Cron-O-Meter Alternatives and Reviews

A big trend in today’s world is health and fitness, particularly in recording nutritional information. There are several options available to achieve this result. One of these is Cron-O-Meter, an online nutrition tracker that is available on Android, iOS and a web browser.
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6 Alternatives to Cron-O-Meter

  • MyFitnessPal
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  • Eat This Much
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  • Lose it!
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  • Fitocracy
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  • Endomondo
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  • MapMyFitness
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Pros & Cons of Cron-O-Meter


  • For most users, Cron-O-Meter offers the functionality required. There is functionality to add food and drinks. Users add their data for their height, weight, goals and birthday, used to help give metrics for calorie intake recommendations. All meals entered in the app will sync with the account to be visible on any app signed in with that account, and Cron-O-Meter’s website when a user signs in.
  • The app gives user customization for creating foods to add in the app, allowing them to set a name for the food and enter the nutritional information. This is great for adding those old family recipes into the app. There is also an option to either scan the food label into the app or search for the food through an existing database of options.
  • The app itself gives the users to sync with the Apple Health app for users on iOS. This app, which comes with all iOS devices since iOS 8, offers nutritional data and exercise data to be synced together in a single place. It is also able to sync with other health trackers. Both of these options allow the app to gather data for weight, body fat percentage, sleep, activity, calorie intakes, heart rate and blood pressure data gathered from other sources. This is great for users who have lots of data gathered, or who use other devices for gathering health data.


  • Free users have to experience ads while using the application, which can get annoying for some users who expect to be able to enter their data without seeing an ad. The site offers a premium subscription that will eliminate the ads, allow the user to group food by meal, view data analytics for nutritional trends and access to the support centers for a slightly cheaper subscription than competitors. The problem with this is that many of these features are available for free using other software options, like MyFitnessPal. Most users will be content just using the free option for this app.
  • For some people, the user interface might be slightly confusing, considering the new food button in the “My Food” tab opens the user specified nutritional information, but the big plus button, then add food option opens the search menu to find existing foods.

Features of Cron-O-Meter

  • A nutrition tracking app that allows for the input of food and drinks consumed in a single location that can be viewed through a web browser and synced with the Apple Health app and other health trackers.
  • There is the ability to add common foods or for users to make their own recipes.

Cron-O-Meter Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:40.
    Cron-O-Meter is a decent nutrition tracker to use. It isn't as elegant as other apps that offer similar functionality, it is a somewhat more affordable option, however, and still manages to get the job done. It offers integration with the Apple Health app for storing data on the device outside the app. It requires a free account to use, and there is an offering for a premium option.

Cron-O-Meter Youtube Videos

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