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Udemy is an online learning platform with a wide array of classes to explore.
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21 Best Alternatives to Udemy

Khan Academy icon

Khan Academy

Khan Academy offers online tools to help students learn about a variety of important school subjects. Tools include videos, practice exercises, and materials for instructors.
Codecademy icon


Learn the technical skills you need for the job you want. As leaders in online education and learning to code, we’ve taught over 45 million people using a tested curriculum and an interactive learning environment.
Coursera icon


Coursera is an online learning platform that provides free and low-cost college courses. The courses are offered by major universities in many parts of the world.
Udacity icon


Advance your career with online courses in programming, data science, artificial intelligence, digital marketing, and more. Built with industry leaders.
edX icon


EdX offers free online courses and classes from the world's best universities and institutions. Explore the latest courses from MIT, Harvard, UC Berkeley, The Smithsonian, Catalyst, The University of Texas and more.
Lynda icon


This is a video training app for businesses and individuals who need to offer details to others who might not be able to be at the same location. There are also videos that offer instructions for everyday tasks that you need to complete at home or at your business that seem hard to find online.
Pluralsight icon


Pluralsight is a learning management system (LMS) that helps aspiring tech professionals learn the basics of the trade and lets established professionals expand their skill sets.
SoloLearn icon


SoloLearn is a programming language learning app available for a variety of platforms. Over twenty-two million learners worldwide use the SoloLearn apps to enhance their programming and coding knowledge.
Treehouse icon


Learn web design, coding and much more with Treehouse. You can learn at your own pace and become job ready within months. Start your free trial!
Code School icon

Code School

We've integrated the interactivity from Code School into the Pluralsight platform. Grow your skills with Pluralsight experiences like assessments, paths and expert-led content on today’s most in-demand technologies.
FutureLearn icon


FutureLearn is a massive open online course (MOOC) platform that was founded by The Open University in 2012. All courses, programs, and degrees are taught by a consortium of respected colleges and universities.
OpenSesame icon


OpenSesame is a program to create experiments for psychology, neuroscience, and experimental economics. The latest stable version is 3. 2. 7 Kafkaesque Koffka, released on March 20, 2018 (release notes).
SkillShare icon


Skillshare is a portal to a wide range of online classes with courses available in a range of disciplines.
Code4Startup icon


Learn Ruby on Rails, Python, AngularJS, NodeJS, React, Ionic by cloning AirBnb, TaskRabbit, Tinder, Product Hunt, Fiverr and . more.
CBT Nuggets icon

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets is a video-based eLearning platform for IT professionals. It is accessible from both a desktop browser and mobile devices. Learners pay on a monthly, semiannual, or annual basis, with discounts available for multi-year agreements.
Codeasy icon


Welcome to Codeasy ► interactive platform to learn C# online ► Read adventure story 📖 and practice your skills at C# tutorial 💻. Become software developer in an easy and fun way with Codeasy 😉 Ready?
Lynda.com icon


Learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals. Join today to get access to thousands of courses.
KelbyOne icon


Bring your skills into focus with online photography courses. Touch up your work by learning Adobe Photoshop & Lightroom online too. Start for free today!
Dataquest icon


An online programming and data science education platform that allows students to learn and practice Python, R, SQL, statistics, git, the command line, and other critical data science skills right in their browsers.
LearnItFast icon


LearnItFast solves the problem of forgetting of online courses and study notes. It is an open learning platform for courses with spaced repetitions. The spaced repetitions algorithm reminds you to review the concept you want to master with increasing intervals.
Python Principles icon

Python Principles

Python Principles is an online learning platform that helps beginners learn Python programming from scratch.

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Pros of Udemy

Courses can be purchased individually
Huge variety in the courses offered
Robust search functions

Cons of Udemy

Quality of courses and teaching styles can vary wildly by instructor
Onus of creating an academic path is on the student

Udemy Icon Features of Udemy

Download courses directly to your phone using the app
Specialized courses available for business owners

Udemy Reviews

by grex about Udemy on March 29, 2018:
Whether you want to start a new career, improve your value at your existing occupation, or simply learn a new skill for your own self satisfaction, online learning software provides a much more accessible platform than traditional schools. Udemy has managed to make a name for themselves as one of the most prominent online course catalogs around. Their pricing structure makes them much more affordable than traditional schools, and users are free to learn at their own pace, without having to travel to physical classrooms and rely on the strict demands of teachers or professors.

Udemy basically serves as a middle man between aspiring teachers and students, and that serves as both a strength and a weakness. For teachers, this means anyone with a reasonable skill set can help spread their talents without having to go through the hoops that academia requires, and it allows students to pull from a broader selection of instructors in pursuit of their interests. It's a model that's been exceedingly successful for Udemy. Tens of thousands of courses are available on their site, and they cover topics as diverse as computer programming, cooking, and guitar playing. You can find someone to instruct you in practically any talent you want to learn through the Udemy interface.

On the down side, the lack of tenure and official support from an accredited school means that instructors have to work hard for exposure. Instructors are paid on the popularity of their classes, and it can become easy to get lost in the shuffle. But for students, this can be a boon. Offering free classes as proof of skill and an entree to more complicated classes is both a great way for instructors to build an audience and for students to try before they buy. But the sheer wealth of materials available may be intimidating to some prospective students.

Luckily, Udemy offers tools to help users find what they're looking for. A fully functioning search bar churns out results based on what you type, and the catalog is split up into categories and subcategories that help you browse what's on hand more easily. The front page of Udemy tends to highlight the most popular courses available, but digging deeper can produce satisfying results. Rather than creating a track for courses were the skills from one lead directly into another, students buy courses a la carte. On one hand, this makes it easy to only purchase the courses that interest you. On the other, it can sometimes be difficult to create an academic pathway that mimics the more structured style of traditional academics.

Udemy also offers courses for business owners. Covering subjects like design, marketing, and management, these allow companies to get entire teams up to speed and help them develop their skills in more specialized disciplines. Udemy courses can be accessed either through their site or through their mobile app for Android and iOS devices.
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