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Nessus Professional is a security platform designed for businesses who want to protect the security of themselves, their clients, and their customers.
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7 Best Alternatives to Nessus

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Fiddler is a debugging program for websites. The software is a part of Telerik, a suite of software that specializes in development of tools that help other users build products, such as software, user interfaces or websites.
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Find security issues, verify vulnerability mitigations & manage security assessments with Metasploit. Get the world's best penetration testing software now.
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A website security & protection platform that delivers peace of mind. Stop worrying about website security threats and get back to building your online brand.
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Lookout is an Android app that uses computer vision to assist people who are blind or have low vision in gaining information about their surroundings.
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Cloudbric is a website security program that aims to block cyber attacks on your site. Security programs like Cloudbric are important for any large sites or any sites that handle money or secure information.


Shodan is the worlds first search engine for Internet-connected devices.
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Recently, businesses and government bureaus have been under constant attack by hackers. These hackers find ways through traditional firewalls and steal hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars.

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Pros of Nessus

Offers a great amount of value for the price
Provides some of the most comprehensive coverage around
Operates from an easy to use dashboard

Cons of Nessus

Lackluster customer support team
Learning the ins and outs can take some time

Nessus Icon Features of Nessus

Supported by over 90,000 plug-ins
Integrates with a number of popular penetration tools
Loaded with common policies and templates

Nessus Reviews

by grex about Nessus on April 3, 2018:
While there's any number of personal security programs on the market, software like Avast and Norton Antivirus aren't built for the demands of large businesses. If you're worried about the security of your network or the threat of your consumers getting infiltrated by hackers or malware from your site, Nessus Professional can provide you with the polished services you need scaled to the demands of your company. Nessus doesn't just protect you in the case of an attack. It helps you create the conditions and protocol you need to protect your company before an attack ever happens. Nessus is regularly updated, ensuring that users stay ahead of the latest trends and tactics utilized by hackers and scammers.

Your IT team will have to do less work when they rely on Nessus, and that's because they've designed an intuitive interface, and they've made the process of creating and implementing policies easy. All it takes is a few clicks to scan an entire network, and Nessus is built from the ground up to be both quick and efficient. It registers an industry low number of false positives, meaning you'll spend less time trying to identify problems that don't actually exist.

Nessus Professional is methodical in its performance and timely in its execution. They've worked tirelessly to create comprehensive solutions that take into account the latest technologies and vulnerabilities, and their plug-ins allow IT professionals to stay up to date with new forms of attacks as soon as they're identified. All in all, Nessus Professional makes use of more than 90,000 plug ins to make sure that their customers are safe regardless of what new threats arise.

Consultants who handle multiple clients can use Nessus Professional to juggle multiple accounts all through a single simple dashboard. They offer an unlimited amount of assessments to all of their customers, and users can run checks on as many IP addresses as they need. Once they've performed scans for their clients, they can assign Nessus Professional to automatically send a detailed report for that customer, eliminating the need for bookkeeping and ensuring that critical information is received in a timely manner. Consultants can even personalize these reports by adding their own name and custom logo.

For internal IT teams, Nessus Professional contains powerful tools that let them automate the scanning and analysis processes. Plugin updates are automatically performed on a regular basis, and Tenable makes sure to keep users in the loop about new features, changes, and threats. Policies and templates come pre-loaded into the Nessus Professional ecosystem so newer users can learn as they go and more experienced professionals can set up robust scanning services without having to do everything by hand.

Modern software doesn't exist in a vacuum, and that's why Nessus has taken sensible integration measures. Their software works seamlessly with popular exploit frameworks like Core Impact, Canvas, and Metasploit.
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