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Git is a distributed version control software package, for managing the changes of computer files across projects and subprojects that are made by multiple contributors.
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4 Best Alternatives to Git

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Microsoft Team Foundation Server

Store and collaborate on code with unlimited private repositories. Use Git for distributed version control or Team Foundation version control (TFVC) for centralized version control.
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You can follow our simple guide to learn how to revision your documents with Mercurial, or just use the quick start to get going instantly. A short overview of Mercurial's decentralized model is also available.
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Strict security controls permit only the Kiln On Demand systems administration team and the Kiln Development Lead to have access to the system.

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Pros of Git

The industry standard package for version control
Fast and reliable
Feature rich
Completely free to use
Many excellent third-party applications built off it, such as GitHub

Cons of Git

Difficult to learn, especially for those new to version control software
No access control

Git Icon Features of Git

Has had security issues in the past
Support for nonlinear workflows
Has a distributed development architecture
Compatibile with existing protocols
Can handle very large projects
Has many options for merging file repositories

Git Reviews

by grex about Git on March 29, 2018
"Created in 2005 by Linus Torvalds — the creator of Linux — Git has become the industry standard for software version control, and for good reason: it works and works well. Not to be confused with GitHub — which hosts Git repositories — Git is not only feature rich, it is also fast and has excellent support for nonlinear workflows. It also completely free to use and runs on just about every client imaginable.

Among its near countless features are its distributed development architecture, its compatibility with existing protocols, its ability to handle large-scale projects and its plethora of options when it comes to merging file repositories.

Git has a very basic low-level interface, which can be good or bad depending on your point of view. Programmers and other technical types generally love the interface, but others may prefer a visual front end, and there are many good third-party options for this.

Git has few negatives. But its overabundance of features can make it difficult to learn, especially for users with limited experience with version control packages. It also does not have any access control mechanisms, but instead it is built to work with other tools that perform this function. Finally, there have been some security issues with it in the past."
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