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Memcached is memory object caching software. Notable customers include LiveJournal, Wikipedia, Bebo, Flickr, Mixi, Craigslist and WordPress. com. The original version of Memcached was developed for LiveJournal by Brad Fitzpatrick back in 2003 and now has an enormous list of contributors, which can be viewed on the memcached website.
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9 Best Alternatives to memcached

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Redis is a data structure store software that can be used as a cache, message broker, and database. It is open source and BSD licensed, which means that it's completely free to use and constantly being refined by its user community.
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Cloudify is an open source application and network orchestration framework based on TOSCA, that supports hybrid cloud deployments.
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The content delivery solutions offered through the Varnish platform allow you to deliver results more quickly to your customers regardless of the complexity of your cloud and without having to sacrifice security in the process.
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ArangoDB is software that combines multiple data models into a single database. Notable customers include Barclays, Thomson Reuters, Kabbage, MakeMyTrip, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology and Egress.
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Couchbase is the NoSQL database for business-critical applications. Learn more.
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Learn more about Hazelcast, the Leading In-Memory Data Grid. Watch a Hazelcast quick start demo and download a free 30-day trial of Hazelcast.‎Hazelcast IMDG · ‎Contact Us · ‎Hazelcast Jet · ‎Hazelcast BlogPeople also askWhat is the Hazelcast?
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Aerospike is a high-performing NoSQL database supporting high transaction volumes with low latency.
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Create powerful, web-based applications on macOS using Google Chrome as a backend. Create site specific browsers and turn websites into apps on your mac.
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LevelDB is a fast key-value storage library written at Google that provides an ordered mapping from string keys to string values.

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Pros of memcached

Installation is fast and requires roughly four lines of console commands
Has its own wiki page on GitHub to help users navigate the software's features and mechanics
Widely documented with huge community that is actively developing the software

Cons of memcached

Only officially supported on Linux operating systems and systems that are similar to BSD

memcached Icon Features of memcached

Combine memory caches into a logical pool that provides more efficient use of server resources, making websites run faster and smoother

memcached Reviews

by grex about memcached on March 2, 2018:
Designing a website is one thing, but maintaining a completed website and ensuring it runs smoothly is a different animal. Code can be added to help grease the proverbial gears and speed up loading times, but adding too much code could easily create the opposite effect. It takes a team of developers to help the best sites run like well-oiled machines, or it could just take Memcached. This brilliant, open source software is years in the making and is used by some of the largest sites on the internet. It's primarily used for memory object caching, which can speed up dynamic web apps by lightening the overall database load. An easy way of looking at it is adding some enhanced, short-term memory for applications. Memcached accomplishes these feats by taking memory from parts of the system where there is too abundant and reallocating it to areas in need. In technical terms, the software logically combines smaller bits of cached memory into a larger pool that can be drawn upon by independent web servers that might have different needs, rather than forcing a set amount of memory to each web server, which might not need all of it. For example, if one had 50 web servers that each had a 64 megabyte spare cache to use, Memcached would instead create a 3.2 gigabyte usable cache that all web servers could use as they need it.
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