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Nimi Places is a Windows desktop organizer that gives you the ability to put files and folders into customizable containers. The elements in the containers are represented as icons or thumbnails. It helps you easily find your applications and documents. It also has support for media files. The multimedia front-end lets you directly preview your videos and audios. Nimi Places keeps your workspace environment uncluttered and easily accessible.
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Licence: Free
Platforms: Windows Browser

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Pros & Cons of Nimi Places


  • Can boost your productivity
  • Makes file management easier
  • Provides many features out-of-the-box
  • Provides desktop customization


  • Hard to set up for non-tech-savvy users
  • The application crashes or gets stuck

Features of Nimi Places

  • Displays PSD images
  • Built-in media player for direct video and audio preview and image viewing
  • Thumbnail support for Open Document formats
  • Image cropping capability
  • Thumbnail support for internet shortcuts, videos, images, and directories
  • Labels can be used to organize files and folders
  • Schedule can be set to display files and folders
  • Quick search and sorting capabilities
  • Container appearance and sizes are customizable
  • Copying wizard can duplicate local applications to other locations
  • Capable of auto-updating to stay current with OS versions
  • Extensive documentation and support for all features

Nimi Places Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "When you get your new computer, your desktop is clean. As you install new applications, the desktop gets cluttered. You try to clean the clutter by removing the new icons and shortcuts. But then it becomes difficult to find your applications and documents. Nimi Places solves the problem through creating container views on your desktop.

    You can install the application from the Nimi Places website. The application is free. During the installation, you will be given the option to choose from templates like Casual, Artistic, Task list and Organizer.

    After installing, you will see preset containers like Applications, Games, Documents, and Downloads on your desktop. You can start dragging and dropping the shortcuts and folders into these containers. You can also rename current containers or add new ones.

    The files and folders in each container are easily scrollable. The icon sizes can be changed to make them visually detectable. In order to find a file or folder, you can put the mouse on the container and it will auto-scroll through all the icons. Just click on the target when you see it.

    You can also set up configurations to make sure that any new application you install is automatically put in a container. You will never have to see your desktop get cluttered by stray icons again.

    Nimi Places is a software with a practical purpose. But there are some rough edges. It’s not intuitive and it can get stuck sometimes. However, if the benefits of having a clean interface outweigh the occasional glitches for you, it's definitely worth a try."

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Nimi Places - Desktop Organizing Software Video Tutorial Part 1

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