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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical icon CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tac...
UTG Tactical OP Bipod icon UTG Tactical OP Bipod
Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod icon Caldwell XLA Pivot Mod...
AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod icon AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of rifle bipod alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 7 hand picked rifle bipods.
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Second to buying a good rifle and ammunition, rifle bipods play a very important role when determining the quality of shoot you take. Riffe bipods vary depending on the needs of the shooter. Some of the best rifle bipods you can get in the market include.
CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical image

CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical

Our first pick: The CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical from CVLIFE
UTG Tactical OP Bipod image

UTG Tactical OP Bipod

Our second pick: The UTG Tactical OP Bipod from UTG
Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod image

Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod

Our third pick: The Caldwell XLA Pivot Model Bipod from Caldwell
AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod image

AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod

Our fourth pick: The AVAWO Hunting Rifle Bipod from AVAWO

Our fifth pick: The from Ade Advanced Optics
Sako TRG Bipod image

Sako TRG Bipod

Our sixth pick: The Sako TRG Bipod from SAKO
Sierra 7 Extended Length image

Sierra 7 Extended Length

Our seventh pick: The Sierra 7 Extended Length from Sierra 7

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6 Best Rifle Bipod Alternatives

Bog-Pod BOG-POD SB-2C Sportsmans Camo Bipod image
Top Pick

BOG-POD SB-2C Sportsmans Camo Bipod

  • Dimensions: sb-2c Camo - 21 - 40 usable height when legs are spread and w...
  • Ease OF use: Features telescoping leg sections to quickly reach a set heigh...
  • Versatility: Can be used in the sitting kneeling or standing positions and ...
Suoki Suki Inc. Suoki Tactic Bipod image

Suoki Tactic Rifle Bipod 6.5-9.5 Inch Adjustable Leg...

  • ROTATABLEThrow lever style quick release mount fit for any standard 20mm Pic...
  • ADJUSTABLEThe legs of bipod are spring-loaded and flexible and can retract o...
  • Flexiblecnc processing of legs and body,legs can be forward or backward inde...
TriRock Outdoor Foshan Aplus Trirock Bipod image

Trirock Bipod 13 to 23 inch for hunting Rifle with S...

  • Made of hardened steel and high grade aluminum fine black anodized finished ...
  • Bidpod extension: 5 Settings for different length from 13 to 23 inches with...
  • Easy attach to or detach from the rifle with Sling Stud or Adapter,which y...
Magpul Magpul Bipod image

Magpul Rifle Bipod, 1913 Picatinny Rail, Black

  • Magpul Industries bipod for 1913 Picatinny rail
  • Optimized for rapid one-handed adjustments the bipod quickly and quietly tran...
  • The magpul bipod includes many features normally found on bipods at a signi...
FeelRight FeelRight 13-27 inch Long Range Hinged Base Tilt Bipod image

FeelRight 13-27 inch Long Range Hinged Base Tilt Rif...

  • Designed for real fire caliber no collapse
  • Mounts onto rifles with sling stud or with picatinny rail via adapter (sold...
  • High quality aluminum alloy in durable black matte finish Rubber feet avoid ...
AccuShot AccuShot BT10 Atlas Bipod image

AccuShot BT10 Atlas Bipod Standard Two Screw 1913 Ra...

  • Material: t6061 Aluminum
  • BT10-Mounts Directly to any 1913 Style Picatinny Rail via a Low Profile two...
  • Height Range Approximately 4.75 - 9.0
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 10:34:06 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Rifle Bipod Buying Guide

The Definitive Buying Guide for Rifle Bipods
Rifle Bipods are a very important component in the life of a hunter or military law enforcers. With the core function of providing stability to the rifle, this equipment helps greatly to determine the accuracy of the shot taken. Choosing the best rifle bipod in the market is no mean task as most people would think. Prior to buying any brand of rifle bipod equipment, there are a number of important features you ought to farmiliarize yourself with in order to guarantee yourself that you have made the best decision. The following are some of the most important features to consider when purchasing a rifle bipod.

Type of material
Unlike rifles, you will be able to use a rifle bipod stand for an extended period before you replace it for another. Therefore, before you purchase any rifle bipod the most important question you need to ask yourself is, what type of material has the equipment been made from? Arguably, bipods constructed from aluminum are preferred the best pick. In addition to providing the best resistance to the atmospheric conditions, the aluminum material is strong enough to be able to support the weight of any rifle mounted on it.

In addition to the use of aluminum, ensure your rifle bipod has an additional outside anodized coating. This extra protection helps prevent the metallic bipod from reacting to the humid condition thus making it rust proof and very durable.

Adjustable Height
The other key features to look for when buying a rifle bipod is the adjustable height feature. Shooting escapades vary hugely depending on a number of factors. One of the things that makes a good rifle bipod stand out of the crowd is its ability to adjust to any shooting position. When choosing any rifle bipod, always ensure that its height is adjustable in order to give you the flexibility and convenience to shoot from any position you like.
Lightweight construction
In most scenarios, rifle bipods are carried around. If you are looking for a rifle bipod for a hunting escapade, you will need to critically consider one that is light and comfortable to carry around. However, when choosing such bipod stand, it is important not to compromise on the type of material. A perfect rifle bipod material for a lightweight construction would, therefore, be aluminum. Aluminum material is perfect in the sense that it is light, versatile and sturdy to withstand the torque that comes with shooting escapades.

Panning Functionality
This is one of the key features to look for when choosing a bipod rifle stand. Panning functionality gives you the allowance to move your rifle in whatever direction you may choose regardless of the position you are currently at. Essentially what this means is that you will be able to get a clear view of your target thereby being able to take the shot with the exact precision required. Not all rifle bipods support this functionality, therefore, before buying any equipment, it is important to put it to test and ensure that it can turn to different positions hence helping you take the shoot.

Sling Compatibility
Most rifle bipod manufacturers always assume this important feature when constructing their rifle bipods; nonetheless, its importance cannot be overlooked. Slings are very helpful when it comes to carrying your rifle and bipod around. If you want to safeguard your firearm and its bipod, in addition to proper storing, it is important to consider how you handle it. Purchase a rifle bipod that has a sling mounted to it, and you will be guaranteed that your equipment will be in great shape always. Ensure the quality of the sling is one that is able to support both the weight of the rifle and the bipod in case they are carried together.

Ease of Use
When choosing a rifle bipod, it is important to state the fact that not all bipods are similar in nature. Pick a rifle bipod with a simple design that is easy to stow and setup. Importantly you may want to consider a rifle bipod with detachable legs in case you want to use the rifle alone. However, ensure that the legs are firmly constructed and only come off when you need them to. This is important since anything contrary might interfere with the accuracy of your rifle’s shot.

The usefulness and steadiness of your rifle bipod is greatly determined by how firm your bipod lies on the ground. When choosing a bipod stand, pay attention to its support. Ideally, two factors come into play; the weight of the rifle bipod and the positioning of the legs. Although a heavier rifle will cost you lots of energy carrying it around, on the other hand, it will help you improve the quality of your shots. Therefore, before making any decision on this matter ensure you weigh the merits and demerits of both sides.

Just like any equipment, rifle bipods require a little bit of care to run smoothly. Even though this is true and applies across the board, the varying degrees of maintenance differ from one equipment to another. For a less handy person, a rifle bipod with less movable parts will be the most appropriate. This will mean that there will be less friction, hence less need for lubrication and retightening of the screws.

On top of the technical maintenance, a rifle bipod needs simple maintenance in terms of cleaning the dirt. Depending on one’s technical expertise, choose a rifle bipod that you can be able to properly maintain whenever come home from hunting or shooting spree. Ideally, an easy to maintain rifle bipod is one that you can break and assemble back together with little stress.

Although the costs of purchasing different rifle bipods is not important to the discussion compared to its functionality, it should never be assumed all together. Ideally, most people associate the cost of purchasing a bipod to its quality. To some extent, this is true while to others it is not. Before you choose the type rifle bipod to purchase, it is important to have your budget clearly outlined. By having an estimate of what you want, you will be able to save yourself a lot of time that goes through this process.

Rifle bipods play a great role in determining the quality of a shot that comes from your rifle. Regardless of the quality of your rifle and shooting skills, a poor quality rifle bipod would mean a poor quality shot too. This, however, can be avoided by choosing the best quality bipod after considering the above tips.
The long rifle buying list has taken into consideration the needs of every rifle bipod shopper in the market. For instance, if you are restrained on your budget but still want to enjoy quality CVLIFE 6- 9 Inches Tactical rifle bipod has you covered. On the other hand, for shoppers who are not limited on cash then Sierra 7 Extended Length bipod will be their best pick.

Thanks to the above tips, choosing the best rifle bipod is no longer a benefit of the select few. Inform yourself on these shopping guides and choose the best bipod like the expert you are.
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