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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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Toilet training is an exciting milestone for a toddler; it means that he or she is leaving infancy behind forever. Before parents get all misty-eyed over that idea, they usually console themselves with the fact that effective potty training means no more diaper changes. Having the right equipment on hand is often the key to setting children up for success in potty training. Most potty training systems contain variations of the stand-alone potty or the potty seat reducer. Both are designed to facilitate elimination for pint-sized bottoms. Here are some top choices for parents who are looking for potties and potty seats that are safe and simple to use, easy to clean, well designed and fun for their youngsters.

Our first pick: The from FORYEE

Our second pick: The from Bambini & ME

Our third pick: The from Fisher-Price

Our fourth pick: The from Fisher-Price

Our fifth pick: The from NOYBO

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13 Best Potty Alternatives

Fisher-Price Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn image
Top Pick

Fisher-Price Laugh & Learn, Puppy Potty

  • Includes potty removable potty ring & bonus Puppy's Potty Time electronic...
  • Potty rewards baby's successes with 3 fun phrases 3 short tunes & reali...
  • Storybook features 6 songs & 8 phrases and sounds; just press the Puppy...
Summer Infant Summer Infant My Size Potty image

Summer Infant My Size Potty - Training Toilet for To...

  • Realistic design looks and feels just like an adult toilet
  • Handle features a flush sound to reward a job well done
  • Flip-up lid and removable easy-clean bowl For children 18 months up to 50 ...
BabyBjörn BABYBJORN Potty image

BABYBJORN Potty Chair, Gray

  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Sturdy construction; high backrest and comfy armrests
  • Inner potty seat is easy to lift out empty and clean
Squatty Potty Squatty Potty image

Squatty Potty The Original Bathroom Toilet Stool, Wh...

  • The Original Squatty Potty - Made in u.s.a As seen on Shark Tank and The ...
  • The Squatty Potty Original has 2 sizes that work perfectly with any standar...
  • The Squatty Potty may feel different at first but the body quickly adjusts ...
Gimars Gimars Upgrade Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Pads Travel Portable Reusable Toilet Potty image

Gimars Upgrade Folding Large Non Slip Silicone Pads ...

  • Upgrade Version 6 pcs Large Nonslip Silicone Pads - Increasing 6 pcs Non S...
  • No Gap to Pinch - Enhance the tightness of joint more firmly no gap desig...
  • Freely switch Foldable To Unfoldable Design - Toilet Seat cover Folds up pr...
The First Years The First Years Disney Baby Minnie Mouse 3-In-1 Celebration Potty image

The First Years Disney Baby Minnie Mouse 3-In-1 Cele...

  • 3-in-1 system grows with your child
  • Use standalone potty or place detachable seat on your family toilet
  • Sturdy base doubles as a handy step stool
BABYSEATER Toilet Training Seat for – Adjustable Stair Potty image

Toilet Training Seat for Toddlers – Adjustable Stair...

  • Perfect potty buddy - Let's face it: Potty training is a pain But BabySeat...
  • Measures UP - Pick the training potty that fits most bowl shapes and stand...
  • Quality comfort - Your tot may never want to leave this potty with its oh...
Thomas & Friends Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Rewards Potty image

Fisher-Price Thomas & Friends Thomas Railroad Re...

  • Fun train sounds and a tune encourage & reward success
  • Grows with your child from potty seat to potty ring & stepstool
  • Bowl removes for easy cleaning
Alayna PAZ Potty image

Potty Toilet Seat with Step Stool ladder, (3 in 1) T...

  • Extremely comfortable W anti slip pads - Turns adult-size toilets into cute ...
  • Best suited for - Standard-size toilet with height at 35-43cm/13.78"-16.93 ne...
  • Adjustable steps W built-in splash - Built-in splash guard helps keep seat ...
OXO Tot OXO Tot Potty image

OXO Tot Potty Chair - Teal

  • Seamless seat design is comfortable and won't leave marks on tiny tushies
  • Side handles for easily removing inner bowl for cleaning
  • Splash guard minimizes mess
BabyBjörn BABYBJORN Smart Potty image

BABYBJORN Smart Potty, Gray

  • Comfortable for your child; ergonomic design with soft lines
  • Practical for you; takes up minimal space and is easy to take with you
  • Inner potty seat is easy to lift out empty and clean
Squatty Potty Squatty Potty image

Squatty Potty Adjustable 2.0, White

  • Doctor recommended
  • Helps you mimic a natural squat to properly align your colon
  • More complete & easier elimination
Sanitation Equipment Limited Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty image

Sanitation Equipment Visa Potty Model: 268 24 Liter ...

  • Easy to use replacable piston pump with two-directional rinse for enhanced b...
  • Extra deep bowl for greater comfort Lid snaps closed for preventing vibratio...
  • Easy to read tank waste level and fresh water level indicator
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 09:19:10 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Potty Buying Guide

While all potties and potty seats should be designed with child safety in mind minimally, parents should choose potties based upon their children’s unique needs. For instance, an older or larger toddler may need a potty with a larger commode opening instead of a small, round cup. Other children respond well to the encouragement and reward that they get from potties that produce sound effects and lights when they make deposits. There are also potties and potty seats that are crafted specifically to meet the needs of each gender. Here are examples of potties and potty seats that meet some typical needs of consumers who are in the market for toilet training equipment.

Potty Training Equipment for Boys

Potty training for boys is arguably more difficult and messier than it is for girls. To prevent training accidents, many stand-alone potties come with integrated splash guards or splash-guard inserts. New potty designs that are made specifically with the needs of little boys in mind make the training process more fun.
Toilet training equipment designs for small boys have gone beyond the standard miniaturized commode. Today's boy toddlers learn to use urinals that mimic the ones that can be found in adult public restrooms. The Foryee Potty Training Urinal for Boys is crafted in a cheerful, chartreuse color in the shape of a frog. The small urinal comes with hardware that allows it to be mounted to nearly any surface; suction cups are included that ensure that parents can adjust the urinal height when it is adhered to tile surfaces. The urinal's middle insert is easy to remove for cleaning. The Foryee Frog Urinal comes with a bright orange target that spins when little boys aim and urinate correctly.
The Joy Baby Generation Boy Urinal Potty Toilet operates on a similar design as the Foryee Frog urinal, but it is slightly bigger. Joy Baby designed its urinal to be a little wider than the average urinal potty to avoid accidental spillage. The potty also comes with three mounting options that include screws, adhesive wall hooks and suction cups. Potty training games and stickers that are used as rewards for progress are included with this potty.
The Bambini & ME 2-in-1 Potty Training Seat offers boy toddlers a more traditional toilet training experience. This potty training system comes with a colorful, frog face seat that attaches to a stable, molded base. The seat, which has an integrated splash guard, detaches from the base and can be mounted onto a standard, adult toilet as children grow and mature. The base is relatively easy to clean and has no intricate crevices or accessories. This potty is durable and versatile enough to be passed down to a younger brother or sister.
Easy-To-Clean Design: Bambini & ME 2-in-1 Potty Training- $26.97
Comfort Characteristics: Bambini & ME 2-in-1 Potty Training- $26.97
Budget Option, Low Frills: Foryee Frog Potty Training Urinal for Boys- $13.99
Comprehensive Option, Bells and Whistles: Joy Baby Generation Boy Urinal Potty Toilet- $29.99 and Bambini & ME 2-in-1 Potty Training- $26.97
Best All-Around Value: Bambini & ME 2-in-1 Potty Training- $26.97

Girl-Inspired Potties

Today's girl-inspired potties and potty seats are designed for comfort, security and growth. Here are some thrones that are fit for budding princesses.
The Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty for girls comes with a bubble-gum pink base and white detachable seat. The potty lid, which doubles as a stepstool for getting to the sink or to an adult toilet, is emblazoned with a crown emblem denoting the princess status of the toddler. When the child successfully uses the potty, sensors at the base trigger one of four different musical selections as a reward. As the young royal gets older, the seat can be attached to a standard toilet. The potty has integrated handles on each side to ensure stability while seated, and its inner bowl can be removed for easy cleaning.
Parents who want to treat their little girls to one of the most comfortable toilet training experiences consider the Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Training Potty Seat for Girls. This potty features a 2-position, adjustable back rest and arm rests. This girl's potty is pink and white, and its inner bowl lifts out for easy cleaning.
The Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty offers a fun way for girls to learn how to use and flush the toilet. The potty comes in fun yet soothing blue, white and green colors, and it is enhanced by a bright yellow flush handle. When the child uses the potty and flushes the toilet, she is rewarded with a special tune, light show and simulated flushing sounds. The potty seat is detachable and fits on standard toilets. While the Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty is ideal for girl toddlers, it comes with an integrated splash guard that makes it a possibility for boy toddlers too.
Easy-To-Clean Design: All three have a similar design for easy cleaning.
Comfort Characteristics: Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Training Potty Seat for Girls- $19.88
Budget Option, Low Frills: Fisher-Price Stepstool Potty- $19.99
Comprehensive Option, Bells and Whistles: Fisher-Price Learn-to-Flush Potty- $25.67
Best All-Around Value: Fisher-Price Custom Comfort Training Potty Seat for Girls- $19.88

Potties for Toddlers and Parents On-The-Go

Busy parents who travel with their young children do not have to delay potty training lessons even while they are away from home. Mobile potties and potty training seats extend the freedom of both toddlers and their parents.
The OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty for Travel is the go-to potty training tool for minimalists and parents who want to be prepared for potty emergencies. This potty is designed to have very few crevices and zero accessories that can collect unwanted germs from public toilets. The travel potty consists of a seat and foldable legs, and it can operate as a stand-alone potty or as a seat on public toilets. Instead of a removable bowl, the potty comes with disposable bags that can be easily attached and removed for a no-mess potty training experience. The OXO potty comes with a travel bag for transport and storage.
The Graco Twisting Travel potty offers tots a sturdy surface on which to sit but remains compact in size. Parents need only lift the lid of the travel potty, insert disposable bag and close the lid to give their toddler a mobile potty training session. The Graco travel potty twists to adjust to the toddler's height.
The Noybo Travel Potty Seat is one of the most compact and transportable travel potties on the market. The potty inflates to accommodate a child of up to 66lbs. Its inflated seat and integrated bowl can be covered with a disposable plastic bag for ease of use and no-mess cleanups. It is good for toddlers and young children.
Easy-to-Clean Design: Noybo Travel Potty Seat- $22.95
Comfort Characteristics: Graco Twisting Travel Potty- $11.51
Budget Option, Low Frills: Graco Twisting Travel Potty- $11.51
Comprehensive Option, Bells and Whistles: OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty for Travel- $19.99
Best All-Around Value: OXO Tot 2-in-1 Potty for Travel- $19.99
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