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Food Panda (partnered with Foodora) is the international answer to apps like Uber Eats, Door Dash, Postmates, and other food delivery apps. Users from 23 countries, including Canada, can use the app to request delivery or pickup orders from local restaurants. The app requires a user's location before allowing the browsing available restaurants, their menus and prices provided. Once a user orders a meal,the app will send the user a text to confirm the order then another text to give the estimated delivery or pickup time.
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3 Alternatives to Foodpanda

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Pros & Cons of Foodpanda


  • Works within a restaurant's current delivery/pickup structure
  • Allows user reviews
  • Curates the list of available restaurants


  • Does not offer many delivery options (depending on the location)
  • Works in only 22 countries, most of which are in Eastern Europe.
  • Has difficulty locating a user based on a typed-in address

Features of Foodpanda

  • Permits pre-orders several hours before requested delivery
  • Displays the live location of the delivery driver
  • In India Only) Works in collaboration with the railway's e-catering services

Foodpanda Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "In some locations, Food Panda operates like Door Dash and Postmates, the only difference being Food Panda's allowance of user reviews. In other locations — for example, Toronto, Canada — Food Panda operates like a third-party ordering app. This causes consumers to interact more directly with the restaurant, potentially encouraging them to spend more money. Being business-friendly allows Food Panda to offer a large selection of restaurants. While I enjoyed the vast selection in Toronto, the lack of delivery options available disappointed me. I did not want to leave my apartment, which forced me either to order from the one restaurant that offered delivery orders, which I had never been to, or change my plans.

    Ordering for the first time from a restaurant is not nerve-wrecking with Food Panda though. The app curates its selection pool, ensuring that users only choose from the area's best spots. Just because restaurants are more likely to partner with Food Panda does not mean they Food Panda will feature them on the app. Additionally, the app further controls the quality of their selection with user reviews. I felt safe, knowing that if the place food was bad, the restaurant either wouldn't be an option or would have terrible reviews.

    I've since ordered and pre-ordered meals through the app without a hiccup on the app's end. However, if I turn off my phone's GPS feature to save battery, I can't place an order. Although the app gives users the option to type in their location, doing so causes the app to experience an "Unknown Error." This "Unknown Error" prevents users from seeing what restaurants are in the area. Turning on my phone's GPS fixes this problem, but Food Panda should still fix the issue.

    Overall, Food Panda is a solid app. For many of the countries Food Panda is available in, its the only available food delivery app. For areas like Toronto though, the lack of delivery options offered undermines the app's usefulness."

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FoodPanda App Guide | Tiffany Yong

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