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Babbel is a paid language learning service that aims to strike a balance between thoroughness and cost efficiency.
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12 Best Alternatives to Babbel

Duolingo icon


Duolingo is a free language learning app for iOS, Windows and Android devices. The app makes learning a new language fun by breaking learning into small lessons where you can earn points and move up through the levels.
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Learn a new language with games, humorous chatbots and over 30, 000 native speaker videos.
Busuu icon


Join the global language learning community, take language courses to practice reading, writing, listening and speaking and learn a new language.
Rosetta Stone icon

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is the world's most popular software for learning languages. It is offered at a cost of just $169 when purchased outright, but it is also possible to purchase language programs in a subscription format that offers ongoing support.
Lingvist icon


Lingvist helps you take your foreign language skills to the next level with a broad selection of exercises and lessons.
Readlang icon


Read your favorite webpages, translate the words you don't know, and we'll generate flashcards to help you remember.
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Learn a new language anytime, anywhere with Hello-Hello. Top-selling apps for schools, libraries, companies and more!
HelloTalk icon


HelloTalk is a great app for people who have started to learn a new language and want the chance to be able to practice the language with native speakers.
lang-8 icon


Lang-8 is the best place for learning and practicing foreign languages. Post an entry in the language you are learning, then a native speaker will correct your entries.
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Mango Languages

Learn how Mango Languages' language-learning resources help patrons, students, employees, and individuals learn 70+ languages online and on-the-go.
Mondly icon


Learn languages online for free with Mondly, the language learning app loved by millions of people worldwide. Enjoy fun daily lessons, practice real conversations with a Chatbot and achieve flawless pronunciation and fluency in no time!
Italki icon


italki is a language learning social network that connects students and language teachers. You can find language exchange partners, practice speaking a foreign language, ask questions, find free online language resources, and get help from an international community of language learners.

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Pros of Babbel

Cheaper than other paid services without sacrificing quality.
Enables the user to learn any language using any other language from the selection.
Isn’t a strictly online service, allowing the user to learn even when offline.
An emphasis on contextual and conversational learning.

Cons of Babbel

Far more limited selection of languages to learn from compared to main competitors.
Weaker voice recognition engine compared to the competition.
There’s a noticeable difference in the content between the mobile applications and the website.

Babbel Icon Features of Babbel

You can learn any of 14 languages using any one of them as a base.
A personalized progress assessment manager.
In-depth grammar lessons as part of the curriculum.
Offline functionality helps further realize the promise of mobility.

Babbel Reviews

by grex about Babbel on March 2, 2018:
Online learning resources seem to keep getting better and better as they get more numerous. With the diversity in services comes a diversity in approaches with no one service fitting all students. While in terms of cost, Babbel sits in the middle between the far more expensive and known Rosetta Stone and the far cheaper free service Duolingo, it has an entirely different approach from both. Compared to the former, Babbel is more difficult for beginners and it might be better to use it after making oneself somewhat familiar with a language. Compared to the latter, it pushes students to write more than to read and has a far more conversational approach, almost entirely teaching in the form of conversation. It has a greater emphasis on teaching grammar than the alternatives, which seem to adhere more to the philosophy of having students learn grammar through practice.

Price-wise, Babbel is cheap. Far cheaper than Rosetta Stone, which costs 299 dollars a year compared to Babbel’s 83.40 dollars for a yearly subscription. In addition to the cheaper price of the yearly subscription, Babbel offers full access to all its languages for an extra 16.5 dollars instead of charging for each extra language separately. This is definitely a selling point if you’re planning to learn multiple languages or would simply like to learn the same language using different languages. However, the limited selection of languages you can learn or learn from may overshadow this additional feature, and the free alternative that is Duolingo doesn't limit access to any of its languages for the same price of zero.

The language selection of Babbel is limited to fourteen counting English, but for all the languages available you can learn any using any. You can learn French as a German speaker or Swedish as a speaker of Indonesian. Duolingo’s crowd-sourced library results in a much longer and rapidly growing list of languages to learn from, while also making English courses available to far more people from different linguistic backgrounds.

One major advantage of Babbel over its competition is offline support on its mobile apps, which very convenient for people who travel a lot. Another major advantage is the ability to choose a general theme of learning in a sense. You can choose an interest or profession so that Babbel’s software focuses on its vocabulary during the learning process. If you’re planning to work or study abroad, this more focused approach can be very helpful.
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