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Badger maps is a sales management app that assists salespeople to plan and route their sales process thus minimizing the strain that comes with looking for clients... read more.
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12 Best Alternatives to Badger Maps

Salesflare icon


Salesflare automates crucial aspects of the customer relationship management process so sales teams can focus on customer interactions.
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Spreadsheets have never made you look so good. Sure, you can buy an expensive business intelligence mapping software that requires a Ph. D to use. Or you can use Mapline to create a map from Excel spreadsheet data in seconds.
Leaflet icon


Leaflet is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to integrate interactive maps into their websites or web apps.
eSpatial icon


eSpatial is a cutting edge information management and mapping software created by eSpatial Solutions for business applications. eSpatial mapping software allows businesses to find details that may be hidden in your collected data.
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Find locations anywhere in the world using MapQuest. You can also use the app to get directions from your location to another destination or to find certain streets, businesses and other attractions along your route.
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Map my customers

Try the 1st visual CRM built for outside sales teams. More effectively manage your sales territory and drive sales efficiency for the whole team with cutting-edge mapping, routing, and sales automation tools.
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GovWin IQ

Deltek provides enterprise software, ERP (enterprise resource planning) and information business solutions for services firms and government contractors.
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The homepage of Conversica Setup, Conversica at Tonkin Toyota.
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Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is the #1 ranked affiliate software, trusted by more than 27, 000 companies worldwide. Start your affiliate program now.
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Veelo's award-winning sales enablement platform increases sales performance by predicatively guiding sellers on what to know, say and do.
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Manage your account. Home Privacy Support. © Ecquire, Inc. All rights reserved.

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Badger Maps Icon More About Badger Maps

Badger maps is a sales management app that assists salespeople to plan and route their sales process thus minimizing the strain that comes with looking for clients. The Badger Map app is great for sales representatives, sales trainers, and sales managers. It connects with CRM and salesforce to get consumer data and organize the information to show you where your clients are located. You can easily spot your customers on a map and create the fastest route to their locations.

Pros of Badger Maps

The app is efficient for time management as it gives you the fastest routes. You also do not have to look for clients yourself as it does that for you
The app is easy to use and is supported on different operating systems like Android and iOS
Allows easy integration for new software and provides constant updates on the go
The app is encrypted thus you can be sure your data is safe

Cons of Badger Maps

Badger Maps Icon Features of Badger Maps

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Badger Maps Reviews

by grex about Badger Maps on March 7, 2018:
The app is a great time management tool because it helps you optimize on your distances and routes. In case you need to change an appointment, it provides the quickest route to your location. This app is like your daily planner! It has all the fantastic features that ensure you do not have to spend too much time planning your day.

The app also uploads clients’ details on your device while giving you the most efficient route map to all their locations. It also provides live traffic updates to help you avoid heavy traffic. How cool is that! It also allows you to track changes in the field and adjust accordingly. For team managers, Badger Maps enables them to monitor the performance of their teams using its automated performance reports and assists even in training. You can also use it to direct them to new opportunities.

The app enables you to plan your work day and update client information through your devices. It has filters that allow you to sieve and manage relationships with your clients in different territories. You can find prospective clients by searching through specific industries and even connect them with the existing clients, which enables you to create new leads for your business. Apart from offering direction, the developers also have training sessions for all business sizes. They sessions are available to a user on a monthly or yearly basis.

• It has a lasso function that enables you to come up with new routes fast by circling several points using your fingertip or a mouse
• It has a built-in calendar for easy integration to your device allowing you to optimize your routes easily
• The app uses specific leads to efficiently guide you through the tons of industry and product types, making your work easy and saving you time that would have otherwise been spent sieving through the whole data
• Route optimization to give you the fastest routes to your destination
• A wide range of GPS options to navigate with including Google Maps, Apple Maps, Magellan, Waze, and Garmin.
• Custom made check-in report templates to enable you or your team upload performance reports for easy tracking
• Live traffic updates from Google Maps to ensure that you do not get stuck in traffic
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