pen, the various bits for the various screwdriver heads are removable. There's even a handle clip edge to use it like a pocket pen. Attached to the shirt it can be taken and used anywhere.

- It's portable.
- It has a handle for portability.

- The Maxcraft 60609 7 in 1 Precision Pocket Screwdriver is a great deal. It costs $6.79 and has all of the bits built in.-- Seven to be exact. It's a more sleek look and works as effective as the other. Some people prefer one over the other though. At $6.79, it's affordable too.

- It's sleek with seven bits for any occasion.
- It is very affordable.

The Low End Budget
- The Stanley 66-344 4 in 1 Pocket Screwdriver is by far the cheapest. It is also great because Stanley guarantees all of its tools. They are replaceable for life if anything goes wrong. It costs only $5.28 and has magnetic bits to ensure not losing them.

- It offers a lifetime guarantee.
- It has magnetic bits to avoid the loss of them.

Another good choice is the Precision Screwdriver Set Rachett Screwdriver Set. It's $11.99 for the all-in-one set.

- It rachets to reach all the locations that most won't reach.
- It's chrome plated bits are sturdy for years of use.
- It has 12 bits.
- The bits fit in the handle.

- The smallest and cheapest all-in-one mini screwdriver is the Tarvol 7 in 1 Racheting Screwdriver Set at 6.99.

- This one can fit in the hand, it's so small.
- The magnetic tip keep all the bits from being lost.
- It has a soft ergonomic handle that is easy to use.
- It has a manufacturer money back guarantee.

The Old School Mini Screwdriver Sets
Some people don't want the all-in-one pen for the mini screwdriver. If the appeal of several screwdrivers is more your taste, rather than an all-in-one, then here are some great choices.

High End Budget

The Slotted Philips Screwdriver Set is perfect for anyone that wants a mini screwdriver set that has a cloth case. Like a handyman or woman would want, it has that traditional cloth case to carry all of the mini screwdrivers. It is a bit pricey at $36.29, but if the traditional look is what you are looking for, then this is the one for you.

- It has the traditional look of the old school style.
- It has 8 different screwdrivers.

Low End Budget

The Dewalt DWA2T40IR is only $17.99 and is choice that is a good price. It is not quite as good a choice as the previous one. It is still a low end budget mini screwdriver set. Here are some of the benefits.

- It's durable, with industrial level head bits.
- It has a strong and durable case.
- It offers 12 bits that are double-ended.

- The Tekton 2987 Precision Screwdriver Set is a great choice for any project that requires a mini screwdriver set. It's cheap at $6.37.

- It includes hex and nut drivers for many projects that require them.
- The pressure design helps prevent dropping the screwdriver. When they are this little, that's important.

The Jakemy JM 8153 is next on the list for a basic mini screw driver set. It costs only $9.99 for the set, and it makes a great gift for anyone that need it. It has a rechargable drill. For the low end budget choices, it's the best choice for the mini screw driver set. Here are some of the details.

- The magnetic screwdriver to prevent loss of the bits.
- Non-slip handle
- Extension Bar for the adjustable length.

Another choice is the SE-7549SD-6-Piece-Screwdriver-Storage Set. It's the most portable set available at $7.56.
- It's a philips set, so it's guaranteed for life.
- It even comes with a storage case.

The least expensive set is the Tarvol Precision Screwdriver Set. It's only $6.97 for on the go work.

- It's portable.
- It offers 6 different sizes for all types of uses.

When looking for a mini screwdriver set that is right for you, it takes careful consideration and evaluation of your exact needs. Buying too much of a screwdriver set can be as bad as buying too much of one. All of them have something to offer though as they have the size that is miniature for those small jobs that can come up from time to time. All of the choices are great. Each one has its own unique appeal. Depending on what your individual needs are, you can find a mini screw driver set that serves your needs. Some are an all-in one. Others are in a case. If durability is an important thing you are looking for, then the tough case is the way to go. Either way, having that mini screw driver set helps when you need it most.
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