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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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Beside our list of spare tire cover alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 9 hand picked spare tire covers.
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Our first pick: The from Moonet

Our second pick: The from Classic Accessories

Our third pick: The from ADCO

Our fourth pick: The from Astro Pneumatic Tool

Our fifth pick: The from Leader Accessories

Our sixth pick: The from Classic Accessories

Our seventh pick: The from ADCO

Our eighth pick: The from Fremont Die

Our ninth pick: The from ADCO

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13 Best Spare Tire Cover Alternatives

HEALiNK HEALiNK Cover image
Top Pick
  • Effectively protect your spare tire in rain snow wind dust sun and any bad...
  • Universal for cars or any vehicles with tires which diameter is 70-75cm (27...
  • High quality pvc leather durable and waterproof wipe-clean vinyl with soft n...
XtremeAmazing XtremeAmazing XA CRV CR-V Wheel Soft Cover image

XtremeAmazing XA CRV CR-V Spare Wheel Tire Soft Cove...

  • Super fast shipping from la usually takes 3-5 business days to arrive
  • 90 days warranty provided by XtremeAmazing
  • Product quality can only be assured from XtremeAmazing
Altopcar Altopcar Overdrive Universal Fit For Jeep image

Altopcar Overdrive Universal Fit For Jeep, Trailer, ...

  • Compatability: Universal for all cars,UV and mildew resistant
  • Tire sizes are listed on back of package so customers can determine sizing ...
  • Elasticized back hem for a fast and adjustable fit
Fasmov Fasmov Wheel Cover image

Fasmov Wheel Tire Cover Liberty Spare Tire Cover,Bla...

  • Fits wheel diameter:27"-30
  • Easy installation,no tools required
  • Waterproof,non-scratch backing
Tsofu S Cover image

Spare Tire Cover PVC Leather WaterProof Dust-proof U...

  • Multi-function - Waterproof strong wearability wipe-clean vinyl with soft non-...
  • High quality material - Our Spare Tire Cover are made of high quality pvc ...
  • Easy installation - Our Spare Tire Cover are easy to install and remove an...
AmFor AmFor Cover image

AmFor Spare Tire Cover, Universal Fit for Jeep, Trai...

  • Durable:</b> High quality materials exquisite workmanship,soft and sturdy ...
  • Convenient:</b> Easy to install and remove no tools required Easy to c...
  • Design:</b> Elastic band design is more humanized for a fast and adjus...
BCP BCP Black Color PU Leather Cover image

BCP Black Color PU Leather Spare Tire Cover (Fit 31-...

  • Material: PU Leather
  • Waterproof and non-scratch Helps guard against sun rain mud and other elements
  • Can fit wheel diameter: 31"-33"(80-83cm); Width: 10
Moonet Moonet Universal Cover image

Moonet Universal Spare Tire Cover Black (14 inch)

  • Fitment: Universal for all car
  • Fits wheel diameter:24"-26
  • Waterproof,non-scratch backing
TCP Global TCP Global Brand 27

TCP Global Brand 27"-30" Spare Tire Cover for Jeep, ...

  • Protect the tires and wheels from sun dirt corrosion and all types of weather
  • Fits 27"-30 Tire diameter from edge to edge
  • Waterproof wipe-clean vinyl with soft non-scratch backing

DKIIGAME 32"-33" Spare Tire Cover,Wheel Protectors,W...

  • Elasticized Back Hem With Quick-Connect Clips Design,Slip-on Style Tire Cover ...
  • Waterproof and Non-Scratch Helps Protect Your Spare Wheel & Guard Against...
  • High Quality UV Resistant vinyl leather NO ink and NO Stickers which means ...
Moonet Moonet American Flag Eagle Head Wheel Cover image

Moonet American Flag Eagle Head Spare Tire Wheel Cov...

  • Material:Canvas,Diameter:70cm-75cm 28inch-30inch (m)
  • For : 235/65r17 255/65r16 215/70r16 235/75r15 245/70r15 235/65r17 255/65r16 25...
  • Greatly improves vehicle appearance
Bully Bully CM-07R Red Zombie Cover image

Bully CM-07R Red Zombie Spare Tire Cover - Large

  • Fits tire diameters: 29.5 - 32.5 inches
  • Designed to provide protection for the spare tire
  • Slips on and stays put with built in elastic band
Explore Land Explore Land 22-23.75 inch Cover image

Explore Land 22-23.75 inch Spare Tire Cover Fit Jeep...

  • Fits full tire diameter from 22 to 23.75 22"-23.75 is not the rim size
  • It's great to storage or keep tires and wheels from sun damage bird drops ...
  • Ideal for use on Jeep Trailer rv suv Truck or any other tire with corresp...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-20 09:10:33 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Spare Tire Cover Buying Guide

Because of the decorative nature of some spare tire covers, some people don’t see them as a must have item for their vehicle. If you have a spare tire that is kept on the exterior of your vehicle, a spare tire is a very necessary accessory. It protects it from the elements as well as the wear and tear that can happen on the open road. Tires left out in the elements can begin to fade or discolor over time out in the sun and elements. The tire may even start to deteriorate the rubber of the tire causing it to crack; cracking in turn, can cause the tire to be more susceptible to being popped, torn, punctured, or completely blown. An example of this tires on vehicles that are not used for a long period of time. You will see the tire begin to disintegrate over time until it is no longer safe for any real use.
Most vehicles come with a tire cover from the manufacturer, but these may not be high quality, they may get lost, they might begin to wear out, or maybe you would like one that shows your favorite sports team. If you do find yourself looking for a new spare tire cover you will likely be overwhelmed by all the choices. Our Spare Tire Buying Guide can help you narrow down your choices and ultimately make a decision on which spare tire cover is best for you. Below is a list of spare tire covers on Amazon that are rated 4 stars or above by their buyers:

Universal Spare Tire Cover Black (16 inch)
This highly rated spare tire cover is made out of PVC leather which is a strong washable material. It is durable, requires little to no maintenance, and can be hosed or wiped off when cleaning the rest of your car. These features increase the longevity of this spare tire cover. It fits a standard size spare tire and requires no tools to install. This spare tire cover is a simple and practical way to protect your spare tire from the sun and elements.
Classic Accessories 75347 Overdrive Universal Fit Spare Tire Cover, Black, Small

This universal spare tire cover fits most spare tires. It is available in three colors white, gray, and black. It is a great value for a reasonable price. This spare tire cover includes instructions to assist with installation. It has been tested in extreme conditions and has withstood storms. It is a good looking cover that is easy to install, has no workmanship issues, and protects spare tires well.
ADCO 3973 Black #3 Vinyl Ultra Tyre Gard Wheel Cover

This is a set of 2 tire covers that have an incredible 4.8 rating on Amazon. The Ultra Tyre Gard model has a patented Bungee-Ball fastening system that has brass reinforced grommets. You will never lose this spare tire cover to the wind. This system is a large part of the reason that most people who buy this cover are so pleased with the fit and longevity it offers.
Astro 9004 White Heavy Canvas

These white heavy canvas tire covers offer a slightly more long-term solution to covering spare tires. These covers are great if you know you will not need your tire for some time and need to protect it from long time disuse. It fits most small to medium vehicle spares and is a high rated heavy canvas cover.

Leader Accessories 26" - 28"

Leader accessories spare tire cover is for Jeeps, RVs, SUVs, trailer, and truck wheels. It is a black soft vinyl that is UV and mildew resistant. It is great for both winter storage or to keep the sun from cracking your tires. It is waterproof and has non-scratch backing. The elasticized back hem and is a snug fit on 26”-28” spare tires.
ADCO 9757 Silver Diamond Plated Steel Vinyl Spare Tire Cover J

This spare tire cover is easy to slip on and fits snuggly once it is. It is a very thick and sturdy cover. It has been field tested in the harsh desert sun and has withstood it well protecting the tire within from the harsh UV rays. It has a diamond-plate design that looks great with many vehicles and adds a nice customized look. This is a great spare tire cover that will keep your spare tire like new and is a great value for the quality received.
AutoCare Spare Tire Cover

The AutoCare spare tire cover is thick and elaborately stitched with very high quality seaming thread that increases its tear resistance. The premium polyester taffeta is water-proof and is great for rainy climates. It has a long lasting durability because its unique design fits tightly around the spare tire and is never lifted by the wind.

NFL Tire Cover

This NFL spare tire cover is great for sports enthusiasts. It is a thick cover that features your favorite NFL teams logo. It fits most spare tires snuggly and has good quality ratings. This is a great gift for a sports fan who needs to fill the practical need to protect expensive spare tires.

ADCO 8756 Camouflage Game Creek Oaks Spare Tire Cover I

Protect your spare tire from the elements with a durable tire cover that features an "Oaks" camouflage design. This spare tire cover has great ratings for snug fit, ease of installation, and quality. It will protect your tire from environmental hazards and keep your spare tire safe to use if you need to. Outdoor enthusiasts will love the "Oak" camouflage design.
These covers are a great way to protect expensive spare tires from the environment and will save you from replacement costs by doing so.
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