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V-Play is a platform for developing games and applications. It ranks among the best game engines. Developers recognize the excellence of both its application programing interface (API) and the underly...ing programming language. The game engine benefits both novice and experienced developers. New users need not amass an extensive knowledge of programming to use the V-Play engine. It aids the creative process while minimizing cumbersome programming tools. Even with its easy-to-use API, it is capable of producing exceptional applications and games. V-Play facilitates integration and scalability so that anyone can enjoy the new products it brings to market. V-Play’s website provides a wealth of information about its mobile app and game development platform. The site discusses the Qt Meta Language. It highlights JavaScript integration superiority. This dynamic is of great value to developers who want an intuitive declarative language. The V-Play website, like its support team, makes it easy for new developers to launch successful products. Developer Experiences One coder described his experience with V-Play. He discussed the platform’s advantages over other game engines. For one thing, it is simple and scalable across mobile phones and tablets. Game engines often have compatibility issues. Compatibility and scalability are highly valued, especially for smaller developers. Yet, it is uncommon for it to work as well as V-Play. Integration and shared services are excellent for both Android and iOS devices. The ease of its compatibility with social media platforms is a huge plus. V-Play support services are valued by developers. From coding to graphics and sound implementation, developers find that using V-Play is an enjoyable experience. V-Play for App Development The V-Play platform is marketed as a tool that can save time and money. It boasts an efficient output that can condense a source code by 90%. However, V-Play is not a scaled down game engine. Quite the contrary. It is suitable for rich-content games. Cross-platform integration seems effortless. Users need not worry about fundamental nuances among devices, such as, screen resolution or aspect ratios. V-Play even accounts for the differences of unique navigation interfaces of end user devices. V-Play for Game Development V-Play is the first game engine creative minds should turn to. Anyone who wants the world to experience their game or application can benefit from V-Play. It is a user friendly tool which minimizes the clutter that impedes the creative process. Beyond its creative benefits, V-Play is a compatible engine that bridges across social and device platforms. V-Play Comparison and Features There are several advantages for using V-Play over similar engines. It provides a complete solution that caters to both game and app developers. Disadvantages of using V-Play are few and far between. Read moreless
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Alternatives to V-Play

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    Clean OOP approach. Gideros provides its own class system with all the basic OOP standards, enabling you to write clean and reusable code for any of your future games.

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    . loved-by-logos-block { display: none; }/* multi-column layout */. multi-column{clear:both;}. multi-column. outer { float: none; width: auto; z-index: 1; }. multi-column.

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  • Features
  • Supports plugins for 3rd-party services.
  • Native look and feel across platforms.
  • Supports Android and iOS development.
You can always update V-Play to add more features!


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V-Play Videos

Youtube Video: How to Make a Mobile Game - V-Play Tutorial

This video guides you through the basics of developing cross-platform games with the V-Play Engine. watch this video to learn how to make a mobile game Website: v-play.net Twitter:...

Disclaimer: This video was not made by us, but we found it interesting enough to embed it here.


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