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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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8 Best MMA Headgear Alternatives

RDX RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear image
Top Pick

RDX Head Guard Maya Hide Leather Boxing Headgear MMA...

  • Shell-Shock based Tri-Slab Max-Shock foam padding for high-intensity shock abs...
  • Headguard with Adjustable Quick-Ez hook and loop closure for snug fit
  • Resilient Maya Hide leather construction makes these Headguard stubbornly dura...
Hayabusa Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki and Boxing Headgear image

Hayabusa T3 Kanpeki MMA and Boxing Headgear

  • Low profile design maximizes strike deflection for added protection making th...
  • This full face headgear is 100 premium full-grain leather
  • T-Cross closure prevents unwanted shifting and ensures a customized fit makin...
Sanabul Sanabul Essential Boxing Kickboxing Head Gear image

Sanabul Essential MMA Boxing Kickboxing Head Gear (G...

  • Sanabul Essential Head Gear provides excellent coverage and protection of the...
  • Performance Engineered Leather construction High quality and durable material ...
  • Superb Impact-dura shock foam with full face protection and added chin padding
Ringside Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear image

Ringside Competition-Like Boxing Headgear with Cheeks

  • Not approved for competition by usa Boxing
  • The Ringside headgear is complete with a sleek contoured design and curved ...
  • Made of durable leather construction to ensure lasting dexterity and performa...
Everlast Everlast Headgear image

Everlast MMA Headgear Black 7420

  • Closed Cell Technology for head safety
  • Engineered for sparring
  • EverFresh antimicrobial treatment
ARD-Champs ARD Leather Art Boxing Protector head guard UFC Wrestling helmet head gear image

ARD Leather Art MMA Boxing Protector head guard UFC ...

  • Made into Top Quality Leather Art with three layers of imt Gel Integrated ...
  • Using high quality removable grill for best full face protection
  • The creative drawing used for developing ideal pro-style design
RDX RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing Headgear image

RDX Cow Hide Leather Boxing MMA Headgear UFC Head Gu...

  • Pro Head Guard with 4 way Adjustable (ce Certified Approved)
  • Rdx Zero Impact G-Core Gel Integrated Technology Cow Hide Leather Head Guard
  • Full padding with super shock absorbing closed cell with Gel integrated G-Co...
Hayabusa Hayabusa T3 and Boxing Headgear image

Hayabusa T3 MMA and Boxing Headgear (Black/Grey)

  • The wide field of vision and low profile design maximizes strike deflection ...
  • T-Cross closure prevents unwanted shifting and ensures a customized fit makin...
  • Antimicrobial lining inhibits bacteria and will reduce unpleasant odors from ...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 10:33:19 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

MMA Headgear Buying Guide

This is your brain we are talking about. You can't become that great fighter that you dream yourself being with out it. For that reason, choosing the right mma head gear that not only protects you but that you also feel comfortable with is an important decision to make. However, it is equally as important to get a mouth guard, for obvious reasons, so don't forget to pick one up! Ultimately, the head gear you decide to purchase is solely up to you, your budget, how much you care about safety and what you personally feel comfortable sparring in. From here on, I will present you with words for thought that can guide you in the right direction to make the best decision that suites you personally and your chosen martial art.
The first thing to consider when choosing the right head gear for yourself is what martial art you are studying and what kind of blows you will be defending your beautiful face from. Open face or closed face are your main options with varying degrees of open and closed. Will you be mainly boxing and throwing jabs, muay thai and the murderous kicks, maybe wrestling for the perfect body lock? For example, a boxer may choose head gear with cheek and chin protection sporting a closed face sacrificing a little visibility for the sake of safety from various punches. However, a wrestler may choose head gear with a completely open face for better vision but with good ear protection from grapples and groundwork considering they won't have to worry about punches or kicks. On the other hand, someone studying muay thai may prefer something with a more closed face but dropping the chin and cheek guards for added visibility to see incoming kicks. If you are planning to jump around and do boxing one day and maybe muay thai the next I would highly consider purchasing different head gear for each or asking your instructor for any spares or rentals and what he/ she personally recommends.
Next, is what feels the most comfortable to you? Let's Face it. You are going to be training with this thing on your head and whether you are doing footwork, nailing your hook, perfecting that high kick or putting someone in an arm-bar you are going to sweat. On the other hand, NEVER sacrifice safety for a little more comfort it only takes one punch in the right place and for you to not be wearing the appropriate gear to create the perfect storm. Choose the appropriate style of head gear for your chosen martial art and then try different styles and brands if possible before purchasing one to see which one gives you the most safety and comfort. How do you judge the comfort though? Here are a few tips for picking the perfect gear, ventilation, are you going to become a human puddle wearing it for more then half an hour? Second, how much can you see around you? Finally, does it feel comfortable on your face and is anything pinching or restricting your movement? These are all important things to judge with the purchase of any new gear.
At any rate, let's get into the nitty gritty and talk about money. Don't feel pressured into buying the most expensive head gear you can because you either think it looks cool or think it will protect you better then something similar. Accordingly, don't buy the absolutely cheapest thing you can find especially with head gear. Presumably, depending on the martial art that you are studying it may be pertinent to invest equally into other protective gear such as shin guards, a cup, wraps and so on. These things exist for a reason and could really save you from some pain later and having to take time off from training. Therefore, don't dump all your hard earned money into just head gear unless that is all you need. Speaking to your instructor is always a good thing to find out exactly what you are going to be learning and what you can do to proactively prevent injury. Alright, but how do you know which one to buy? I've listed out a bunch of different styles and brands of head gear above that can get you started with the most important thing to remember being to pick the gear that is appropriate for the martial art that you are studying and that provides the most comfort! If you still can't decide which one would work best for you then see what the return policies are for the gear that you think you might like and then give them a trial. Then, if you find out you don't like a particular style, it feels unsafe or uncomfortable you can return it and get your money back to try a different one. Another idea, is to ask around at your dojo and see if you can try other peoples gear that are the same size as what you would wear.
All things considered, my opinions being if you are on a low budget I recommend the #MaxxMMA. Of course, if you are looking to spend a little more then I would say get the Hyabusa Fightwear. Still, for the best all around experience somewhere in the middle of the road get the RDX Maya which is currently on sale for $37.74 USD. To quickly recap, what martial art are you studying? Choose your gear accordingly. Next, don't forget about comfort. Finally, don't break the bank and try before you buy when possible.
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