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Lose It! is the most complete and streamlined weight loss application for the iPhone or on the web. Used by millions of users, Lose It! can help you meet your weight loss goal!
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13 Best Alternatives to Lose it!

Cron-O-Meter icon


A big trend in today’s world is health and fitness, particularly in recording nutritional information. There are several options available to achieve this result.
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Track the number of calories that you consume each day with MyFitnessPal. The app also lets you create a diet and track the exercise that you complete each day whether it's walking, running or some other type of program.
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Weight Watchers

SO WHAT IS ALL THE FUSS ABOUT? Even if you're not familiar with Weight Watchers, the concept is easy enough for anybody to understand. Weight Watchers, an American company founded in 1963 (New York City) sells products and services that assist consumers with losing weight.
PEAR Personal Coach icon

PEAR Personal Coach

PEAR has teamed up with world-class coaches and athletes to bring personalized coaching directly to you.
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Charity Miles

Let's get fit and turn your miles into charity! Simply download the app, pick the charity, and start running! Our sponsors will make payment to your chosen charity based on how you move.
Google Fit icon

Google Fit

Effortlessly track any activity. As you walk, run, or cycle throughout the day, your phone or Android Wear watch automatically logs them with Google Fit.
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Eat Your Greens

Learn which colors you eat most, and which colors you're lacking.
Eat This Much icon

Eat This Much

Eat This Much is an app that helps with meal planning for the week or the month. It's beneficial for special events, for family meals or if you're looking for ways to cut your budget by knowing what you need to get at the grocery store to prepare each meal.
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HOW IT WORKS Uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze your food, exercises and weight changes to guide you towards losing one pound - every single week.
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Fitocracy is a social network that turns exercise into a cooperative and competitive exercise with friends, rivals, and strangers.
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The best mobile fitness tracking experience, backed by the worlds largest digital health and fitness community.
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Join a community of active people and enjoy custom tabata workouts, interval training timing and weekly inspirations while supporting Kids in the Game with the ACTIVEx app.
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Start your weight loss journey today with the help of India's best dietitians, fitness trainers and yoga instructors. Get personalized yoga, workout, and diet plan for weight loss.

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