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Julia is a sophisticated programming language designed especially for numerical computing with specializations in analysis and computational science. It is also efficient for web use, general programming, and can be used as a specification language.
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8 Best Alternatives to Julia

Java icon


Java is a longstanding collection of computer software and rules that is responsible for the development and deployment of hundreds of thousands of applications and websites.
GNU Octave icon

GNU Octave

GNU Octave is a programming language for scientific computing. DownloadExecutable versions of GNU Octave for GNU/Linux systems .


MATLAB is a mathematics software designed for visual integration and detailed analytics. It combines math, graphics, and programming to make mathematical data entry and analysis easier than ever before.
Mathematica icon


Mathematica is a technical computing system with a broad range of uses throughout various fields of discipline. Its advanced computational capabilities make it a valuable tool for theoretical mathematicians, engineers, and computer scientists as well as professionals spanning countless other careers.
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Scilab Official Website. Enter your search in the box aboveAbout ScilabScilab is free and open source software for numerical . Thanks for downloading Scilab!
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Maxima is a fairly complete computer algebra system written in Lisp with an emphasis on symbolic computation. It is based on DOE-MACSYMA and licensed under the GPL free software license.
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Empowering everyone to build reliable and efficient software.
Nim (programming language) icon

Nim (programming language)

Nim is a systems and applications programming language. Statically typed and compiled, it provides unparalleled performance in an elegant package.

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Pros of Julia

Very powerful and high functionality
On a scale of learning curve and difficulty, Julia is very easy to learn compared to other complicated languages like JavaScript or Matlab
Good support for macros
Metaprogramming facilities are very efficient
Excellent performance with speed and generates output quickly
Has great support and works well with Unicode

Cons of Julia

A few bugs occur when doing data manipulation, but Julia is a new language so it's understandable that there are a few things to work out.
Errors can take time to investigate and figure out what went wrong with the program
Plotting data can be slower than other programs such as Matlab

Julia Icon Features of Julia

Powerful shell capabilities and can manage multiple processes at the same time
Python functions
You can directly call C functions without the use of API's
Multiple dispatch across unique argument types
Conversions and promotions for many types including numeric

Julia Reviews

by grex about Julia on March 2, 2018:
The Julia software is a highly powerful and capable programming language that can create unique and specialized code for argument types and is compatible with many platforms. This new tool will be incredibly valuable for data scientists, engineers, programmers and more, and provides an easy learning curve with those comfortable with Python and R and also is incredibly fast working like C. This sophisticated and elegant software is free and open source and opens up a whole new realm of possibility for collaboration and advanced computing.

This language is easy to use, and operates in a manner if you are familiar with C, and you can also add optional type annotations as you can with Python or Ruby. As a young language, this is developing very quickly, but I find its language very elegant and that it sets a standard for programming languages of the future.
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