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With LiteManager, you can remotely control one computer with another computer. The software provides an open window to the other system and gives the user full access to the desktop and everything else in the system... read more.
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22 Best Alternatives to LiteManager

TeamViewer icon


TeamViewer is a software designed to connect PCs, mobile phones, or servers remotely to one another. Its reliable features allow you to solve the problems of your clients from your premises without having to get to them physically.
FileZilla icon


FileZilla is an FTP, or file transfer protocol, client. It lets individuals transfer single files or batches to a web server. For many years, FTP was the standard for website design.
PuTTY icon


PuTTY is a free and open source terminal emulator that supports many network protocols, such as SCP, SSH, SFTP, Telnet and rlogin. It also has support for making raw socket connections.
Ninite icon


Ninite makes setting up a new PC a breeze by automatically installing all the critical software you need to get started with your new machine.
Chrome Remote Desktop icon

Chrome Remote Desktop

Chrome Remote Desktop is Google's official remote desktop program for its proprietary browser. It allows any computer that uses Chrome as a browser to become a host.
Beyond Compare icon

Beyond Compare

Beyond Compare is software that allows a client to make advanced comparisons of files, data and folders and then act accordingly. The software is maintained by a small company called Scooter Software, Inc.
TightVNC icon


TightVNC - VNC-Compatible Remote Control / Remote Desktop Software. Download TightVNCDownload TightVNC 1. 3. 10 - TightVNC Server - F. A. icon
Freemium provides reliable remote video conferencing services ready to meet the needs of individuals and small businesses.
Remmina icon


Remmina is a remote desktop client written in GTK+, aiming to be useful for system administrators and travellers, who need to work with lots of remote computers in front of either large monitors or tiny netbooks.
AnyDesk icon


AnyDesk is the world's most comfortable remote desktop application. Access all your programs, documents and files from anywhere, without having to entrust your data to a cloud service.
AngularJS icon


AngularJS is a software which allows the user to extend their HTML vocabulary. This extension creates dynamic views in web applications that previously had not been possible.
Mikogo icon


Mikogo is software application for screen-sharing and voice conferencing that helps your company improve communication. Using the software, you can easily share information with your coworkers during meetings and conferences, while keeping all of this information secure.
Freshservice icon


Freshservice is a mobile app that focuses on IT service management. This sort of software is designed for use by an IT company, and it offers such companies a way to perform every activity that they might need to perform in the process of serving their clients.
Remote Utilities icon

Remote Utilities

Remote Utilities is secure and highly configurable remote desktop software created for IT professionals. You can access a variety of features including remote screen viewing, keystroke sending, mouse pointer control, file transfers, and the ability to do any operation just like you were sitting at the remotely accessed PC.
Microsoft Remote Desktop icon

Microsoft Remote Desktop

Use the Microsoft Remote Desktop app to connect to a remote PC or virtual apps and desktops made available by your admin. Getting Started Configure your PC for remote access first.
PingPlotter icon


PingPlotter is a troubleshooting tool that helps IT professionals and neophytes identify, diagnose, and resolve network issues.
Bomgar icon


Secure remote access to any remote desktop or server - no VPN! Works with Windows, Mac, Linux, iPad, iPhone, and Android. Appliance or Cloud deployment options.
Aeroadmin icon


AeroAdmin - zero configuration FREE for business and home remote desktop software.
Gpanel icon


gPanel's centralized user management interface provides administrators with visibility and control over all their users’ data and settings. gPanel delivers peace of mind with its robust suite of security features, including auditing, risk-management, discovery and reporting.
PDF Expert icon

PDF Expert

Download a free trial of PDF Expert - the best PDF software for your Mac. Enjoy advanced reading layouts, powerful PDF editing and classical annotation tools.
Mozilla Persona icon

Mozilla Persona

Mozilla Persona was a decentralized authentication system for the web, based on the open BrowserID protocol prototyped by Mozilla and standardized by IETF.
Hubot icon


Hubot is your friendly robot sidekick. Install him in your company to dramatically improve employee efficiency.

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More About LiteManager

With LiteManager, you can remotely control one computer with another computer. The software provides an open window to the other system and gives the user full access to the desktop and everything else in the system. It can be controlled with the keyboard and mouse from the primary system. There are two main elements to the software that are both required for it to function. The first is LiteManager Server that installs on the remote systems, and the second is LiteManager Viewer that installs on the administrative system.

Pros of LiteManager

Stable Utility
Economy Mode

Cons of LiteManager

Incompatible w/ Some Windows Versions

LiteManager Icon Features of LiteManager

Multi-System Control
Remote System Control

LiteManager Reviews

by grex about LiteManager on March 2, 2018
"LiteManager is one of the easiest ways to control several computers with the same administrative PC. When you install LiteManager Server on a host PC, it will ask you to set a password that you will have to re-enter in the admin side of the software in order for the remote access to work properly. The graphical user interface of the software is quite intuitive, and the layout is completely customizable. Move panels, elements, and anything else to optimize your workflow.

When using the LiteManager Viewer, you'll be shown a list of all the computers that can be accessed. The list can be visualized in a number of different ways, including a standard list, a comprehensive table, simple icons, or scalable thumbnails. In the list of connected computers, you'll see that their status determines how they are visualized. The remote system status will read 'Offline' if the remote computer isn't turned on. If it is turned on, the status will read 'Online'. A 'Not Found' status is returned when the Viewer attempts to find a PC that doesn't have the server software installed. The 'Locked' status indicates that the server doesn't allow that sort of connection.

One of the best uses of LiteManager is that it allows you to access computers from anywhere so you can check on their performance and any activity. The tool is exceptionally intuitive, but the functions it provides are anything but basic.

LiteManager also comes in a free version, but it is limited in its scope. It's basically the same software as the full version, but it lacks several key elements like the screen recorder, device manager, ticketing system, AV chat, and a handful of others. However, the free version includes all the primary utilities of the software, and if you are willing to purchase a single license, you can apply that license to the free version and receive 30 free remote access licenses.

The restrictions on the free version of the LiteManager software make it ideal for home use or utility in small businesses with no more than 30 computers that need to be remotely accessed. You can still perform a full remote system access with the free version, which is the primary function of the software.

By using the Economy Mode, you can save an immense amount of data traffic. This mode can actually reduce traffic by a factor of 10, which is incredible when you consider how much web traffic exists in the modern world."
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