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9 Best Alternatives to Roadtrippers

Google Maps icon

Google Maps

Google Maps is an app and website by Google that provides you with maps and travel information. The app can tell you the distance between two places, how long it will take you to get there, what the best routes are, and much more.
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TripIt is a travel app that creates a master itinerary to organize all of your plans for your vacation or work trip in one spot. To create the itinerary, you simply forward all of your travel confirmation emails to a TripIt email address, or have the app automatically connect to your email accounts to gather all of the pertinent information.
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Google Trips

Google Trips is designed to give you everything you need to have the best vacation, right at your fingertips. Fill each day of your trip with fun activities you love without all the work.
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Leaflet is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to integrate interactive maps into their websites or web apps.
Mapline icon


Spreadsheets have never made you look so good. Sure, you can buy an expensive business intelligence mapping software that requires a Ph. D to use. Or you can use Mapline to create a map from Excel spreadsheet data in seconds.
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Find locations anywhere in the world using MapQuest. You can also use the app to get directions from your location to another destination or to find certain streets, businesses and other attractions along your route.
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Plan a vacation with the best vacation planning website. Unique vacation planner tool with more than 140k holiday destinations, 40k tours and more than 1Mn hotels from all over the world.
Apple Maps icon

Apple Maps

Maps is packed with smart features to make finding and getting to your destination fast and easy.
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Create a free travel blog with an interactive Google Map. TravelMap lets you map the route from your travel itinerary to show countries and places visited.

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Roadtrippers Reviews

by Pat about Roadtrippers on March 23, 2019:
RoadTrippers has a location limit of 10 waypoints. Used to be 60 waypoints until they introduced a high requiring subscription fee.
by about Roadtrippers on April 1, 2019:
yup used to be great but 10 waypoints is not enough and $40 seems a bit steep for a once in a while app
by Matt Jimerson about Roadtrippers on April 6, 2019:
I used to be an avid user of this service and suggested it readily to anyone who I found out was planning a vacation. Since they decided to start charging people $40, I am now doing the opposite. This is a garbage decision in my personal opinion and highly recommend using other free alternatives unless you're OK with paying for something that used to be free.
by Mike about Roadtrippers on May 1, 2019:
Yeah... I used to use it back when we had an RV, and it was great. Was about to do a road trip, and boom... Not 10 waypoints any more. Five (5) waypoints, or $40. I might sign up after I retire and we're doing a lot of road trips, but at a road trip every two years, that's a pretty dang expensive service. Looking elsewhere, alas. needs to reclassify this from "free to "freemium". The "free" offering is pretty badly crippled.
by Donna about Roadtrippers on May 7, 2019:
Pointless app now that is a subscription based service. Paying 29 euro a year... Most people don't take that many large trips in a year. If it was a once off payment it would make more sense
by crx2s about Roadtrippers on May 10, 2019:
It's unfortunate that Roadtrippers has decided to drastically limit the use of their site without recurring payments for a "Plus" membership. It is now reduced to a side reference to apply to another mapping app that can handle multiple stops and can be shared with multiple people. I have, in the past, used and recommemded your site. This will no longer be the case.
by K about Roadtrippers on May 21, 2019:
They got cocky and started charging for a service that use to be free. Most people take one or two roadtrips a year, they aren't going to be paying 30 dollars for a glorified google maps.
by G about Roadtrippers on June 11, 2019:
We used Roadtrippers to plan a big road trip 2 years ago with the grandchildren. They were all able to pick destinations that interested them so we had a great trip that had something for everyone. This year we were thinking about another big trip and lo and behold...5 destination limit or pay $30!!!! for 1 trip a year or 2? No thanks!
by CT about Roadtrippers on June 24, 2019:
Find sponsors, don't charge your users...I'll tolerate a lot of adds before I'll pay for an upgrade.
by Big Cat about Roadtrippers on July 3, 2019:
I'd like to pile on here. Last summer I used Roadtrippers to plan a coast to coast roadtrip. Was thrilled with the website and how easy it was to use. Swore by it and told friends to use it. Now I am in early stages of planning next summer's big roadtrip but have unfortunately learned I am required to pay for waypoints. Great site, but there are too many free alternatives to make it worth the hassle to register or pay. Best of luck.
by James about Roadtrippers on August 6, 2019:
I joined Roadtrippers before it was acquired and excessively monetized by Thor Industries, and it was a great service that I suggested to everyone who told me they were thinking about going on a trip. Since it was acquired, though, I've moved away from using it and suggested others do the same. Unless you have the kind of money to take multiple road trips a year, the high annual fee is not worth the return you get from using the app.
by PJK tripper about Roadtrippers on August 18, 2019:
Just recommended Roadtrippers to a friend who advised me of this new change. What a shame! I agree with everyone here. For 1 or 2 road trips per year, that's an outrageous fee. Time to delete this worthless app which now limits to 5 stops!
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