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Remotr is an app that allows you to use your smartphone or mobile device as a remote viewer and controller for a game from a stationary console or PC... read more.
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7 Best Alternatives to Remotr

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Boost your productivity and reclaim your peace of mind with anytime access to your office. LogMeIn offers simple, secure and easy to navigate remote access so all your computers are just a click away.
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Discover AnyDesk, the secure & intuitive remote desktop software, and take advantage of the application's innovative features!
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UltraViewer is a software that helps you to remote control your client's computer to support them like you're sitting in front of the screen.
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ThinLinc is a Linux remote desktop server. It is the component which enables remote access, resuming disconnected sessions and load balancing of sessions.
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With LiteManager, you can remotely control one computer with another computer. The software provides an open window to the other system and gives the user full access to the desktop and everything else in the system.
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Nvidia Grid

Virtualize any application and deliver it in an accelerated virtual environment with NVIDIA GRID.

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Remotr Icon More About Remotr

Remotr is an app that allows you to use your smartphone or mobile device as a remote viewer and controller for a game from a stationary console or PC. The app works by connecting your mobile device to the source system via a wireless connection, and the screen information is transmitted to the mobile device screen. The app has the ability to translate movement information picked up by your mobile device as input for various game types.

Pros of Remotr

Convenient Mobile Gameplay
Large Compatible Game List

Cons of Remotr

Requires Strong Connection
Requires Fast GPU

Remotr Icon Features of Remotr

Remotely Play PC Games Via Mobile Device
Wide Range of Compatible Game Producers

Remotr Reviews

by grex about Remotr on March 2, 2018:
When you use Remotr, you can play your favorite games from Blizzard, Glyph, Origin, Steam, GOG, and many other gaming service providers. As long as the game is installed on your PC, you'll be able to use this software to wirelessly control and view the game through your mobile device. If your system is powerful enough to handle the processes, the end result will be an experience that perfectly matches the full gaming experience on the PC, but simply at a smaller scale. It's vital that the game runs smoothly on your system, though, or it won't be able to run smoothly via a wireless connection.

Up to four players at once can be connected through the system to play in cooperative games, so you can easily invite your friends and make a gaming party. The reason Remotr works so well is that it was built by gamers as a way to experience their games on the go. Since it comes from a gamer's perspective, it's perfectly designed for the task at hand. Even if the game in question is particularly advanced or graphically intensive, Remotr will have no trouble with it.

When you first install the Remotr software to your system, it will search for games that it can stream to your mobile device. It will find most popular games quickly and easily, and it has a number of preset controls for certain games. Of course, you can fully customize the controls for each game to your own preference, and you can even use gamepads from popular consoles like the PS4 and Xbox 360.

To complete the connection between your PC and your mobile device, you'll need to install components to both pieces of hardware. The mobile app will be the center of control for the system, and the Remotr Streamer module installs to your computer and acts as a slave to the mobile app. Once the connection is made, you're ready to stream games.

Remotr has a number of unique features that make it stand out from other similar apps, of which there are few. First, the accelerometer of your mobile device can be used to control the games that you stream, regardless of the game's inherent compatibility with such technology. Multiple mobile devices can be connected to the same PC at one time, which allows for local area multiplayer in which each opponent plays from his or her mobile device. Almost any mouse, keyboard, or gamepad will work with the software as long as it is compatible with Bluetooth technology.
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