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To help you find the perfect motorcycle jacket, our team is putting in a lot of effort to gather information and to present it in a neatly arranged way.
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Published by grex on August 9, 2018.
Our Picks
Joe Rocket Resistor icon Joe Rocket Resistor
Alpine stars T-Jaws Air icon Alpine stars T-Jaws Air
Dainese Zen Evo Leather icon Dainese Zen Evo Leather
Roland Sands Ronin icon Roland Sands Ronin

Our Picks in Detail

Beside our list of motorcycle jacket alternatives, we provide you with a small list of our favorite 6 hand picked motorcycle jackets.
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Joe Rocket Resistor image

Joe Rocket Resistor

Our first pick: The Joe Rocket Resistor from Joe Rocket

Our second pick: The from Joe Rocket
Alpine stars T-Jaws Air image

Alpine stars T-Jaws Air

Our third pick: The Alpine stars T-Jaws Air from Alpinestars
Dainese Zen Evo Leather image

Dainese Zen Evo Leather

Our fourth pick: The Dainese Zen Evo Leather from Dainese
Roland Sands Ronin image

Roland Sands Ronin

Our fifth pick: The Roland Sands Ronin from Roland Sands Design Apparel
Belstaff mens outlaw lightweight image

Belstaff mens outlaw lightw...

Our sixth pick: The Belstaff mens outlaw lightweight from Belstaff

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13 Best Motorcycle Jacket Alternatives

Viking Cycle Viking Cycle Ironside Jacket image
Top Pick

Viking Cycle Ironside Motorcycle Jacket for Men (Small)

  • Built with cooling in mind - the mesh design covers key areas; torso back ...
  • Protected Your Viking mesh jacket is fitted with CE approved armor keeping ...
  • Pure comfort With our next generation mesh technology this jacket allows you...
Speed and Strength Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 Textile Jacket image

Speed and Strength Off the Chain 2.0 Men's Textile J...

  • Water resistant ar-600 frame
  • Removable Vault CE-approved shoulder elbow and spine protectors
  • Removable cotton poly hooded liner
IDARBI IDARBI Men’s Premium Pu Faux Leather Moto Biker Jacket image

IDARBI Men’s Premium Pu Faux Leather Moto Biker Jack...

  • Professional Wet Cleaning-Very Mild Process
  • Features long sleeve zipper closure high neck four pockets with zipper closu...
  • Important [amoja080 amoja082 amoja0136 amoja0137] : size runs small Please be...
Jackets 4 Bikes New AXE Leather Jacket image

New AXE Men's Leather Jacket Motorcycle Armor biker ...

  • This Biker Jacket is Made of 1.2 - 1.3 mm Genuine Cowhide leather
  • Reflective stripes on sleeves and back for better visibility
  • Four front zipper pockets and Sleeves pockets
Milwaukee Leather MILWAUKEE LEATHER Classic Side Lace Police Style Jacket image

MILWAUKEE LEATHER Men's Classic Side Lace Police Sty...

  • Premium Milled Cowhide 1.2 - 1.3mm with Full Sleeve Zip Out Thermal Liner
  • Side Lace Detailing for Optimal Fit with Half Belt for Easy Adjustment
  • Two lower zippered pockets with the extra ticket book snap close storage po...
Wantdo Wantdo Pu Leather Jacket image

Wantdo Men's Pu Leather Jacket with Removable Hood U...

  • Warm fabric waterproof leather jacket: leather overlays for water-repellent du...
  • Windproof leather jacket: 1) rib cuff and hip length rib bottom help seal ...
  • Multi Pockets retro faux leather outwear jackets: 2 zippered hand pockets 2 ...

Motorcycle Jacket Motorbike Riding Jacket Windproof ...

  • Abrasion resistant and windproof 600 denier polyester high performance fabric ...
  • Contains removable warmth cotton liner you can wear in cold or warm weather...
  • Adjustable cuff collar hem improves the range of fit and comfort Two extern...
Joe Rocket Joe Rocket Atomic 5.0 Textile Jacket image

Joe Rocket Atomic Men's 5.0 Textile Motorcycle Jacke...

  • Combined Waterproof treated Rock Tex and Hitena outer shell for maximum impa...
  • Externally accessible c.e approved armor in shoulders & elbows
  • Removable Spine Armor with Pocket for Optional c.e Spine Protector
ILM ILM Jackets image

ILM Motorcycle Jackets, Carbon Fiber Armor Shoulder,...

  • Unique Ventilation System Ideal for Summer Ride
  • Waterproof Outer Shell with Removable Thermal Quilted Liner for Winter Use
  • Removable c.e Approved Armor in Spine & Elbows

Cafe Racer Jacket Distressed Moto Vintage Black Moto...

  • Premium Stitching
  • Viscose Inner Lining
  • Round Collar Zipper Cuffs 4 Zipper Pockets
abbraci Abbraci Biker Jacket image

Abbraci Motorcycle Biker Jacket (X-Large, Dark Brown)

  • This appealing distressed brown leather jacket is picked to craft this admir...
  • It carries four zipper pockets two at chest and two at waist so that you ...
  • Detail stitching is done throughout the jacket that will make you cooler am...
FLAVOR FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Jacket image

FLAVOR Men Brown Leather Motorcycle Jacket with Remo...

  • Fabric: 100 Genuine leather; Lining: 100 polyester; Filling: 100 cotton
  • Removable Hood zip off can be worn as a standing collar jacket
  • For accurate size choosing please check Size Chart in our photos
HHR HHR HWK Mesh Jacket image

HWK Mesh Motorcycle Jacket Riding Air Motorbike Jack...

  • Maximum quality at a minimum price: This a bargain we bet that you would ...
  • CE approved armours (removable) on the Motorcyle Jacket's Back Elbows & ...
  • 100 Breathable Motorcycle Jacket with the help of proper ceiling of Micro &...
* Last update of prices was on 2019-01-20 09:05:45 via PA API. Prices or conditions may have changed in the meantime.

Motorcycle Jacket Buying Guide

Let’s be honest, when buying a motorcycle jacket, we don’t always know what brand to buy or what material is best suited for us. All we know is that we need to look good wearing it, and it needs to be comfortable. We all ride different motorcycles and sport all kinds of different looks. The jacket is just the icing on the cake. That is why purchasing the perfect jacket is so important, it not only provides safety, but also style on and off your bike. It is an essential piece of equipment that is worth investing in. You may ask yourself, “Where do I start?”. You start right here. I will begin by covering what kind of biker you are, then I will discuss what to look for when purchasing a jacket, and finally I will discuss some brands that are highly recommended by riders everywhere.
So, let’s start by finding out what you ride and where you ride? Are you a Harley rider or do you ride crotch rockets at high speeds? Maybe you like to take your Hog off road and take it up trails, or maybe you are a long-distance rider who enjoys endless hours on your two wheels of love. No matter what kind of rider you are there is always a bike that matches your needs and a jacket to go with it, so let’s explore what kind of biker you are.
To categorize what you need lets first look at when you ride. Do you ride night or day?
If you ride at night you will want to look for something that is bright colored or at least has a reflective agent attached to the jacket, so that drivers can see you at night. What season to you prefer to ride? This will help you decide if your jacket needs to be light and filled with good air flow, or warm for when it’s cold outside. How fast do you like to ride? I know this is a scary question, but knowing how fast you like to ride will determine how safe your jacket needs to be in case of an accident. What kind of rider are you? Do you only ride at a certain time in certain weather? Do you ride in the rain and snow and whatever else mother nature throws your way? Are you inexperienced and this is your first bike, and all you want to do is not look goofy riding? Once you have answered these questions we can then find that perfect jacket for you.
Now that you know the type of rider that you are you can then look at the different materials. Each year there are new jacket materials in the works. The most common materials are, leather, mesh, polyester, and a mixture of all three. Leather is proven to be one of the toughest materials and can withstand all kinds of climates and damage, it is generally warmer, stylish, and lasts forever. They can be a little more expensive but well worth it. Mesh is the opposite of leather, it is cool, light fabric, flexible, and not the strongest of materials. Mesh is perfect for warm weather riders who don’t experience a lot of rain and like to stay cool without riding with no protection. Polyester is the perfect middle between leather and mesh. It is flexible and breathable like mesh and durable and heavier like leather. Polyester is middle in price and performance. Now that you know what kind of rider you are and what materials fit your riding life style, let’s look at the dimensions to fit the jacket to your body. Keep in mind that different brands have different fit styles. There is European, American, Large, Loose and Racing fit styles that each company makes. Each company will have a size chart to better fit the jacket to your needs.
First you want to look at sleeve length. You don’t want your hands down at your waste and your jacket to look like you put on your tux from prom and have the sleeves half way up your arms. You want them to fit comfortably on your wrists. If you like to wear your watch and bracelets while you ride or have bigger gloves, consider jackets with adjustable wrists to fit your style. Next look at the width of the sleeves, if you are a big body builder with 20 inch arms, it’s going to be a little difficult fitting into little sleeves. Look for sleeves that allow a little mobility. You want the jacket to be snug, not tight. Next you want to look for the length of the torso. Some jackets have the snap loops that allow your jacket to snap right into your belt. If you bend over you probably don’t want to be showing your butt crack to everyone behind you while you ride. The front should go just past the belt or lower depending on how you ride. And lastly you want to look at the neck of the jacket. You want it to be looser than a tie but snugger than a collared shirt.
Now let’s look at what products are recommended by buyers and different prices. If you are looking for something light and comfortable without breaking the bank, sub $200.00 it is suggested that you look into a mesh jacket. They are dependable, look great, will last you through the warm dry seasons and won’t break the bank. If you are a more experienced rider and ride all year, but want to stay under the $400 range, polyester is right for you. It will last you for 8+ years, they are generally made with extra interior liners so you can ride in the warm and the cold, and they are the most adjustable to multiple types of riders. If you picked leather, you picked the toughest, longest lasting, don’t care what it costs, don’t every need another one as long as I live jacket. You invested on a jacket that you can wear every day, look good and be comfortable. This jacket will protect you during almost anything and you won’t ever regret purchasing an authentic leather jacket. These jackets can get up to $2000.00. When you want the best, money isn’t an issue.

There are hundreds of brands of jackets for riders to choose from, but there are a few that stand out. If you are looking for flash, style, bright colored, light jackets, then you would like the brands of Icon, Scorpion, Speed and Strength, and Joe Rocket. If you want dependability and customization then look for Dainese, Alpinestars, or Spidi. If you are looking for the best of the best, high end leather, one of a kind jacket, then look for the brands Belstaff, Schott, Dainese, and Rukka. Good luck and enjoy your new jacket!
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