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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
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Beside our list of wide angle mirror alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 9 hand picked wide angle mirrors.
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Our first pick: The from Fouring

Our second pick: The from APR

Our third pick: The from

Our fourth pick: The from CIPA

Our fifth pick: The from Fit System

Our sixth pick: The from EFORCAR

Our seventh pick: The from Meetneed

Our eighth pick: The from SeeAll

Our ninth pick: The from Car Mate

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7 Best Wide Angle Mirror Alternatives

Maxi View Mirrors MaxiView Made in USA image
Top Pick

Made in USA, HD Metal Lense 360° Blind Spot Mirror b...

  • Genuine US patented product When it comes to your safety (especially at hig...
  • See blind spots like never before a large distortion-free image helps you c...
  • Never worry about mirrors falling off Each mirror comes complete with super ...
Utopicar New Blind Spot Mirrors. Can be Adjustable or Fixed Installed. Car Mirror image

New Blind Spot Mirrors. Can be Adjustable or Fixed I...

  • No-fail adhesive blind spot mirrors --- We understand the importance of the ...
  • Securely change lanes and merge highways --- We know that anxious feeling w...
  • WE stand for safety IN driving --- look Twice for Motorcycles is a texas ...
Modtek New! High Definition Rear View Mirror image

New! High Definition Wide Angle Rear View Mirror for...

  • Large 11 by 3 HD Convex Mirror
  • 2 Adjustable Mounting Brackets
  • 2 Velcro Strong adhesive pads

BETOOLL 15" Wide Rear View Race Mirror Convex Mirror...

  • Widen Your View: Wide angle 15 x 2.5 Convex shape for maximum rear view w...
  • Fit Vehicleunder the rzr 800 XP 900 900 900s 2015 - 2017 & XP 100...
  • Four Small Metal Gaskets: to hold the mirror tightenly stop the mirror sl...
Yoolight Yoolight Car Rear View Mirror image

Yoolight Car Rear View Mirror, 12" Wide Angle Univer...

  • Blue Car rearview mirror can provide more wide angle vision than original m...
  • Blue rearview mirror are made of especial glass which could make clear imag...
  • With a adjustable buckle just one-touch you could clip on the original rear...
Gardaco Fully Adjustable 12

Fully Adjustable 12" Convex Security Mirror - Gives ...

  • Security mirror - 12 Inch convex mirror outdoor provides an exceptional clea...
  • Convex mirror outdoor & indoor - High quality adjustable safety mirror w...
  • Corner mirror - Security 12-inch premium safety mirror will help you to see...
lebogner Lebogner Pack Blind Spot Accessories 2

lebogner Pack Blind Spot Accessories 2" Round HD Gla...

  • A must have Our Blind Spot Mirror 2 Piece Packed will maximize your view...
  • Our Convex Blind Spot Mirror has the newest upgrade with 360Rotate 30Sway ...
  • Our 2 HD Glass Curved Blind Spot Mirror is frameless and has a slim desig...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-18 09:11:31 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Wide Angle Mirror Buying Guide

Here's why everyone needs a great wide-angle mirror:

A wide-angle mirror is the most affordable, easiest way to protect yourself on the road from accidents all around you that are just waiting to happen. Other kinds of wide-angle mirrors aren't just useful for your automobiles. Wide-angle mirrors for your boat help you when cruising on the lake, and wide-angle mirrors for your driveway or shop help give you more peace of mind. The extra visibility you'll get from these mirrors makes a huge difference, especially when you're:

  • driving on rough roads in bad weather
  • riding in a difficult car chase in pursuit of criminals, like police officers often do
  • barreling down a race track like NASCAR drivers
  • trying to add greater security into your business or around your home

Wide-angle mirrors have lots of benefits:

1. Wide-angle mirrors increase your field of vision so much that you will no longer have to look over your shoulder so much. On the road, one quick glance into the mirror is much easier and faster to do when quickly changing lanes. Some mirrors let you see the action on the road even up to several lanes away from you!
2. When you put a wide-angle security mirror in the top corners of your business, you'll be able to catch someone trying to steal from you even while sitting at the register.
3. Since you won't have to turn your head around much anymore after installing wide-angle mirrors, it becomes a great relief for anyone suffering from chronic neck and back problems too.
4. If you have kids, you know how annoying it is to have to listen to the constant chatter in the backseat while trying to focus on the road at the same time. Plus, how can you relax with an infant in the backseat when you don't know if they're making noise for a serious reason or if they're just feeling frustrated about nothing special again? A wide-angle mirror in your car solves these problems for you by giving you perfect visibility of what's happening in the back at all times so that you know when you need to stop and when you should just scold the troublemakers and keep on driving.
5. Backing out and parking in tight places gets a whole lot easier with wide-angle mirrors. They have less distortion than the conventional mirrors that come attached to your car, giving you better distance perception. Especially when you have to back out quickly onto a busy street, wide-angle mirrors relieve a lot of the stress you have of accidentally hitting something on your way out. Sadly, a good majority of road collisions are most often due to people who made mistakes while backing out, which is an easily preventable error.

What features should you look for in wide-angle mirrors?

Consider their size.
Will the mirror that you're considering cover the entire field of vision that you need? Will it fit well wherever you plan on installing it? Bigger is not always better if the mirror gets in the way of your everyday tasks.

Is it shatterproof?
While you may not get into accidents very often, you want to prepare yourself for those unpredictable instances where it's easy to lose your mirror, such as if someone else hits your parked car. A shatterproof mirror will last much longer, even in rough driving conditions.

Will your wide-angle mirror be easy to install?
We love being able to pop something right out of the box, mount it in a minute by ourselves and drive away. However, be careful and read the reviews of the mirror you want to get. The phrase "easy to install" often means that it's a little less secure, so the mirror could shake or even fall off when you're on a really bumpy road if it's a clip-on mirror.
Do you want wide-angle mirrors you can stick onto your existing mirrors?
If all you really care about is eliminating your blind spots, then you might want more minimal wide-angle mirrors that won't get in the way of anything. In that case, get a pair of adhesive mirrors that sit nicely in the corners of your rear-view mirrors.

Remember too that not all wide-angle mirrors are alike. Get a wide-angle mirror designed especially for boats if you're boating. Choose a set made for bicycles if you're cycling. It's best not to try and modify wide-angle mirrors for cars so that you can use them in other ways.

Here are examples of who likes each main type of wide-angle mirror:

Penny-wise folks love this budget-friendly, wide-angle mirror alternative that's less than $5: the Drhob brand blind-spot, rear-view mirror with wide-angle coverage for cars and trucks. These inconspicuous, round, convex mirrors give you a wide-angle view easily when you simply peel off the adhesive paper cover on the back and stick it right onto the outside corners of your rear-view mirrors. You can install them in literally less than a minute. It also comes with a stand that allows you to tilt the new mirror to any angle you need. You can attach these mini-mirrors with or without the tilt-able mount.
One of the most popular wide-angle mirrors for vehicles is the BL brand super-wide-angle, rear-view, curve mirror by Fouring. It lets you see the entire back row of seats, every inch of the rear window and both windows of the rear passengers perfectly. It also lets you see the lane behind you and the full lane on both of your car's sides all at the same time. The design of it covers the interior rear-view mirror, and you might want to use some extra adhesive agents if your existing mirror can't handle the weight of this new mirror so well.
Store owners, managers and those who want extra visibility around their driveways prefer a security wide-angle mirror like the See All brand PLX18 circular, acrylic, indoor, convex security mirror that's 18 inches in diameter. It comes with mounting brackets and washers, and it's even easy to attach it to a tree if you're using it outdoors. Some people also mount it on cubicle walls to monitor the activity behind them. It works best to monitor objects fairly close to the mirror.
Those who enjoy boating like the highly affordable CIPA 11119 Economy 2.5 inches by 8 inches marine mirror with a wide-angle view. It has a well-curved shape to help you see the mirror easily from every angle, and it mounts very quickly. You attach it to the windshield or dashboard as you like.

Bikers really prefer the BicycleStore brand set of adjustable, rotating handlebar rear-view mirrors because they are very durable. They don't shake excessively while riding, and they work especially well when mounted on straight handlebars too.
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