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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
Olympia 33 Olympia 33" 8 Pocket R...
High Sierra 32 High Sierra 32" Drop B...
World Traveler 21-Inch Carry-On Rolling Duffel icon World Traveler 21-Inch...
Fila FL-LUD-532-BL 32-inch Lightweight Rolling Duffel icon Fila FL-LUD-532-BL 32-...
EBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21 EBags TLS Mother Lode ...

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of wheeled duffel alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 5 hand picked wheeled duffels.
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Olympia 33

Olympia 33" 8 Pocket Rollin...

Our first pick: The Olympia 33" 8 Pocket Rolling Duffel from Olympia
High Sierra 32

High Sierra 32" Drop Bottom...

Our second pick: The High Sierra 32" Drop Bottom Duffle from High Sierra
World Traveler 21-Inch Carry-On Rolling Duffel image

World Traveler 21-Inch Carr...

Our third pick: The World Traveler 21-Inch Carry-On Rolling Duffel from World Traveler
Fila FL-LUD-532-BL 32-inch Lightweight Rolling Duffel image

Fila FL-LUD-532-BL 32-inch ...

Our fourth pick: The Fila FL-LUD-532-BL 32-inch Lightweight Rolling Duffel from Fila
EBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21

EBags TLS Mother Lode Mini ...

Our fifth pick: The EBags TLS Mother Lode Mini 21" Duffel from eBags

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8 Best Wheeled Duffel Alternatives

High Sierra High Sierra 57020-1041 AT7 Duffel image
Top Pick

High Sierra 57020-1041 AT7 Wheeled Duffel with Backp...

  • Zippered divider panel between upper and lower compartments can be rolled up...
  • Capacity: 3068 cubic inches
Victorinox Victorinox Vx Touring Duffel image

Victorinox Vx Touring Wheeled Duffel Extra-Large, An...

  • Designed for adventure this spacious wheeled duffel is lightweight and full ...
  • Spacious main compartment with large U-shaped opening expands 3 cm (1.1") fo...
  • Interior organization includes Y-shaped webbing compression straps a large zip...
Osprey Osprey Packs Rolling Transporter 120 Duffel image

Osprey Packs Rolling Transporter 120 Duffel Bag, Black

  • Wide easy to pack side-opening main access and weather-resistant double-flappe...
  • Large external end pocket keeps smaller items accessible
  • Six additional lash points ensure secure transport
AmazonBasics AmazonBasics Ripstop Duffel image

AmazonBasics Ripstop Wheeled Duffel - 30-Inch, Black

  • Wheeled duffel in black with grey accents for traveling in comfortable conve...
  • 100 polyester top; sides and base made of 1680d ripstop and 210d lining
  • Multiple zippered front and main compartments for easy organizing and secure ...
Eagle Creek Eagle Creek Travel Gear Luggage No Matter What Flashpoint Rolling Duffel image

Eagle Creek Travel Gear Luggage No Matter What Flash...

  • Exterior Bi-Tech fabric makes this duffel abrasion resistant and weatherproof ...
  • Treaded wheels This wheeled duffel has oversized heavy-duty treaded wheels in...
  • Convenient This luggage has a capacity of 105 liters a front zipper pocket ...
Samsonite Samsonite Luggage Ripstop Duffel image

Samsonite Luggage Ripstop Wheeled Duffel, Blue, 35 Inch

  • Body Dimensions: 35.0 x 16.0 x 16.0"(including wheels)
  • Locking zippers on main compartment Rivets on bail handles for support and ...
  • Interior divider - Made of flexible mesh fabric is designed to help create ...
High Sierra High Sierra Evolution 30

High Sierra Evolution 30" Wheeled Drop-Bottom Duffel...

  • Main compartment with U-shaped opening
  • Large drop-bottom compartment
  • Side storage pocket
Eagle Creek Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel image

Eagle Creek Cargo Hauler Rolling Duffel 120l-Extra L...

  • Ultra light This extra large duffel has a capacity of 120 liters but only ...
  • Four carry options This bag has four versatile carry options so it can acc...
  • Exterior All exterior zippers are lockable with reflective finger loop pulls ...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-17 10:17:34 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Wheeled Duffel Buying Guide

Hauling a large, heavy suitcase around can be difficult. Frequently, it's hard, to almost impossible to find an empty rolling cart to load your luggage on to get around an airport or hotel. It's even harder to lug a heavy bag over your shoulder trying to hail a taxicab.

One smart way to travel is to use a wheeled duffel. Here are 9 highly recommended wheeled duffels, followed by some tips to help you choose the one that is right for you.

9 Highly Recommend Wheeled Duffels

How to Buy the Right Wheeled Duffel

There are a few things that go into making sure you pick the best wheeled duffel for your needs. You should think about how often you travel, what types of things you need for these trips and the methods of transportation you might use. A wheeled duffel is really essential for plane trips, or situations where you need to get around with your luggage.

It won't take long to figure out how useful the mobility of a wheeled duffel is when you have to haul that bag around for very long. Wheeled duffels allow you to take what you need and not have to worry about getting where you need to go, or dealing with unforeseen situations. Use these six tips to help make sure you buy a wheeled duffel that will satisfy your traveling needs and hold up under any travel conditions.

· Packing Weight Considerations

One nice thing about wheeled duffels is that too big is usually not an issue. Luggage that does not have wheels means you must pack according to how much weight you can carry. That's not a problem with a wheeled duffel.

All you have to do is make sure that the weight meets airline checked baggage restrictions. Everything up to that point is never a problem with a wheeled duffel. That makes options such as the large, 8-Pocket Olympia and the full size 42" ICE USA viable for travel situations where you need to pack a lot of stuff.

· The Right Size for All the Right Stuff

The weight of your bag isn't a problem because it wheels with ease. Baggage size becomes a factor in relation to how much and what type of stuff you need to pack. There are also some wheeled duffels, which are small enough to fit overhead, or under the seat specifications.

Wheeled duffels like the World Traveler Rolling Duffel and the eBags Mother Lode are perfect for packing essential needs, but avoid having to check the bag for air travel. You can still fill them with whatever items you need because they wheel with ease.

If your needs are better suited for one of the larger wheeled duffels, adding a variety of compartments can help organize your travel needs. The Fila, High Sierra AT3, and especially the Olympia with its 8 pockets are great for keeping you organized on any trip.

The ICE USA wheeled duffel is one of the most versatile of all the available bags. It has tons of space and volumes of capacity nicely divided into multiple compartments. That's the reason it is broken down as an outdoor, mountain, cargo and equipment bag. It is the largest most versatile duffel on the list.

The ultimate bag for packing size, blended with convenience is the Samsonite Ripstop. It has the space capacity to pack a lot of stuff for trips, but folds down flat to a size of around 5" high for convenient storage.

· Price

If you need to stay within a budget, a couple of the name brand bags cost more than some others. The Rockland Luggage 40 Inch duffel has a lot of room and adequate compartments to keep you organized, but it costs less than $40. If you need an inexpensive wheeled duffel that still gives you space and flexibility this bag makes sense.

Most of the larger wheeled duffels will average around $100. There are brands that are drastically more expensive, but from the list of nine presented here, the diversity and features are enough to meet most of your traveling needs.

· Style & Design

If you're a business traveler, or encounter situations where the style and design of your luggage is important, the High Sierra AT3 and the Eddie Bauer Unisex-Adult Expedition are highly respected, brand name luggage. Both sport a number of features that give you plenty of packing flexibility, but they also show off brand name style.

Both duffels are made with quality materials and excellent workmanship. Their style is visible in the perfect lines and quality stitching. The Eddie Bauer duffel comes in 5 different distinct colors, for the traveler who wants to add a little colorful flare to their luggage. The High Sierra is also one bag with a unique concept. It's 3-in-one design wheeled duffel, which converts to an over-the-shoulder carry bag, or strapped on your back like a backpack.

Both these models are also drop-bottom designs that add a great deal of packing room. The bottom section of the duffel opens up to neatly pack clothing or other luggage, then secures snugly with hold-down straps. A drop-bottom wheeled duffel design is essential for travelers who plan on extended trips or situations where they need to pack a lot of stuff.

· Wheels & Handle

Another important part of picking the right wheeled duffel is to check out the wheel design and the handle configuration. Some models have smaller wheels and just a strap handle to pull the duffel. Those two combinations work fine as long as you don't have to cover large distances. The larger the wheels, the easier the bag rolls.

Some models like the High Sierra AT3 are made for the purpose of rolling easily over long stretches. It actually uses a skate wheel design like that of a skateboard. These wheels roll smoothly, even over difficult terrain. Other models like the Rockland use a third wheel in the middle for extra stability.

· Zippers & Hardware

Picking the perfect piece of luggage can go beyond just the style, design, or how it pulls. The quality of materials and workmanship are important aspects of wheeled duffel, because good quality and expert workmanship usually equate to durability. Duffels like the Eddie Bauer model use metal zippers, which are known to have excellent endurance.

Inspect how the handles and carry straps are attached, and if the main handle has preset lengths. Sometimes you may need more control, so a handle that only extends to one length, then locks, can limit the control you have over your bag. Look for duffels that double stitch the carry handles. When the manufacturer has taken the time to reinforce these things, you can trust that the back and hardware will withstand the rigors of travel.

Picking the right wheeled duffel is determined by your needs and travel agenda. Some people like to keep a couple different styles around to meet specific situations. The smaller versions are great for short trips or circumstances where you may not want to check your luggage.

Bigger duffels give you a lot of space to take necessary stuff, plus have enough compartment flexibility to keep you organized. No matter what size wheeled duffel you buy, or how much weight you pack in it; one thing remains the same. You'll be able to wheel it around with ease, wherever you need to go.
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